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Construction Chemicals

Offering you a complete choice of products which include Construction Chemicals such as Concrete Plasticizers, Super Plasticizers, Curing Compound, Chemical Accelerators, Crack Filler, Waterproofing Chemicals and many more items.
Concrete Plasticizers
Approx. Price: Rs 65 / Litre(s)

Concrete Plasticizers

Available with us is a collection of concrete plasticizers that are available in the model Algiplast 210 N water reducing concrete plasticizers (modified Ligno-suplahte based). These highly economical concrete plasticizers are used in congested reinforcement such as RCC Slabs, Beams, and Columns and also for industrial floor concreting.

Following are the attributes of our plasticizers :

  • Recommended for M15 to M30 grade concrete
  • Makes concrete cohesive
  • Reduces bleeding
  • Improves compressive strength
  • Reduces water cement rate by 10-15%

It is suggested to be pre-diluted with water and then added to wet concrete mix in a quantity of 75 ml to 200 ml per 50 Kg bag of cement. The suggested dosage for the mix is 140 ml/bad.

Super Plasticizers
Approx. Price: Rs 45 / Litre(s)

Super Plasticizers

Our extensive array of super plasticizers is appropriately formulated by our team in order to cater to our quality conscious clients. These super plasticizers are offered to our clients in three forms that are mentioned below:

Algisuperplast N High Range Water Reducing Super Plasticizer. This model is recommended for the following:

  • M20 and above grades of concrete
  • Pile foundations and paver blocks

High quality concrete that needs to be placed within half an hour, Where very high early strength is required It improves compressive strength, slump and waterproofing quality and also reduces water cement ratio by 12-20%. It should be used 100 to 400 ml per 50 Kg bag of cement with a suggested dosage of 300 ml/bag. Algisuperplast RM52 Retarding Super Plasticizer for Concrete This economical concrete super plasticizer is designed for site mix concrete that can be placed within half an hour of mixing. It is set with mild set retardation and is used in the quantity of 150-400 ml per 50 Kg bag of cement, wherein the suggested dosage is 200 ml per bag. Algisuperplast RM71retarding Super Plasticizer for Concrete Our super plasticizer with set retardation is fabricated for ready mixed concrete where slump retention of up to 2 hrs is needed. This plasticizer is reasonably priced with a requisite dosage of 125-400 ml per 50 kg bag of cement. The suggested dosage of this concrete is 175 ml per bag. Algiplast 210RK water reducing and set retarding concrete plasticizer (Modified Lignosulphate based) This highly economical concrete is designed to have a very low dosage making it very cohesive.

This form of super plasticizers are recommended and used for the below mentioned :

  • Transportation of concrete over long distance
  • M15 to m30 grade concrete
  • Concreting of dams, canals and other such constructions

It is recommended to be pre-diluted with water and added to wet concrete mix and used in the quantity of 100 ml to 200 ml per 50 Kg bag of cement. The suggested dosage of the concrete is 150 ml/bag.

Curing Compound
Approx. Price: Rs 52 / Litre(s)

Curing Compound

We provide a qualitative range of curing compound that is developed using emulsified light reflective wax. This range is formulated in such a way so that it performs the following functions :
• Reduces water evaporation to less than relevant ASTM standards
• Eliminates water curing
• Reduces Concrete temperature due to reflection
• Reduces hence cracking of concrete

The curing compound provided by us finds application in the following areas :
• Construction of canal lining, roads, bridges, piers
• Specially useful in places of water shortage
• Used in areas which are difficult to cure like vertical or sloping surfaces

The compound should be applied by spraying it on fresh concrete / plaster before final setting i.e. just after the surface water evaporates. It provides with coverage of 3.25 sq. meters per liter for vertical areas and 4 sq. meters per liter for horizontal areas.

Chemical Accelerators

Chemical Accelerators

Our range of chemical accelerators is a ready to use quick setting compound wherein the final setting time is 5-10 min. These non corrosive and easy to use chemical accelerators are used for repairing cracks in cement pipes, floor and concrete doors windows.

The compressive strength achieved in these chemical accelerator is:

  • 150 Kg/sq. cm for 2 hours
  • 300 kg/sq. cm for 1day
  • 400 kg/sq. cm for 2 days

The method of application of Algirapidcem is to add water to it in the ratio of 5:1 by volume & kneading it into dough. One should hold it in had till it is warm and then place in the cracks to get coverage of 0.45 sq. ft/Kg for 12 mm thickness.

Crack Filler
Approx. Price: Rs 185 / Kilogram(s)

Crack Filler

We have in store for our clients, a wide assortment of crack filler that are formulated by our team using quality assured raw material and in appropriate composition. These crack filler possess the following features and advantages :

Type of work Product recommended Features & Advantages:
Wall Cracks Filling & Window Joints Algiseal acrylic-GP &
Algiseal acrylic
Algiseal Acrylic is highly flexible acrylic Crackfiller with reduced shrinkage. It is ready to use and paint. It should be used as Crack Filler for Wall Cracks and Window Joints
APPLICATION METHOD: Clean & widen the cracks to 5mmx5mm wide, using a marble cutter and fill it with Algiseal. After drying fill the crack again 2 to 3 times. For external cracks, the sealant should be covered with ALGICOAT RC104.

The Algiseal Acrylic –GP is used for filling interior wall cracks whereas Algiseal Acrylic is a special grade that is used for exterior joints.

Algiseal acrylic-GP 300 gms 1 kg   Algiseal acrylic 300 gms 1 kg
Coverage 15 RFT 50Rft   Coverage 15 RFT 50 RFT

Waterproofing Chemicals
Approx. Price: Rs 350 / Litre(s)

Waterproofing Chemicals

Our range of waterproofing chemicals is formulated at our premises using quality proved material and are appropriately composed. These waterproofing chemicals are developed to make them possess the following attributes :

Type of construction work Product required Features & advantag
All new Concrete & Cement Works such as RCC Roofs, Wall Plastering, Water Tanks, Sumps, Swimming Pools, Basements, Sanitary, Bathroom areas etc. ALGIPROOF WATERPROOFING

Algiproof is a Very Strong and economical Waterproofing Liquid with ISI mark. Algiproof makes the concrete structures completely waterproof. Advantages: Eliminates Leakages and dampness. Prevent/reduces corrosion of steel. Increases Life of the building. Improves Bonding Properties of Concrete. DOSAGE: 200 ml per 50Kg cement. MIXING METHOD: Mix Algiproof with water, stir thoroughly now mix this water with concrete in the mixer machine. Do not mix Algiproof with Dry Cement.
Algiproof 200 ml 1 Ltr 3 Ltrs 5 Ltrs 20 Ltrs 100 Ltr 215 Ltr
No. of Cement bags 1 bag(50Kg) 5 bags 15 bags 25 bags 100 bags 500 bags 1075 bags

Waterproofing Coatings
Approx. Price: Rs 85 / Litre(s)

Waterproofing Coatings

Our extensive array of waterproofing coatings holds the following distinct features and advantages :

Type Of WorkProduct RecommendedFeatures & Advantages
Waterproofing coating for existing concrete structures such as existing RCC Roofs, Outside Walls, Water Tanks, Basements, Sumps, Swimming Pools Toilets, Bathroom areas etc, to make them waterproof.ALGICOAT RC 104ALGICOAT RC104 is an acrylic polymer cementatious waterproofing coating system. It protects concrete structures from water, increases the life of building. It is unaffected by UV Light. It is durable even in continuous contact with water. It is non-toxic, hence can be applied inside water tanks.

This waterproofing coating should be mixed in an appropriate manner to be used effectively. One part of Algicoat RC 104 liquid should be mixed with 1.8 parts of cement by volume and in summers, one part of Algicoat RC104 should be mixed with 1.5 times of cement so as to exhibit maximum results. It should be applied by a brush on the surface before cleaning the surface thoroughly with wire brush to remove dirt, grease, old paint or algae. After cleaning the surface, it should be pre-wet with water so as to ensure that the surface is moist, and then apply the first coat of Algicoat RC 104 mixed with cement. The second coat should be applied after the first coat dries for 3-4 hours. Curing: The waterproofing coating should be cured by spraying water for first 24 hours then by pounding of water for next 14 days. During summer, make the surface moist with moist sponge just before applying the coating. This ensures that the coating does not lose too much of water to RCC Slab and product gives better coverage. In summer, apply the coating before 11 am and 4 pm for better results.

Algicoat RC1041 Ltr5 Ltrs20 Ltrs
Coverage (approx)27 SFT135 SFT540 SFT

Our Algiflex-guard assortment of waterproofing coatings for finished surfaces is capacitated with the below mentioned attributes :

Type Of WorkProduct RecommendedFeatures & Advantages
Painting + Waterproofing + Heat Insulation system by a Single Product. Most suitable for painting of High Rise Buildings, Hotels, Schools, Colleges, Factory Buildings/Metallic Sheds, Poultry Farms, Petrol Pump sheds, individual buildings, houses etcAlgiflex-guard

Painting, Waterproofing and Heat Insulation in a Single Application.
ALGIFLEXGUARD is a multipurpose product which can be applied as Paint, Waterproofing and Heat Insulation system. It is Waterproofing and decorative coating. It is comes in Off White color. It bridges minor cracks. It is not affected with UV Lights hence coating lasts for a very long time. It has excellent scrub resistance, It has antifungal property hence can be applied for waterproofing of exterior RCC Slabs, Outside Walls, and all types of finished surfaces including asbestos sheets, metal roofing sheets, etc.

Chemical Accelerators

Chemical Accelerators

We offer our clients with transparent coatings that are used as protective agents in the construction area. These high grade transparent coatings possess the below mentioned features and advantages :

Type Of Work Product Recommended Features & Advantages
Transparent Waterproofing, Protective and Decorative Coating on all finished surfaces such as concrete structures painted surfaces, Paver blocks, Clay Tiles, Mangalore Tiles, Bricks, Stones, Granites, Lime & Cement painted surfaces, Asbestos Sheets, Cement Plaster surfaces, walls, Wooden Doors , Algicoat Acrylic - GP
(Transparent Waterproofing Coating)

Decorate your roof tiles and make them waterproof
Algicoat Acrylic T SIZE=2>Algicoat Acrylic – GP is an acrylic based durable protective, decorative, water and weatherproof coating for concrete
Heritage finish or structured coated surfaces etc.  

Heat Proof Coating
Approx. Price: Rs 1,650 / Litre(s)

Heat Proof Coating

We have Heat Proof Coating. It can be applied on RCC Slabs, WALLS, Asbestos Sheets, Metallic Sheets.

It gives excellent Heat Proof Insulating effect on the coated surfaces.

Other Information

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 5 Litre(s)


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