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Any reputed advocate would certainly like to build his case strong enough to get the verdict in the favour of his client. However some time genuine and strong cases become week and are lost for lack of concrete evidence and supporting information,which one finds difficult to obtain on his own. Able detectives provide complete and comprehensive litigation support services to advocates, law firms, and solicitors in compiling background and financial information of witnesses,corporations, businesses and individuals to aid case preparation. Following services are provided to the legal professionals,

  • assets searching.
  • the tracing of witnesses.
  • investigations into the character and antecedents of individuals.
  • bonafides of business concerns.
  • personal injury and accident investigations.

Services To Insurance Sector

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Companies within the insurance sector will be well aware of the statistics regarding fraudulent claims made by unscrupulous people. The cost of the insurance industry as a whole is rising each year causing losses beyond estimation.

We firmly believe that all suspicious claims must be thoroughly verified and investigated by professional investigators.By conducting a private investigation we attempt to either prove or disprove the allegations and fraudulent claims.Our trained investigators are very successful in gathering the evidence, which can reduce your liability and in some cases render a planintiff's claim invalid.

For this we offer following Services,

  • Surveillance.
  • Claims Investigations.

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