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Color Eye Spectrophotometer

Color Eye XTH Portable Spectrophotometer


  • For customers who want the convenience of a lightweight hand-held unit, we offer the Color Eye XTH. With its built-in dual aperture capabilities, easy-to-use 2-button operation, plus unique 3-D targeting technology, the Color Eye XTH can measure samples half the minimum sample size of other instruments. It also enables accurate measurement on printed fabrics.
  • Dual beam technology permits simultaneous SCE/SCI measurements with no mathematical adjustments or multiple readings.
  • Exceptional inter-instrument agreement with the 7000A and 2180UV
  • Light Weight Rechargeable battery operated ergonomically designed portable spectrophotometer with very comprehensive on-board Colour QC/QA Software

Color I7 Spectrophotometer


  • The Color i7 is so precise and accurate; you can rely on digital sample submissions
  • The Color i7 “smart technology” makes it practically impossible to take bad color measurements
  • The Color i7 is so easy to use, it literally configures itself!
  • The Color i7 gives you unlimited tune-ups, calibration and certification services on demand on-site for a lot less than a service call


  • Self-diagnostics eliminate measurement errors
  • Video preview or drop-down door sample targeting
  • Automated UV adjustment to easily measure optically brightened samples
  • Convenient horizontal or vertical measurement orientation
  • Digital signature verfies data integrity
  • Simultaneous SCE/SCI measurement lets the Color i7 act as a glossmeter


  • Manufacturers of pigments, colorants, dispersions, masterbatch, color concentrates, dyestuffs, and others
  • Supply chain partners to retailers and brands for hardline and softline goods
  • Paint and coatings manufacturers and supply chains
  • Automotive manufacturers and supply chains
  • Consumer and business electronics manufacturers and supply chains
  • Appliance manufacturers and supply chains

SP62 - Portable Spectrophotometer


Portable Sphere Spectrophotometer:

The SP62 is a spherical hand held spectrophotometer, with a special Project mode and wide range of aperture sizes, designed to meet the performance and feature capabilities necessary for diverse color measurement applications.

SP62 Advantages:

  • Versatile: Used for lab, plant or field operation
  • Easy to Read: Large, graphical LCD display
  • Quick Color Compare: Permits quick measurement and Comparison of two colors without need to create tolerances or Store data.
  • Special Project Mode: Multiple color standards can be collected under an identified project as part of corporate color Standards programs.
  • Pass/Fail Mode: Upto 1,024 standards with tolerances can be Stored for easy pass/fail measurement.
  • Wide Range of Aperture Sizes: To accommodate various measurement areas; available in 4mm, 8mm, and 14mm Aperatures.
  • Inter-Instrument Agreement: Superior agreement capabilities
  • Ensures integrity of multiple-instrument color control.
  • Measuring Functions and Indices: Absolute and difference Measurements are obtained for the following colorimetric systems, Opacity, Color Strength and Shade Sorting.
  • Device measure: Opacity, color strength in chromatic, apparent, and tri-stimulus calculations, and 555 shade sorting for precise color control of products involving plastic, painted, or textile materials.
  • Texture and Gloss Influence: To determine the influence of the specular component, the SP62 allows simultaneous measurement of both specular-included(color) and specular-excluded (appearance).
  • User-Friendly Ergonomics: A wrist strap and tactile side grips facilitate holding and a flip back target shoe adds flexibility.

Product Code: SP62

Color Eye 7000A - Spectrophotometer


For Dye houses that need a reference grade instrument, we recommend the Color Eye 7000A.Building on the Color Eye 7000A, the premier reference instrument in the industry, the Color Eye 7000A incorporates several automated functions to make operation even more efficient, including:

A bench-top model reference spectrophotometer for reflectance / transmission measurement.It is a high precision instrument with very high degree of repeatability, accuracy and inter instrument agreement.

  • Approved as reference spectrophotometer by most of the dyestuff / garment sourcing / paint manufacturing companies.
  • Increased efficiency with motorized UV controls
  • Touch screen display lets you easily view and change instrument status.
  • Precise, repeatable measurements which allow you to share data globally
  • True dual-beam design provides greater consistency and productivity
  • Pulsed xenon light source ensures measurement accuracy
  • Exclusive automatic balancing enhances reliability
  • Color Eye 7000A offers exceptional inter-instrument agreement with the XTH and 2180UV

Product Code: ColorEye7000A

Color I5 Spectrophotometer


Measure more without spending more.Designed with industry-leading features, the Color i5 is ideal for busy labs requiring high speed and throughput. Its features include:

  • Tri-Beam technology that simultaneously measures specular component included and excluded for simplified gloss assessment.
  • Multiple areas of view in both reflectance and transmittance for the most versatility in measuring non-uniform and variable size samples.
  • Self-adjusting, dual zoom lens that eliminates configuration errors between aperture plates and lens position.
  • Video preview and sample drop door for precision targeting and measurement accuracy.
  • Automated ultraviolet adjustment for speed and convenience when measuring fluorescent or optically brightened samples.
  • Versatile horizontal and vertical measurement orientation in a single instrument.
  • USB and RS-232 interfaces that eliminate connectivity issues.
  • Built-in user selectable profiles for 7000A and 3100.
  • Clear status panel display with dual remote read buttons for standard and sample measurements and warning indicators for calibration interval.

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