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din rail without display dual loop controller power supply: 18-28 v 48/63 hz & 20-30 vdc optional output: relay-relay-logic-logic; relay-logic-logic-logic; logic-logic-logic-logic; triac(ssr)-triac(ssr)-logic logic; triac(ssr)-logic-logic-logic serial communication: rs485 modbus/slave


features & benefits

  • din rail unit
  • powerful dual loop controller

  available models
  • d2-5150-00
  • d2-5250-00
  • d2-5350-00
  • d2-5450-00
  • d2-5550-00

Sensors Transmitters And Signal Conditioners

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Miniature DC powered Photo Electric Sensor Power Supply:10-30 Vdc,Reverse polarity protected  Repeability:Opposed Mode:1ms,All other:175µs  Operating Temperature:-20 to + 55 degreeC optional Proximity(Diffuse) or Retroreflective


Features & Benefits

  • Proximity(Diffuse) ,Retroreflective & Opposed Beam Pairs
  • Complementary NPN output
  • Push Button Digital Gain Adjustment
  • Durable black Polycarbonate/ABS alloy housing meets NEMA 6 & IP65 standard


Available Models

  • PRMDC000
  • PRMDC001

Flow Calibrators

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acquires data, performs calculations, saves data, displays data and prints data Computer monitors the desired flow rate and collects up to 50 data points per calibration. Directly traceable to NIST

Features & Benefits

  • Calibrates every type of frequency or analog output generating flowmeter
  • Establishes and maintains flowmeter traceability
  • Maximizes productivity
  • Directly traceable to NIST

Data Acquisition & Remote I/O Modules

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DIN rail without display Acquisition unit with:

  • Analogue retransmission output
  • 2 alarm threasholds
  • Power Supply: 18-28V 48/63 Hz and 20-30 Vdc
  • Optional Output: None Or Relay-Relay
  • Optional Analog Retransmission Output
  • Serial Communication: RS485 Modbus/Jbus


Features & Benefits
DIN rail Acquisition unit Can be used with any PLC or device Choice of Analog and Digital input / output


Available Models

  • D7-5050-00
  • D7-5150-00
  • D7-5055-00
  • D7-5155-00

SCADA And Visualization Softwares

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  • 64 bit computing technology revolution
  • 64 bit multicore and multi processing computing
  • True Geo-SCADA - MS Virtual earth integrated with SCADA
  • Map, View & Control Multiple locations information
  • Intuitive Navigation for Moving Assets
  • Provides Drill down and 360 Degree view of Entreprise
  • Intuitive 2D and 3D XAML, WPF visualisation
  • Hardware accelarated 3D graphics experience
  • Object oriented Distributed Alarm Management
  • Real Time KPI and Gadgets for dashboard
  • Universal connectivity- OPC-UA, SNMP, BACnet, Databases
  • Web based development and configuration
  • 64 Bit high performing Historian


Features & Benefits

  • OPC-UA to the Core Architecture

  • Designed and certified for Microsoft Windows® Vista™, Windows Server™ 2008 and Windows 7™

  • Microsoft Virtual earth integrated on SCADA -EarthWorX

  • Microsoft SharePoint server integrated

  • Brilliant 3D Graphics to provide 360 degree visualisation of process

  • Unsurpassed Visualisation experience using WPF

  • Universal connectivity to any device or database

  • Completely Scaleable to meet the demanding challenges of distributed assets

  • International language switcing and support

Sensors, Transmitters And Signal Conditioners

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  • 3 wire Inductive Proximity Sensor with Current Sink Output
  • Power Supply: +10 to -30 Vdc
  • Max Switching Frequency: 5 KHz
  • Output: NPN open Collector Transistor Voh=30 Vdc max,
  • Vol =1 V max
  • Max Sensing Distance: 1.5 mm
  • Operating Temperature: -25 to 70 degree C

Features & Benefits
  • Ideal for Ferrous & Non Ferrous Metal Objects

  • Operates from 0 to 5 KHz Pulse Output Rate

  • ideal For Tachometer,Counter & Control Input


Available Models

  • PSAC0000

  • PSAC0025

  • PSAC0050

Flow Metering Solutions ,Flow Prover And Calibrators

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  • Designed for sanitary applications in Pharma, Food and Beverages
  • Accuracy: ±0.25%
  • Repeatability: ±0.1% of reading
  • Linearity: ±0.1% (100:1) with linearizing electronics
  • Flow Rates: 0.1 to 250 GPM (0.38 to 946 LPM)
  • Materials of Construction: 316 SS housing and 430F SS rotor
  • Housing Surface Finish: Electropolished - 25Ra
  • End Fittings: Sanitary Tri-Clamp
  • Bearings: Ceramic journal
  • Withstands clean-in-place (CIP) and sterilize-in-place


Features & Benefits

  • FDA approved Flow meters

  • Withstands SIP and CIP procedures

HMI And Operator Panels

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  • G310 - 10.4" Display
  • Operator Interface for Indoor or Optional Indoor /Outdoor applications only
  • Textured finish with embossed keys or Glossy finish with
  • UV rated Overlay (Keys are not Embossed)


Features & Benefits

  • 10.4

  • support Text & Graphics

  • 5 Numbers of RS232/422/485 Communication Port

  • Web Server

  • Email & SMS Alarms /Events

  • Compact Flash Socket to log data

  • USB Port to download configuration From a PC

  • Ethernet Port to Network Units

  • 8 Buttons Keypad for On screen Menus

  • Resistive Analog Touch Screen

  • Powerful Crimson configuration software


Available Models

  • G310C000

Dual Loop PID Controllers (Process Control)

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  • Dual Loop PID Programmable Multifunction Process Controller (72 x 144 DIN)
  • Optional Power Supply: 100-240 V 48/63 Hz, 16-28 V 48/63 Hz & 20-30 Vdc
  • Option: Not Provided, I/O Connectors, Spare Lamp + I/O Connectors, Split Version(No Display), I/O Connectors + Split Version (No Display)

Features & Benefits
  • Four Loop PID Process Controller (72 x 144 DIN)
  • Bargraph display

Available Models
  • AC10-300000
  • AC10-320000
  • AC10-330000
  • AC10-340000
  • AC10-350000
  • AC10-500000
  • AC10-520000
  • AC10-530000.

Current Loop Indicator (PAXI-0000)

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  • PAX-6 Digit Counter & Rate Indicator
  • Optional Display: Red & Sunlight Readable or Green
  • Optional Power Supply: 85-250 VAC Or 11-36 VDC, 24VAC
  • It is a Counter / Dual Counter / Rate Meter / Slave Display.


Features & Benefits

  • Sunlight Readable Display
  • Variable Intensity Display
  • 10 Point Scaling
  • NEMA 4X/IP65 Protection


Available Models

  • PAXI-0000
  • PAXI-0010
  • PAXI-0100
  • PAXI-0110.

DR Series (Sensors, Transmitters)

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  • In-situ measuring principle
  • designed for continuous measuring
  • Long life solid state light source
  • High performance microprocessor technology
  • Automatic zero and span check with Soiling correction
  • Optics and electronics are hermetically sealed
  • Simple alignment without special tools
  • LC Display in opacity, optical density or in mg/m3


Features & Benefits

  • very Rugged and reliable design
  • Major certifications as per complaince
  • Optimal evaluation of measuring signals due to a Super Wide Band Diode (SWBD)
  • Measurements more stable than with conventional LED systems
  • Applications vary from Industrial Stacks, Chimneys to Tunnel Monitoring, Environment monitoring.

Sensors, Transmitters (PRDC)

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  • Compact DC Powered Photo Electric Sensor
  • Power Supply:10-30VDC
  • Fast Reponse Time
  • Responds to a light Or dark signal duration of 1 ms Or greater
  • Operating Temperature:-20 to +70 degreeC
  • Proximity DC Photo Electric Sensor


Features & Benefits

  • Proximity(Diffuse) & Opposed Beam Pairs
  • Modulated LED light Beams for immunity to Ambient light
  • 10-30 VDC operation with reverse polarity protection
  • Rugged Valox Housing meets NEMA 1,2,3,3S,4,4X,12 & 13 Standards
  • LED signal strength indicator
  • makes alignment easy & provides indication of light signal deterioration


Available Models

  • PRDC0000.

Sensors, Transmitters (DLE Series)

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  • UV and IR Flame Sensor for multiple burner furnaces
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Optical flame sensor with fiber optics for various spectral ranges from UV to IR
  • Can be adjusted for different combustion conditions
  • Corresponds to current American and European safety requirements for flame monitoring equipment
  • Compatible flame controller unit

Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for any combustion application
  • certified by all major agencies for safety standards
  • Flame Spectral analysis.

Analog To Frequency Converter Module (Sensors, Transmitters)

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  • Analog to Frequency Converter module
  • Max Input signal :current Input:100 mA,Voltage Input:30 VDC
  • Input Resistance:current Inputs: 50 K,Voltage Inputs: 110 K, Output: NPN open collector transistor, Output Protection
  • Short Circuit & Polarity Protection
  • Power Supply:19-30 VDC

Features & Benefits

  • 3 way Isolation of Input/Output Signal
  • Ultra Slim Design-only 0.244" wide
  • Universal Conversion Module

Available Models

  • AFCM0000.

Sensors, Transmitters (DUG Series)

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  • Ideal Monitoring of Gas, Oil and Coal Flames with UV and IR Flame Sensors
  • Fail-Safe and Self-Checking
  • Flame Relay Output Contact
  • Analogue Outputs 0/4-20 mA for Flame intensity
  • Error Code Reporting in Plain Text
  • microprocessor system ensures a safe operation
  • built in alphanumeric LCD display for information
  • Optional accessories for varied application requirements

Features & Benefits
  • Choce of Controllers based on sensor and application
  • certified by various agencies for safety norms.

Retractable Access System (On-line And Portable)

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  • An extremely reliable access system
  • Widely used by the Petrochemical & Oil Production Industries
  • Packing Gland with NPT Threaded Branch Connection Type
  • Packing Gland with Flanged Branch Connection Type
  • Flanged Retractable Packing Gland & Fabricated Construction 316SS Only Type
  • Special designs on request

Features & Benefits

  • Simple & versatile Method for on line Insertion & removal of probes,coupon holders,injection & sampling quills
  • Suitable for service at high pressures and temperatures , 1000 Or 1500 PSI,Temperature Of 260 to 450 degreeC

Available Models

  • RCDPG0B03
  • RCMFHS0515RFB03
  • RCCFA0130RJB03

Data Collection Unit (On-line And Portable)

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  • Data Collection Unit for ER OR LPR probes system
  • Gavanic monitoring of process corrosion in hazardous areas
  • Battery powered data loggers or remotely powered transmitter systems
  • Optional Type: Transmitter or Data Logger
  • Optional Battery: Not applicable for transmitter systems
  • Alkaline or Lithium or Rechargeable battery pack for longer life
  • Various selection of Accessory: Sun Shield type or Mounting Bracket Type

Features & Benefits

Direct to probe mounting with probe cable option high resolution electronics weatherproof SS enclosure, light weight,low footprint design ATEX, UL & CSA approval

Available Models


HMI And Operator Panels (G304 Kadet)

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G304K - 4.3" TFT Operator Interface

Features & Benefits

  • Bright 4.3
  • Programming through special Crimson Software # 2 Serial Communication Port
  • Acts as Protocol Convertor
  • ,Resistive Analog touch screen

Available Models
  • G304K000.

Current Loop Indicator (Education Training)

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" Overview

Current Loop Indicator
Optional Backlight LCD External Powered Process Indicator: Yellow / Green, Red, Positive or Negative Image Transmissive LCD

" Features & Benefits

  • Negative & Over Range Indication
  • Span & Offset Capability
  • NEMA 4X/IP65 Protection
  • Dual Range 4-20 mA OR 10-50 mA

" Available Models

  • CUB4CL10
  • CUB4CL20
  • CUB4CL30
  • CUB4CL40

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