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About ACC Concrete Limited

Awards & Accolades

ACC was the first recipient of ASSOCHAM’s first ever National Award for outstanding performance in promoting rural and agricultural development activities in 1976. Decades later, PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry selected ACC as winner of its Good Corporate Citizen Award for the year 2002. Over the years, there have been many awards and felicitations for achievements in Rural and community development, Safety, Health, Tree plantation, afforestation, Clean mining, Environment awareness and protection.

  • Indira Priyadarshini Vrikshamitra Award --- by The Ministry of Environment and Forests for "extraordinary work" carried out in the area of afforestation.
  • FICCI Award --- for innovative measures for control of pollution, waste management & conservation of mineral resources in mines and plant.
  • Subh Karan Sarawagi Environment Award - by The Federation of Indian Mineral Industries for environment protection measures.
  • Drona Trophy - By Indian Bureau Of Mines for extra ordinary efforts in protection of Environment and mineral conservation in the large mechanized mines sector.
  • Excellence in Management of Health, Safety and Environment : Certificate of Merit by Indian Chemical Manufacturers Association
  • Good Corporate Citizen Award - by PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • FIMI National Award - for valuable contribution in Mining activities from the Federation of Indian Mineral Industry under the Ministry of Coal.
  • Rajya Sthariya Paryavaran Puraskar - for outstanding work in Environmental Protection and Environment Performance by the Madhya Pradesh Pollution. Control Board.


ACC was among the first Indian companies to adopt automation of information technology. We started computerizing our systems as early as 1968 - a commitment to progress through the harnessing of relevant available technologies, a practice that continues even today.

We have traveled a long way from our early days when we were using simple keypunching machines. Significant improvements have been made in application systems and infrastructure since then - from Batch processing to on-line systems, from IBM 1401 and Data General system to the latest Linux/UNIX and Windows 2003 based machines. We have made timely transitions determined by available technologies and business requirements.

In February 2007 the company made a quantum jump from in-house developed systems using Oracle 9i and Developer 6i to an ERP (SAP) based solution. This decision was based solely on our strategic objectives and the business benefits that we expect to derive from implementing such a solution. With this move we also aligned people, business processes and technologies across the country.

The Company has an Intranet Portal called ‘Accelerate’ which is dedicated to employees. The portal’s content is based on Personal information relating to Human Resource matters, Performance Management, as well as other information of use to employees such as the latest news on company affairs, developments on sustainable development, house magazines and newsletters.

Being a large organization with a countrywide network of manufacturing, marketing and R&D centers, we have invested in the creation of a comprehensive infrastructure that allows free flow of information across the organization. This enables almost instant communication between all levels in the organization. A hybrid WAN network connects each of our 275 plus locations.



Product Development has always been an important activity at ACC, arising out of a focus on quality and process improvement. It has been a constant partner, driving research, innovation and evaluation.

ACC has effectively pledged its reputation as the market leader in the quality of cement. Maintaining this lead calls for harnessing the resources and expertise of the company - from applied research and production to marketing. Accordingly, all ACC factories are equipped with state-of-the-art process control instrumentation and associated quality control and testing laboratories manned by qualified personnel.

As a result of this focus on quality, ACC cement specifications exceed those set by BIS by a wide margin. Today, all ACC cement plants have the ISO 9001 Quality Systems certification. This demonstrates our tradition of providing reliable and consistent quality through the application of modern technology, and justifies the preferences of a nationwide customer base.

Distribution Network

Distribution Network

Our Network

Our Strengths


Sustainable development is recognized by us as a process of development that "meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs" . We believe this constitutes balancing the Triple Bottom Line - defined as the achievement of three interdependent and mutually reinforcing goals of economic development, social development, and environmental protection.

Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process

00. Limestone Quarry and Crushing plant
01. Limestone Stockpile
02. Additives Hopper
03. Additives Storage
04. Raw Mill Building
05. Blending and Storage Silo
06. Preheater
07. Gas Conditioning Tower and ESP
08. Kiln
09. Cooler
10. Deep Bucket Conveyor
11/12. Clinker/Gypsum Storage
13. Coal Mill Building
14. Cement Mill and Bag House
15. Cement Storage Silo
16. Packing & Dispatch
17. Central Control Room


To be one of the most respected companies in India; recognized for challenging conventions and delivering on our promises.


2000 - Tata Group sells their remaining stake in ACC to the GACL group, who with 14.45% now emerge as the single largest shareholder of ACC.

2001 - Commissioning of the new plant of 2.6 MTPA capacity at Wadi, Karnataka plant, the largest in the country, and among the largest sized kilns in the world.

2002 - ACC wins PHDCCI Good Corporate Citizen Award

2003 - IDCOL Cement Ltd becomes a subsidiary of ACC

2004 - IDCOL Cement Limited is renamed as Bargarh Cement Limited (BCL).

2004 - ACC raises US $ 100 million abroad through Foreign Currency Convertible Bonds (FCCB’s) for US$ 60 million and Global Depository Shares (GDS’s) for US $ 40 million. Both offerings are listed on the London Stock Exchange.

2004 - ACC named as a Consumer Superbrand by the Superbrands Council of India, becoming the only cement company to get this status.

2005 - ACC receives the CFBP Jamnalal Bajaj Uchit Vyavahar Puraskar Certificate of Merit – 2004 from Council For Fair Business Practices.

2006 - Subsidiary companies Damodhar Cement & Slag Limited, Bargarh Cement Limited and Tarmac (India) Limited merged with ACC.

2007 - ACC partners with Christian Medical College for treatment of HIV/AIDS in Tamil Nadu.

2008 - Ready mixed concrete business hived off to a new subsidiary called ACC Concrete Limited.

2009 - ACC received the Jamanalal Bajaj "Uchit Vyavahar Puraskar" of Council for Fair Business Practices

2009 - ACC is allotted coal blocks in Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal.

2009 - ACC's new Grinding plant of capacity 1.60 million tonnes inaugurated at Thondebhavi in Karnataka.

2010 - Kudithini Cement Grinding Plant inaugurated in Karnataka on January 4, 2010 with a capacity of 1.1 MTPA of Portland Slag Cement.

2010 - ACC acquires 100 percent of the financial equity of Encore Cements & Additives Private Limited which is a slag grinding plant in Vishakhapatnam in coastal Andhra Pradesh. This company became a wholly-owned subsidiary of ACC in January 2010.

Human Resources

ACC has a large workforce of about 9,000 people, comprising experts in various disciplines assisted by a dedicated workforce of skilled persons. ACC employees, referred to as the ACC Parivar, come from all parts of the country and belonging to a variety of ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds. ACC employees display a strong sense of loyalty to the Company and their special stellar qualities as ‘value-adding’ human capital are well known in the industry.

ACC has clearly stated guidelines concerning recruitment, termination, career advancement, performance appraisal, professional and employee ethics and code of conduct. The Company’s personnel policies and processes enshrine equal opportunities to all and non-discrimination with regard to gender, caste, creed, ideology or other opinion, whether social, political or religious. Also ensured is a due process for employee consultation and participation in organizational development and policy formulation.


Recruitment in ACC is a very fair and transparent process with adequate opportunities to look for suitable candidates internally as well as from outside. Applicants are generally invited on the basis of specific advertisements in newspapers and websites. A Committee of officers called the Central Recruitment Committee handles the entire recruitment process comprising screening of applications, preliminary short-listing, interviews and final selection. Every attempt is made to make the selection process as objective as possible by incorporating tests of competence.

Performance Management

The Company’s performance management system is in itself a benchmark that provides ample opportunities and motivational incentives to employees so as to reward and retain good talent within the Company. These incentives include Performance Linked Incentives, Good Work Awards, Letters of Appreciation, Special Increments, Promotions, Nomination to external training programmes in India and abroad, public felicitation and appreciation.

About Us

ACC (ACC Limited) is India's foremost manufacturer of cement and concrete. ACC's operations are spread throughout the country with 17 modern cement factories, more than 50 Ready mix concrete plants, 21 sales offices, and several zonal offices. It has a workforce of about 9,000 persons and a countrywide distribution network of over 9,000 dealers.

Since inception in 1936, the company has been a trendsetter and important benchmark for the cement industry in many areas of cement and concrete technology. ACC has a unique track record of innovative research, product development and specialized consultancy services. The company's various manufacturing units are backed by a central technology support services centre - the only one of its kind in the Indian cement industry.

ACC has rich experience in mining, being the largest user of limestone. As the largest cement producer in India, it is one of the biggest customers of the domestic coal industry, of Indian Railways, and a considerable user of the country’s road transport network services for inward and outward movement of materials and products.

Among the first companies in India to include commitment to environmental protection as one of its corporate objectives, the company installed sophisticated pollution control equipment as far back as 1966, long before pollution control laws came into existence. Today each of its cement plants has state-of-the art pollution control equipment and devices.

ACC plants, mines and townships visibly demonstrate successful endeavours in quarry rehabilitation, water management techniques and ‘greening’ activities. The company actively promotes the use of alternative fuels and raw materials and offers total solutions for waste management including testing, suggestions for reuse, recycling and co-processing.

ACC has taken purposeful steps in knowledge building. We run two institutes that offer professional technical courses for engineering graduates and diploma holders which are relevant to manufacturing sectors such as cement. The main beneficiaries are youth from remote and backward areas of the country.

ACC has made significant contributions to the nation building process by way of quality products, services and sharing expertise. Its commitment to sustainable development, its high ethical standards in business dealings and its on-going efforts in community welfare programmes have won it acclaim as a responsible corporate citizen. ACC’s brand name is synonymous with cement and enjoys a high level of equity in the Indian market. It was the first cement company to figure in the list of Consumer SuperBrands of India.

Board of Directors


  • Mr N. S. Sekhsaria-Chairman
  • Mr Bernard Terver-Deputy Chairman
  • Mr Harish Badami-Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director
  • Mr Eric Olsen
  • Mr Shailesh Haribhakti
  • Mr Sushil Kumar Roongta
  • Mr Ashwin Dani
  • Mr Farrokh K. Kavarana
  • Mr Vijay Kumar Sharma
  • Mr Arunkumar Ramanlal Gandhi
  • Mrs Falguni Nayar
  • Mr. Christof Haessig

Our Projects


Here is a list of our cement plants and their postal address

  • Bargarh
  • Chaibasa
  • Chanda
  • Damodar
  • Gagal
  • Jamul
  • Kymore
  • Kudithini
  • Lakheri
  • Madukkarai
  • sindri
  • Tikaria
  • Vizag
  • Wadi
  • New wadi plant

Our Sister Concerns


ACC Mineral Resources Limited

ACC's wholly owned subsidiary, The Cement Marketing Company of India Limited, was renamed as ACC Mineral Resources Limited (AMRL) in May 2009 with an objective of securing valuable mineral resources, such as coal for captive use. ACC Mineral Resources Limited has already entered into Joint Venture arrangements for prospecting, exploration and mining coal from the coal blocks in Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal. The company is also exploring other opportunities for securing additional coal and gypsum resources in India and abroad

Bulk Cement Corporation (India) Limited

Situated at Kalamboli, in Navi Mumbai (formerly New Bombay), this company caters to bulk cement requirements of the city of Mumbai and its environs. It has two cement storage silos with a capacity of 5,000 tons each. The plant receives cement in bulk from ACC plants at Wadi. The plant has its own special purpose railway wagons and rakes and its own railway siding. The first of its kind in India, BCCI is equipped with all the facilities required by increasingly sophisticated construction sites in a bustling metropolis, including a laboratory, a fleet of specialized trucks and site silos for the convenience of customers and is capable of offering loose cement in bulk-tanker vehicles as well as packed cement in bags of varying sizes from 1 tonne down to 25 kg bags. BCCI is situated strategically on the outskirts of Mumbai, just off the new Mumbai-Pune Expressway. It is a landmark structure spread over 30 acres of land.

Lucky Minmat

ACC acquired 100 per cent of the equity of Lucky Minmat Private Limited. This company holds limestone mines in the Sikar district of Rajasthan, and helps supplement limestone supply to the Lakheri Plant.

National Limestone Company Private Limited

National Limestone Company Private Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary. The company is engaged in the business of mining and sale of limestone. It holds mining leases for limestone in the state of Rajasthan.

Our Partners


Heritage - A Corporate Saga

Ours has been an interesting story - one that inspired a book. ACC was formed in 1936 when ten existing cement companies came together under one umbrella in a historic merger - the country's first notable merger at a time when the term mergers and acquisitions was not even coined. The history of ACC spans a wide canvas beginning with the lonely struggle of its pioneer F E Dinshaw and other Indian entrepreneurs like him who founded the Indian cement industry. Their efforts to face competition for survival in a small but aggressive market mingled with the stirring of a country's nationalist pride that touched all walks of life - including trade, commerce and business.

The first success came in a move towards cooperation in the country's young cement industry and culminated in the historic merger of ten companies to form a cement giant. These companies belonged to four prominent business groups - Tatas, Khataus, Killick Nixon and F E Dinshaw groups. ACC was formally established on August 1, 1936. Sadly, F E Dinshaw, the man recognized as the founder of ACC, died in January 1936; just months before his dream could be realized.

Holcim - A New Partnership

The house of Tata was intimately associated with the heritage and history of ACC, right from its formation in 1936 upto 2000. Between the years 1999 and 2000, the Tata group sold all 14.45 per cent of its shareholding in ACC in three stages to subsidiary companies of Gujarat Ambuja Cements Ltd (later called Ambuja Cement Ltd), who then became the largest single shareholder in ACC.

A new association was forged between ACC and the Holcim group of Switzerland in 2005. In January 2005, Holcim announced its plans to enter into a long-term strategic alliance with the Ambuja Group by acquiring a majority stake in Ambuja Cements India Ltd. (ACIL), which at the time held 13.8 per cent of the total equity shares in ACC. Holcim simultaneously announced its bid to make an open offer to ACC shareholders, through Holdcem Cement Pvt Limited and ACIL, to acquire a majority shareholding in ACC. An open offer was made by Holdcem Cement Pvt. Limited along with Ambuja Cements India Ltd. (ACIL), following which the shareholding of ACIL increased to 34.69 per cent of the Equity share capital of ACC. Consequently, ACIL filed declarations indicating their shareholding and declaring itself as a Promoter of ACC.

Cement House- The Head Office building

ACC’s registered office was first located at Esplanade House in South Mumbai, a graceful edifice that still stands out in its neighbourhood. The head office then shifted to its own premises in Cement House shown here. The address of this stately building was then Number 1, Queen’s Road, Churchgate. An all-India competition in 1938 had invited leading architects of the time to send in their designs of which this elegant design made by Ballardie Thompson & Mathews was chosen as the winning entry. Work on its construction began in 1939 and was completed during the War period. The building was occupied by the Royal Air Force and vacated only in 1946.

In 2009, a unique project, has transformed Cement House into an energy efficient environment-friendly building. Its attractive refurbished façade now houses an ultramodern office equipped with space-saving modular workstations, access control and intelligent lighting with motion and light sensors, waste management systems and water saving devices set amid greenery and a central atrium that further expands the sense of light and space. 

About The Company


The importance of Corporate Governance has always been recognised in ACC. Much before Corporate Governance guidelines became applicable and mandatory for listed companies, ACC had systems in place for effective strategic planning and processes, risk management, human resources development and succession planning. The Audit Committee in ACC was constituted as far back as in 1986. The Shareholders-Investors Grievance Committee was formed way back in 1962 and the Compensation Committee was convened since 1993. The Company’s core values are based on integrity, respect for the law and strict compliance thereof, emphasis on product quality and a caring spirit. Corporate Governance therefore in ACC is a way of life.

ACC is a professionally managed Company with a majority of its Directors being Independent Directors. The Board of Directors has always consisted of persons who are professionals in their respective fields and with unquestionable integrity and reputation. The role, responsibility and accountability of the Board of Directors is clearly defined. Members of the Board have full freedom to express their views on matters placed before them for deliberation and consideration.

It is the continuous endeavour of the Board of Directors to achieve the highest standards of Corporate Governance through the adoption of a strategic planning process, succession planning for attracting, motivating and energizing human resources, identification of major risks and the way and means to manage such risks, an effective communication policy and integrity of Company’s internal control systems. The Board of Directors are also constantly looking at ways and means to ensure that the most effective use is made of the scarce resources at its disposal and that the management and employees have the freedom to take the Company forward within the framework of effective accountability.

The Annual Reports, press releases and other communication have always made full disclosures on various facets of importance to the stakeholders, particularly with regard to information relating to financial matters, company’s operations/performance, stock movements etc.

As part of our pledge to support the effort to help reduce the carbon footprint of our Country, we have circulated an appeal to our shareholders by agreeing to receive documents such as Annual Reports and other related details like Notices of General Meetings, Postal Ballot Notices, Intimation of ECS credits by electronic mail instead of by physical copy. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has in its Green Initiative, permitted compliances by Companies by sending documents by e-mail. In recognition of shareholders’ consent we receive in support to this Green Initiative, we have indicated to them our intention to contribute a sum of 100/- for each such shareholder consent to a deserving organization that works for the cause of education for physically challenged persons or in the treatment of the critically ill.

Social Commitments


  • Continuance of 1st January - 31st December as the Company Financial Year
  • Order passed by Competition Appellate Tribunal (COMPAT), New Delhi, December 11, 2015
  • Appointment of Additional Director
  • ACC Board Meeting, October 20, 2015
  • Change in Directorate
  • Board Meeting, July 17, 2015
  • Intimation pursuant to Clause 36 of the Listing Agreement - suspension of limestone mining operations at ACC Chaibasa
  • Resuming limestone mining operations at Bargarh Cement Works
  • Outcome of Annual General Meeting, March 20, 2015
  • Payment of Dividend
  • Recommendation by the Board of Directors for final dividend for the financial year ended December 31, 2014
  • Board Meeting, February 3, 2015
  • Board Meeting, February 3, 2015
  • Unaudited Financial Results for the last quarter 31st December 2014 - Clause 41 of the Listing Agreement

Corporate Social Responsibilities


Today we define Corporate Social Responsibility as the way a company balances its economic, social and environmental objectives while addressing stakeholder expectations and enhancing shareholder value.

But ACC has undertaken social volunteering practices almost from its inception, – long before the term corporate social responsibility was coined. The company’s earliest initiatives in community development date back to the 1940's in a village on the outskirts of Mumbai while the first formal Village Welfare Scheme was launched in 1952. The community living around many of our factories comprises the weakest sections of rural and tribal India with no access to basic amenities.

Social Responsibilities


Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) is a vital part of ACC’s journey towards Sustainable development. Safety Audits are being carried out in ACC since 1995 by National Safety Council based on the 5 Star Auditing System of British Safety Council. There is a continuous effort to measure and improve Safety Management Systems to avoid accidents.

We have an Apex OH & S Committee headed by the Managing Director. This committee oversees implementation of our OH & S policy Each of our plants and manufacturing units have Professional Doctors and medical facilities for continuous monitoring and observation of workplace hygiene and occupational health.

The following are some OH & S initiatives at our plants:

  • OH & S brochures, signages, posters and mailers used extensively
  • Monthly Safety Gate Meetings held at all our plants.
  • Safety Audit and TPM Audits carried out annually
  • Safety Professionals meets twice a year to discuss and share knowledge on Safety Statistics and implementation of safety measures at each unit.
  • Safety Observation Tours (SOT) conducted weekly by all line managers
  • Behavioral Safety Training programmes for workers at all plants
  • Incident investigations for all incidents including near misses (with potential for injuries). The findings and recommendation are shared across the company

Our Ethics

Code of conduct

ACC treats its vendors as business associates. All vendors are treated with respect and dignity. Our vendor base includes reputed manufacturers and trusted brand names, usually the leading 3-4 vendors of their particular industry segment who are technically and financially sound and have the intrinsic capacity to supply material of desired quality and on time. ACC prefers vendors who demonstrate good corporate citizenship and promote sustainable development.

Adequate care is taken to ensure transparency in procurement processes. Our procurement policy has a clearly defined code of practice for procurement conduct and encourages fair and open competition in markets.

Why Us?


ACC offers employment opportunities in a wide range of functions. The process of recruitment in ACC is fair and transparent, with adequate opportunities to look for suitable candidates both internally and from outside.

Recruitment is a continuous process in ACC. We regularly hold interviews in principal cities. Campus interviews are arranged in leading institutes and universities. In other cases, application are invited for specific vacancies announced through advertisements in leading newspapers or announced in this website.

Currently there are no job vacancies. We will update this page as and when vacancies arise.

IMPORTANT - Disclaimer: We wish to caution jobseekers and educational institutions at large that ACC Limited, as a policy has a merit based employee selection process. Further, we do not authorise or have appointed external agents to conduct employment drives or extend offers of employment on our behalf. It is also not our policy to charge or collect fees of any kind from educational institutions or from candidates for participation in a recruitment event or to receive offers of employment.

Any person or organisation dealing with unauthorised parties is doing so at their own risk. ACC Limited is not responsible for any losses (monetary or otherwise) that are incurred as a consequence, nor will it have any obligation to provide employment to anyone under any fraudulent offer letter.

In order to verify the authenticity of any ACC recruitment event or offer letter, you can visit the official web site of ACC Limited at www.acclimited.com and contact the HR representative at the number indicated under Corporate Office.

Our Services

Our Services


ACC is essentially a people’s brand of cement with more than 80 per cent of sales made through an extensive dealer network that covers every state in India. Its customer base represents the masses of India - individual homebuilders in small towns, rural and semi-urban India.

Going beyond the supply of cement, we offer ACC Help services to share knowledge about the process of home building and correct procedures of product usage.

Our Regional Offices have Customer Services Cells manned by qualified Civil Engineers who interact with customers to assess their needs and problems, offer advice before and after sales including educating users and customers on correct usage of cement and concrete and good construction practices.

ACC reaches out to its customers, home builders and engineers in the following ways:

  • ACC Help Centres: For personal guidance on the right construction practices.
  • ACC Help Literature: Easy-to-understand construction guides.
  • ACC Help Vans : Mobile help services. Our engineers in vans assist you at your site
  • www.acchelp.in : an interactive website for all your construction related questions.
  • Indian Concrete Journal : the country’s oldest civil engineering journal

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