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Cup Anemometer


Three conical beaded edged cups 127 mm. In diameters, attached by arms to a central boss drive a vertical spindle at a rotary speed proportional to the air velocity. (dimensions confirming to is 5912 : 1970) Aluminum and stainless steel are used throughout this instrument to ensure freedom from corrosion and long working life. A conical shield protects the spindle and bearing from the rain. An electro magnetic transducer connected to the vertical shaft gives pulses proportional to the number of rotations of the vertical shaft. Optional 4-20 ma output proportional to the velocity can be provided which can be fed to any data logger or plc Optional Alarm / Trip: Instantaneous value is compared with one / two Limit settings and gives visual indication as well as Relay output change over when the instantaneous value exceeds the set limit.

Electronic Anemometers


This sophisticated instrument is designed with totally indigenous technical know-how and components. It directly reads the rate of flow of air / gases. Most of the instruments available in market are made of plastic. These, though efficient under laboratory conditions, often give away for industrial applications, braking the blades / shafts. ACD Rotating Vane Sensor is totally made of metal parts and can stand to rigorous industrial conditions. It consists of a Chemically Etched Stainless Steel Turbine, fitted on a Brass shaft with Stainless Steel pins, which is pivoted on re-enforced Jewel Bearings, making it extremely sensitive to minute changes in the air-flow. All other parts are of Aluminum. Non-contact transducer is insensitive to vibrations, dust, temperature, humidity, and ultrasonic radiation. Optional facility for air temperature measurement can be incorporated in the same instrument.

Field Dynamic Balancing Equipments


For conventional Balancing, the rotating part has to be dismantled from the assembly, taken to the standard Balancing Machine, mounted on cradle, coupled to and driven with a suitable prime mover. This portable equipment ( Field Dynamic Balancing Equipment ) would enable the operator to carry out balancing without dismantling the machine, by rotating the component in its own frame; thereby saving expensive labour and costly down time. Furthermore, it gives better results than the conventional balancing, as it can detect and correct the residual unbalance due to total assembly, thus accounting for all the fitting tolerances. Balancing at operating speed is another advantage.

Sound Level Meter


Sound level meter

Vibration & Sound Level Meter


Vibration & Sound Level Meter

Product Code: VS-2000

Low Oil Level Switch & Gear Box


Oil level of the gear box is an important parameter to be monitored. Damages expected due to low oil level are obvious and need not to be elaborated.

Old float type switches rely on buoyancy of the oil which changes with the impurities in the oil. Trip level also depends on the strength on the magnet used and needs adjustment for the individual piece.

In ACD switch, the sensing element is Capacitance Sensor whose performance is highly consistent, such that all the parameters can be precisely factory set and no in-situ adjustments are necessary.

The switch is designed in a weatherproof enclosure confirming to IP 65. (can be supplied in Flame Proof enclosure)

Current Sensors (Ac & Dc)


Hall effect Current Sensor gives isolated DC voltage out put proportional to the AC or DC Current passing through. Sensors with higher Current ratings are in the offing. Normally Current Sensors use resistive shunt or AC Current transformer. These two methods have limitations and disadvantages. Systems new Current Sensor uses Hall effect to sense AC or DC Current. The sensor is totally isolated from main Current and not susceptible to external disturbances. Current Sensors has linearity over the range exceeding one and half times. This gives an ability to withstand the overload without damaging Current sensor. Further more, electric burden is minimum as there is no resistive element in the series path or no transformer burden as in the case of AC Current transformer. Current Sensors are not bulky and size does not increase with the Current rating. They are compatible with existing conventional measuring devices.

Vibration Data Loggers


VIBRATION DATA LOGGER is handy instrument for monitoring vibration value & storing data so that meaningful information can be derived. Today's TPM Drive requires regular inspection of critical assembly so that future failure can be pre detected VIBRATION DATA LOGGER enables quality / maintenance experts to observe vibration trend and initiate corrective action

Wind Data Loggers


Wind energy has been historically used directly to propel sailing ships or converted into mechanical energy for pumping water or grinding grain. Today's principal application of wind power is the generation of electricity. With 8000 mw of installed capacity, India is ranked fourth in the world in total wind power capacity.Wind farms have many turbines and each extracts some of the energy of wind. Usually sites are pre selected on basis of a wind atlas. Collection of site specific data for Wind Speed and Direction is crucial for determining the right site.

Product Code: FDB-MK-IV

Dynamic Balancing Equipments


ACD' Dynamic Balancing Machines are developed through highly specialized experience in the field of Electronic Measurement of Mechanical Vibrations, and feed back received through users of our Machines for the last 30 years

Product Code: DBE01

Vibration Meter


All machines with rotating parts vibrate. ISO provide guide lines for specifying it's tolerances. Maximum performance is obtained when these vibrations are kept within the specified limits. For this purpose, periodic check known as preventive maintenance program becomes necessary. The Vibration Meter manufactured by ACD is primarily intended for improving the performance of rotating machines by monitoring and logging the vibration levels. Piezo electric Transducer is the most sensitive of its kind available today. It has a built in mechanical filter which eliminates all unwanted frequencies including Audio Pick-ups. Inverted mass construction, makes it unique, and extends usefulness upto 60,000 R.P.M. without loosing the sensitivity. Hand held sensor incorporates transducer with a signal conditioner and 8 db/octave filter, which cuts off all the unwanted signals and improves signal to noise ratio. Model D - 83 reads Displacement of Vibration in Microns pk-pk. However, to decide severity or acceptance level of Vibrations from Displacement, one has to know the operating speed. Model D 93, apart from 'Displacement ' also reads 'Velocity' of Vibration in mm/sec pk This reading is obtained by differentiating 'Displacement 'with reference to the frequency, Hence, it directly denotes the severity and one does not need to refer to the operating speed to decide the acceptance level.

Field Failure Relays


FIELD FAILURE RELAY, also known as FIELD LOSS RELAY protects the DC Shunt wound motor or main circuit, under open Field conditions, or in the absence of the field supply Speed of the Shunt Wound DC Motor increases as the Field supply is weakened. Theoretically motor runs at infinite speed if run without Field supply. This break opens the armature coils from the commutator and totally damages the Prime Mover. The FIELD FAILURE RELAY, when used in series with the Field circuit, ensures that no power is supplied to the Armature unless Field circuit is complete. FIELD FAILURE RELAY is a truly current operated device. As there is no iron core, there is no magnetic storage and actuating time is less than 1.2 milliseconds This is also used as safety guard in DC clutches, solenoids and brakes.

Vibration Level Digital Meter


Vibration level digital meter

Electronic Vibration Switches


Electronic Vibration Switch Is Designed As Direct Replacement Of Mechanical Vibration Switches. These Mechanical Switches being used in yester years have very little merit and served the purpose when the requirement was not stringent. As they rely on large impacts or inertia (both acceleration): they do not respond to gradual increase in vibrations. Nuisance tripping during start-up is an usual problem. Further, sensitivity adjustment is too ambiguous to offer any meaningful translation. ACD Electronic Vibration switches can be directly installed in place of Mechanical Vibration Switches and offer immense advantages. The basic Sensor is Piezo Electric Accelerometer which has no moving parts. These electronically integrate the Acceleration signal giving Velocity signal. Vibration could be controlled very precisely with graduated controls. Built in electronic delay takes care of startup and other spurious signals. Remote reset is another positive advantage.

Product Code: EVS01

Electronic Vibration Switches


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