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Water Treatment Chemicals

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We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of Water Treatment Chemicals that includes waster water treatment chemicals, boiler water treatment chemicals, cooling water treatment chemicals.          
Water Treatment Chemicals

ETP /STP Treatment Chemicals

ETP /STP Treatment Chemicals

Our company is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers offering unbeatable wide range of Effluent Treatment & Sewage Treatment Chemicals.Our professionally trained water treatment experts always try to offer effective Effluent Treatment and Sewage Treatment Solutions. Solutions are available for collection tank, primary treatment, aeration system, anaerobic system, secondary treatment, tertiary treatment and sludge thickening, etc.,Our Product as follows:

·         Coagulant /Flocculant

·         Textile Color Removal /Dewatering Polymers

·         Deemulsifier

·         Enzymes– Anaerobic & Aerobic/ Neutrients

·         Deodrops

·         Disinfectants

·         Antifoaming Agents

·         Biomagic gun for MLSS Development

Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals

We manufacture and supply of Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals for variety of Cooling Towers. Our range of Treatment Chemical As follows:

·         Antiscalant

  • Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Biocides
  • pH Controllers
  • TowerPro/BiocideTablets


Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals

Swimming Pool Chemicals

Swimming Pool Chemicals

Our range of swimming pool chemicals is highly effective and it helps in maintenance of hygiene in the swimming pools. Besides, it can also be availed at the most affordable prices.

Citric Acid

Citric acid is a weak organic acid. It is a natural preservative and is also used to add an acidic, or sour, taste to foods and soft drinks. In biochemistry, it is important as an intermediate in the citric acid cycle and therefore occurs in the metabolism of virtually all living things. It can also be used as an environmentally benign cleaning agent.

Citric Acid

Cooling Tower Chemicals

Cooling Tower Chemicals

We provide our clients with chemicals & services for cooling towers at highly competitive prices, as per the requirements of our clients. We supply these to many companies across all industries. The various formulations we offer in this category are as follow:

Cooling Tower Chemical

An ecofriendly way to solve multiple problems of cooling towers, heat exchangers, condensors, cold storages, ice factories with a single chemical.

The advantages are as follow:

  • Most Economical.
  • Has killing action on protozoa.
  • Prevents Scaling & Fouling.
  • Prevents Biocorrosion and Chemical corrosion.
  • Good dispersant.
  • Can be used in all conditions & convenient to handle. Even accidentally excessive quantities do not harm the system.
  • Reduces power consumption by increasing efficiency of the system.
  • No need to use acid to bring down the pH to neutral level.
  • Reduces the plant shut down time.
  • Offers multi protection with a single chemical.
  • Universal use.
  • Totally ecofriendly & Biodegradable.


Increases the life of the equipment and saves considerable amount of money by keeping the equipment maintenance free for long periods.

  • Is most economical as compared to other products available in the market as a single product is doing multifunction.
  • The quantity required is at P. P. M. level hence very economical.
  • Keeps the heat transfer surfaces clean & optimizes heat transfer efficiency.
  • Brings the temperature down faster.
  • Shows a wide range of biocide activity both for gram +ve as well as gram -ve bacteria.
  • Prevents sporogenesis, prevents yeast formation, fungal growth, and algae growth.
  • Can be applied at temperature ranging from 0 oC to 95 oC, the efficiency increases at higher temperatures. It can be also used in liquids contaminated with organic matter.
  • It is tasteless & odour less when added to water.
  • Does not affect the pH of the treated water, in effect it helps in maintaining the neutral pH.

Corrosion Prevention Chemical

Antiscalent, Dispersants & Corrosion Prevention Chemical Specially formulated for Cooling tower water treatment.

The advantages are as follow:

  • Prevention of corrosion, Scales and non-biological fouling by a single chemical.
  • Working as a water softening agent.
  • Most economical.
  • Affords multimetal protection.
  • Excellent control of carbonate, silicates, sulphate & iron fouling.
  • Acid dosing is unnecessary in most instances as it is effective over a wide pH range.
  • Keeps heat transfer surface clean & optimizes heat transfer efficiency.
  • Contains no toxic chemicals and can be discharged into effluent without any pollution problem.
  • Excellent thermal & hydrolytic stability.
  • Reacts with silica and ensures their removal during blow down.
  • Disperses and removes old deposits of scales gradually over a period of time.
  • Easy to handle being a liquid product.
  • Antiscalant & Corrosion Inhibitor for oil field water treatment.
  • It’s also compatible with other oil field water treatment chemicals.

Descalant Chemical

It is a complex formulation of a descaling agent, a surfactant and corrosion inhibitor compound. It is ideally suited for removal of scales from Cooling Towers, Boilers, Coils, Heat exchangers, Chillers and a wide range of heating and cooling systems.  The descaling is done with acids like hydrochloric, the risk involved in damage to equipment are considerable.

We are one of the leading names engaged in offering EDTA Salts, which act as a chelating agent. These salts are procured from the recognized processors of the market, who make use of qualitative ingredients to process these chemicals. In addition to this, we make sure that the products are properly packed to prevent any kind of damage.

EDTA Salts

Hydrated Lime

Hydrated Lime

We bring froth high purity hydrated lime in the international market. Hydrated lime is also referred as calcium hydroxide. Our hydrated lime is accessible in different grades and specifications as per the demand of the customers.

Degreasing Chemicals

We offer degreasing chemicals to our clients. We have been engaged in offering our clients degreasing chemicals that are neutral in nature. Our degreasing chemicals are 100% solvent and alkali free and are extensively used for removing grease, oil, stains and impurities in various industries.

Degreasing Chemicals


Our company is engaged in supplying a wide range of alum (rocks, lumps, powder,), which is highly demanded for both industrial and commercial purposes. These are formulated compling to the quality standards to ensure its purity and quality. We offer customized solution to our respected clients at reasonable prices.


Industrial Salts

We are proud to present premium quality Industrial Salt, which is used in numerous industrial applications in several industries. Popular for its freshness and purity, the Industrial Salts offered by us, has carved niche for themselves in markets across the globe. Our clients are also very pleased with the quality of our Industrial Salts, because it complies with strict international quality standards.

Industrial Salts

Sodium Metabisulfite

Sodium Metabisulfite
Sodium metabisulfite, offered by us, are widely used as a harsh cleaning solutions. These chemicals help us in soldering fluxes and making wood preservatives. Apart from this, for glass etching, oil drilling and processing of alloys, we make use of this chemical.

Water Softening Chemicals

We are providing our clients with an array of water softening chemicals.Water softening is the reduction of the concentration of calcium, magnesium, and certain other metal cations in hard water.

Softener salt is used for removing ions from water that make the water hard.It is designed to extract positively charged ions namely calcium and magnesium and charges the resin for further use.We provide best quality kanche wala salt for softener recharging.It do not contain any mud or impurities.This product is highly in demand wherever the softeners are installed.

Water Softening Chemicals

Scale Inhibitor

Scale Inhibitor
Scale inhibitors are chemical compounds that inhibit or prevent scale formation in the boiler tubes by means of sequestering calcium and magnesium salts, dispersing silica, chelating iron and breaking-up colloidal deposits like clay and silt that are otherwise gets deposited into the boiler tubes.

Chilled Water Treatment Chemicals

We are recognized as a leading name, engaged in offering rich quality of chilled water treatment chemicals that are offered with a specially designed corrosion inhibitor. This range of chemicals is formulated in appropriate conditions using premium quality ingredients and is known for precise ph value, accurate composition and longer shelf life. Processed in compliance with the quality standards. Furthermore, the provided chemicals are available at very reasonable price.

·         Pre-Cleaning Chemicals

·         Corrosion Inhibitor

·         Oxidizing Biocide

·         Non Oxidizing Biocide

Chilled Water Treatment Chemicals

Raw/ RO Treatment Chemicals

Raw/ RO Treatment Chemicals

We offer a comprehensive range of RO Water Treatment Chemicals for various type of systems (Raw Water / ETP RO / UF/Desalination Plant) and variety of water quality (Surface / Bore well / Brackish / ETP / STP). These Reverse Osmosis Treatment Chemical manufactured by using high quality raw materials and latest method to ensure maximum satisfaction of the customers.  Our range of products is given below:

Pre-Treatment Chemicals

Antiscalant (General / low and high Silica )

Antioxidant /Antifoulant

FDA Approved Products

RO-Cleaners (Inorganics / Organics / Preservatives / Surfactant)

Pretreatment Chemical

Our range of Pretreatment Chemicals are offered by our experts as per the compliance of the international market standards. These products are tested at various levels by our professionals in order to make sure that these are as per the recent market developments.

Pretreatment Chemical

Scale Removers

Scale Removers
We are proficient in offering our customers with qualitative scale remover. This is used to remove hard water scale deposits from steel and any other surfaces.

Our organization is eminent in trading high quality soda ash. We offer soda ash with accurate composition that is used in various applications. We can offer highly effective soda ash in both light and dense form. Clients appreciate it for high weathering properties, which allow it to readily absorb moisture from the atmosphere.

Soda Ash

Ferric Aluminium Sulphate

Ferric Aluminium Sulphate
We are supplying the ferric aluminum sulphate.

Lime Chemicals

Lime Chemicals
Our clients can avail lime chemicals.


Our Product Range

Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals

Wastewater Treatment Equipment

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