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Hybrid Capsicum-Varsha


100-125gm Fruit weight. Shiny green blocky shape, good thickness with 4 lobes. Very less seed content. First picking starts in 50-55 days after transplanting. High yielding hybrid.

Hybrid Tomato-Asia-7035


Determinate plant, early fruiting. First harvest - 70-75 days. Square round fruit, very tough skin, deep red colour. Avg. fruit weight - 80 to 90 gms. Heavy bearing, Tolerant to LCV. Recommended for long distance transportation.

Hybrid Tomato-Arya


Semi-determinate, flattish round fruit with deep red colour. 60-80gms fruit weight, heavy bearing, good soar taste. First harvest in 65-70 days from transplanting. Tolerant to alternaria and fusarium wilt. Suitable for local market.

Hybrid Ridgegourd-Ajay


Shiny green colour, prominent ridges with uniform shape. Fruit length - 30-40cm. Fruit weight- 200-250gm. Fruit harvest- 50-55 days after sowing. Early maturing hybrid. Heavy bearing and high yielding.

Hybrid Bottlegourd-Abhay


Excellent hybrid with strong vines. Attractive light green colour, uniform cylindrical fruit shape. Fruit length - 30-35cms with 10-15cms girth, slightly hairs on fruit. Fruit weight - 500-600 gm. First harvest- 65-70 days after sowing. Suitable for long distance transportation.

Hybrid Cucumber-Green Wonder


Attractive greenish white, 16 to 18cm length, cylindrical shape. Avg. fruit wt. - 100-120 gms. First harvest - 40-45 days. Crispy flesh with good taste. High yielding & suitable for long harvest.

Hybrid Okra-Lajo


Attractive and shiny green fruit. Slender and tender. Plant height - 150-180 cms. Short internodal distance. First picking- 45-50 days. Moderately resistance to yvm and red mites.

Hybrid Cabbage-Asia Round


Round shape. Shiny green leaves. Matures in 55-60 days after transplanting. Good field holding capacity. Head weight 1. 00 to 1. 25 kg. Suitable for long distance transportation. Highly tolerant to dbm.

Hybrid Raddish-Anamika


Uniform cylindrical shape with tip at end, pure white. Fruit weight ranges from 400gm to 1000gm. Good field holding capacity. Ready to harvest in 60-65 days. High yielding.

Hybrid Onion-Lalbadasha


Uniform round shape. Attractive dark red bulb of 80-100gm size. Ready to harvest in 100-110 days after transplanting. Suitable to grow in kharif and summer season.

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