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ADEKA LUBE S Series is Organo-Molybdenum Compound developed with original technology by ADEKA Corporation.

ADEKA LUBE S Series can reduce friction and help save fuels, minimize metal wear and extend machine life. They give excellent lubricity performance even under severe conditions, prevent degradation of oil, and extend oil life.

For Engine Oil, Gear Oil, Grease, and Metal Working Fluid.


ADEKA KIKU-LUBE FM Series is ashless friction modifier. Four types of additives that are ester, ether, amine, and glycol are available. It is possible to use them for various usages such as engine oil, transmission oil and industrial lubricants.

For Engine Oil & Transmission Fluid


ADEKA KIKU-LUBE FMP Series is phosphate type additive and Z series is zinc dialkyl dithiophosphate. These products are excellent in anti-wear and extreme pressure performance. It is possible to use them for industrial lubricant, metalworking fluid, and grease, etc.

For Gear Oil, Grease & Metal Working Fluids


ADEKA ECOROYAL AIN Series comprises of antioxidants developed for lubricants. This series contains phenol derivatives, sulfur derivatives, and amine derivatives.

For Engine Oil, Transmission Oil, Industrial Lubricants and Greases.


ADEKA ECOROYAL CDI Series is acid scavenger that inhibits hydrolysis and thermal oxidation of ester. It is effective against all compounds that have ester bond. So it prevents sludge generation.

Recommendations:- For Transmission Fluid and Metal Working Fluid.

Surface Active Agents & Rheology Modifiers

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Defoamers –

ADEKA NATE B & S Series are unique and effective defoaming agents which are produced using ADEKA’s surfactant developing technologies accumulated over many years.

Reactive Surfactants –

ADEKA REASOAP Series comprises of polymerisable surfactants. They improve water resistance and other physical properties of resin film produced. They also provide excellent emulsifying characteristic and reactivity with monomers in emulsion polymerization.

PU Thickeners –

ADEKA NOL UH Series are a group of thickener / rheology modifiers which exhibit excellent performance in controlling rheology of synthetic emulsions with better leveling characteristic.

Waterborne HALs, UVA –

ADEKA NOL UC Series comprises of waterborne HALs & UVA. They have small particle size and excellent light stability.

Cosmetics –

ADEKANOL OG is a moisturizer having anti ceptic effect.

Textile Softeners –

ADEKA MINE SF Series comprises quaternary ammonium salt type softeners which are easily biodegradable.

Low Foaming Detergents –

ADEKA NOL B, BO Series comprises surfactants low foaming, good detergency, wetting, penetration, and alkali stability.

Epoxy Resins & Hardeners

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Chelate Modified Epoxy Resins –

ADEKA RESIN EP-49 Series is modified epoxy resins having very good corrosion resistance with better adhesion to metals like galvanized steel, Al, Mg, Copper.

High performance paints for rusted surfaces & Adhesives.

Rubber Modified Epoxy Resins –

ADEKA RESIN EPR Series is modified epoxy resin having properties like toughness, heat resistance, good adhesion, high peel strength etc.

Composites & Structural bonding adhesives for automotives, aircrafts etc.

Urethane-modified Epoxy Resins –

ADEKA RESIN EPU Series is modified epoxy resin having properties like good adhesion to plastics and steel.

Structural bonding adhesive for steel; Adhesives for PVC, ABS; Structural bonding adhesive especially for Cu, Zn and Al.

Diluents for Epoxy Resins –

ADEKA GLYCIROL ED Series comprises of mono, di and tri functional reactive type epoxy diluents.

For floor coatings, Paints, Linings & Adhesives.

Modified Aliphatic Polyamine Hardeners –

ADEKA HARDENER EH Series is modified hardeners recommended for pipe lining adhesives, floor coatings & accelerators.

Modified Cyclo Aliphatic Polyamine Hardeners –

ADEKA HARDENER EH Series is modified hardeners recommended for Anti-corrosion Paints, Weather Resistant Paints & Adhesives.

Standard and Special Polyamides –

ADEKA GRANDMIDE series is recommended for Paints, Adhesives, Crack Injection, Grouts and Heavy duty anti-corrosion paints.

Latent Hardeners –

ADEKA HARDENER EH Series comprises of modified hardeners recommended for Electrical Adhesives, Encapsulation; Sealing, Injection; Adhesives.

Water-borne Urethane Urea System –

ADEKA NEW COAT is recommended for floor coating having chemical & hot water resistance in food factory.

Specialty Chemicals For Printed Circuit Board

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Cleaning Agent for Developing and Stripping Tanks

Chemical agents for forcibly eliminating / washing away scum that has adhered and accumulated on inside of photo resist development tanks. PCB product yield can be increased by using these chemicals for scum removal from DFR/PSR development, stripping tanks.

Soft Etching Agents

ADEKA TEC A Series comprises of soft etchants with corrosion proofing effect on copper surface. They enable high resist adhesion, improve workplace environment by reducing vapors & odors during etching. They can be used either with spray or by dip method.

ADEKA TEC CL Series comprises of versatile soft etching agents that are resistant to chlorine ions. They may be diluted with industrial water. After soft etching it enhances adhesion of resist and flux on copper surface.

Copper Surface Roughening Agents

ADEKA TEC S, SA comprises of chemicals for roughening the copper surface of PCBs. They form uniformly rough surface of microscopic pits and peaks. Also it does not affect the color quality of copper boards.

Special Micro Etchant

These chemicals reduce process time by micro-etching copper and copper alloy surface while at the same time washing away organic and inorganic substances such as oxide film, fingerprints, and fats/oils. Improves adhesion of various types of resists including photoresist and is suitable for pretreatment for plating. Suitable for surface treatment for TCP, COF and FPC, which require thin etching thickness.

Copper Half Etchant

For use in etching that adjusts the thickness of copper on substrate surface layer in micrometers. Since it is mixed with sulfuric acid when used, this chemical allows you flexibility to change composition according to the requirements of the machine being used and the amount of etching performed. Also enables control of surface smoothness or roughness according to mixture composition.

Hydrophilic Swelling Rubber Waterstops

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ADEKA have wide range of products for civil engineering and construction that can be applied to variety of fields. They comprise “ADEKA ULTRASEAL”, a waterstop that utilizes the elasticity & water swelling property of rubber.

ADEKA ULTRASEAL MC Series comprises rubber strips recommended for construction joints, H-pile, and piping penetrations. Rubber strips contains steel wire mesh inside to control expansion on swelling.

ADEKA ULTRASEAL KM Series comprises rubber strips recommended for expansion joints & box culvert joints. Rubber strips contains steel wire mesh inside to control expansion on swelling.

ADEKA ULTRASEAL KMU Series comprises rubber strips recommended for segment joints, expansion joints, and box culvert joints.

ADEKA ULTRASEAL KBA Series comprises rubber strips recommended for box culvert joints & construction joints.

ADEKA ULTRA RING comprises rings of different sizes & recommended to use as separator.

ADEKA ULTRASEAL P Series comprises paste type in cartridge for rough surfaces & wire-net joints.

ADEKA ULTRASEAL A Series comprises pourable liquid waterstop for sheet pile interlocks.

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