As leading manufacturers and suppliers of locks, we make these available under the brand name ‘Link’ and ‘Palam.’ Further, we have also formed business association with ‘Godrej’ and act as traders of their Lock series. We have acquired a favorable position in the market today and it is all due to the hard work and devotion put by our team of professionals. Experienced, enthusiastic and enterprising, our professionals have all the qualities required for making the company a success. We nurture a team of professionals, possessing complete knowledge about the different security gadgets and are fueled by the ambition to excel in all the undertaken activities, which is why they take up every consignment with perseverance and promptness.

Our Key Points are :

  • Solid Reputation Since 1948
  • All Leading Brands Under One Roof
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Customized Service
  • Vast Range Available Ex-Stock