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Oil Extraction Machinery

  Oil expeller world wide known as Screw press also works mainly on pressure volume ratio contraction to extract the oil from the edible / non edible oil bearing material.
  These are available for prepress (single press) model for processing ground nut, sunflower and mustard seed, double press and triple press models for processing Cotton Seed, Mahua, Maize Germ, Castor and Neem Seeds.
  These expellers can be available for capacities ranging from 5-100 TPD in both round and vertical kettle designs to extract 80-85% of the oil available in the oil bearing material. Cake from the expellers with double and triple pressing normally contains 7-10% oil which can further extracted in the Solvent extraction plant.

Palm Oil Mills

Palm Oil Mills

With the assistance of a diligent workforce and innovative production techniques, we are able to provide a quality range of palm oil mills of capacity from 2 to 10 MT FFB Per hour. With our state-of-the-art infrastructure & a team of experienced oil technologists we ensure only high grade palm oil machines are provided to our clients. During the manufacturing process of Palm Oil Mills  machines are checked after each step of manufacture, thus these products match the international quality in the market.

Process includes:


  •  FFB reception, transfer and storage
  •  Palm Oil Fruit, under favorable conditions of climate, provides the highest yield of all oil bearing plants
  •  Stripping
  • Digestion and expelling
  •  Clarification and Purification of the oil
  •  The depericarping and kernel recovery station comprising depericarping
  •  To prevent damage to Palm Fruit, it is a common practice  to process fresh fruit bunches (FFB)  instead of stripped fruit


Sterilization is the first step which allows complete mechanical stripping with lipase enzyme deactivitazion. Fruit bunches were filled in open topped perforated steel cages which is later on pushed to sterilizers on rails.


This process is used to separate sterilized fruits from bunch stalks. 

Digesting And Pressing

Sterilized stripped fruit then fed to digester.  Crude oil separation from digested pal fruits then occurs by pressing continues double screw presses.

Clarification And Purification Of Oil

Crude oil extracted in twin screw presses comprised of various impurities like vegetable matters and sand particles. Clarification step is the used for removing these impurities. This step involves separation of diluted crude oil and collects it into settling tank.

The Depericarping And Kernel Recovery Station Comprising Depericarpin

Finally the residue is taken in the form of cakes which is made up of finers and nuts. These obtained cakes will now send to conveyors.

Solvent Extraction Machines

Solvent Extraction Machines
Solvent Extraction Machines

We are offering a range of robust and long lasting Solvent Extraction Plants of 50 to 500 MTD. These plants perform preparation of oil cakes or seeds that are suitable for extraction or to remove oil and produce defatted meal. Further, these also perform hexane extraction of the material obtained from earlier operation using food grade n-hexane as solvent. These solvent extraction plants consist of an extractor, desolventizer and distillation plant. Also, these consist of an energy saving device where steam is used as a source of energy for performing the operations. Apart from this, these also contain a hexane recovery unit to ensure minimum hexane loss during the extraction process.

Oil Mills

Our infrastructure is fully equipped to offer Oil Mills that utilize state-of-the-art expeller technology. These oil expellers, also known as screw presses, can be used to extract oil from edible as well as non-edible oil bearing material. Further, these are available for pre press or single press model for processing ground nut, sunflower and mustard seeds. Moreover, these are also available for double press and triple press models for processing Cotton Seed, Mahua, Maize Germ, Castor and Neem Seeds. Available in capacities ranging from 5 to 100 TPD, these are available in both round and vertical kettle designs to extract 80-85% of oil in the oil bearing material. Apart from this, the remaining 7-10% oil from the cakes produced in double and triple pressing norm can further be extracted in the solvent extraction plant.

Plant and Machinery for Soya Derivatives

Plant and Machinery for Soya Derivatives
Plant and Machinery for Soya Derivatives

We adhere to a great reputation in the current competitive market for being prominent manufacturer, and supplier of  plant and machinery to manufacture soya derivatives. We are backed up with high profile oil technologist’s team for manufacturing these soya derivatives.  


This process has to carry out in the absence of direct steam for producing high protein material for future applications.


Defatted soya flakes are fed into holding bins before they are grounded for getting suitable size.  the holding bins are used for regulating hammer mills.




The flakes obtained form flakes conveyors are fed into holding bins for getting suitable mesh size of approx 100mesh.




During the refining Procedure of soya bean oil phosphates are mainly used for removing hot water.



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