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Sahaj Bizcom

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Sahaj BizCom is a mobile based solution for business communication. It can be used by distributors, retailers, clubs, stock brokers, manufacturing units, service providers and even individuals. It helps reach the intended audience at much lesser cost and in an easy and efficient manner. In the current market situation, effective communication with the customers and vendors will strengthen your relationship and will give you an edge against competition.

The Sahaj BizCom allows you to send unlimited number of text messages in record time to your customers instantly from your computer without any internet connection. You can send:

  • Promotional messages
  • Sales Orders
  • Acknowledgements
  • Payment Reminders
  • Customer Complaint
  • Premium due reminders
  • Invitations
  • Season greetings
  • Bulk Messages to contest participants
  • Event alert
  • Meeting reminders
  • Sale/Discounts Alerts
  • Job alerts etc.
  • School fees reminders
  • Dispatch status

Sahaj Trading

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Sahaj Trading is a complete sales and distribution software exclusively designed for wholesale distributors and agents. Sahaj Trading supports multi-user, multi company formats and comes with an integrated accounts package. Sahaj Trading manages all aspects of wholesale operations quickly and accurately. This software provides valuable business intelligence and gives edge over its competition.

The Sahaj Trading Software can be used by wholesale dealers in the following businesses:

  • General Traders
  • Textile
  • Garment
  • Auto Spare Parts
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Electrical Spare Parts
  • Hardware Stores
  • Fancy Stores
  • Stationary Shops
  • Book Shop
  • Bakery/Sweet
  • Computer Hardware

Sahaj Medistock

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Sahaj Medistock – window based extremely user friendly software with integrated purchase, sale, expiry, accounting & inventory management for medicine stockists. Sahaj Medistock provides complete control over the day-to-day operation of a stockiest with instant access to the information needed to make the timely decision for the company profitability.

This software includes easiest accounting package which doesn’t require prior accounting experiences. You can say this software is developed for a common business man rather than for an accountant or a software specialist.

Sahaj Mediretail

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Sahaj MediRetail is a software product designed and developed for the Medicine Retailers to manage their business. In addition to doing standard billing and inventory management, they can keep track of other details, such as accounts payable, receivables and applicable taxes if any. It is extremely user friendly and can be used by a first time computer user.

Our software has additional unique features for large Retailers:

  • Multi-user option for having mutliple counters
  • Barcode reader for easy and speedy billing
  • Option to integrate with our Bizcom software to place automatic orders to stockists in case of shortage

Sahaj Auction

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Sahaj Auction software is developed for help various Auctions with support of Digital Clock . The software allows you to manage the details of Sellers, Buyers and commodities. Opening Stock helps to maintain the each day’s received commodities from sellers. Auction sheet helps to maintain auction details. Self Details helps to maintain the details of your company.


  • Provides complete reports of Sellers, Buyers and Commodities
  • Auction sheet reports of any day
  • Daily reports and monthly reports can be generated very easily
  • Generates weekly reports in different formats like Date wise and Seller wise
  • Can easily generate Auction Commission Statement and Bill of any day
  • Lets you know about the Buyers performance of any week or month and also get the date wise sales to the particular buyer
  • Gives Seller-wise sales and date wise sales summary of a particular seller

Project Outsourcing Service

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we take up complete projects for outsourcing with end-to-end responsibility and execute in our development center at bangalore. initially, the project lead would travel to the customer's location and collect the requirements of the customer. Further interaction regarding the project with the customer is through e-mail, net-meeting and video/telephonic conference.

all employees at advant technologies inc. are bound by stringent company policies that protect client confidentiality and client's data. Our long and continual links with our client-partners is evidence enough to prove our quality assurance and data protection compliance.

Software Development

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an insight into the growing requirement of the corporate world and specifically in the it arena has enabled us to develop programs of specific relevance, for the present and the future. advant's experienced team of software developers specialize in delivering software with right quality, cost and schedule. We have professionals with over a decade of experience in developing n-tier applications across all languages and platforms.

advant team is experienced in developing complete integrated business management solutions (or erps). Advant has its own business management solutions with innovative business computing paradigms to integrate all the it processes across your company's various sectors and departments. This experience is useful in developing quick business management solutions for you.

the language expertise spans across c, c++, java/j2ee, visual basic, database management and . Net technologies

E Learning Testing Service

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elearning testing is a specialized service offered and we perform end-to-end testing services ranging from test plan preparation to test completion in adherence to iso 9000 standards, qa and qc processes. listed below are a few of the various testing services taken up by advant technologies inc.

  • read through checks for ilt courses
  • ada compliance checks
  • storyboard mapping
  • audio/script mapping
  • functionality checks for wbt, online courses
  • lms maintenance and administration

Sahaj Sfa (Sales Force Automation) Automation System

Sahaj SFA is Advant’s Sales Force Automation System. This is very well suited to small and medium sized companies which want cost effective mobile solution for the field sales staff.

  • Receive Sales Order from mobile:
    • A mobile application for sales order automation which can be installed on most of the mobiles available in the market
    • Sales Staff can punch in sale order (easy to use) on the mobile itself and send to server application at the head office
    • With an easy to transfer data module, products/ stock/ supplier/ customer data is transferred from the server database to the mobile phone in seconds through bluetooth
    • Once the sale order is made on mobile and sent, the sale order is picked up at the server, a sale invoice is automatically made and printed at office without any human interface
    • Once the sale invoice is generated the server sends a confirmation message to the sales person
    • This application can be put on customer’s mobile also for him to be able to place the order directly
  • Outstanding dues and payment collection:
    • The mobile application has an option to send a query to server from anywhere and outstanding payment detail is received on the mobile itself
    • Once the payment is collected, the mobile application gives an option to make the entry for collection – the transaction is picked by the server and the payment entry is directly taken in the financial accounting system without need for an accountant to make the entry
  • Payment Due Reminders:
    • When the payments become due for credit sales, automated message (configurable) is sent to the customer for making payments
  • Customer Queries and Ledger:
    • Customer can send an sms query to the server to get his ledger on mobile (any ordinary mobile is sufficient for this)
    • It provides him his invoices and balance of payments
  • Data Security:
    • Entire transaction is secured
    • Only registered users can send and receive information
  • System Requirements:
    • Any standard GSM datacard (GSM comes with a sim card inside)
    • A PC or laptop with standard datacard slot or an USB slot; if there is USB slot only, then the datacard should have USB port
    • Standard Windows OS with MS Office (Access)
  • Benefits:
    • It runs unattended, 24 x 7 (even on holidays).
    • Powerful and cost effective sales automation product.
    • No special GPRS or Web-based internet connection required.
    • Reduces costly manpower at the head office to receive sales calls and manual entries for preparing sales invoices.
    • No accountant required to send payment reminders and payment dues.
    • BIGGEST Advantage – the total business can be increased multiple times without increasing any infrastructure cost.
    • It provides valuable statistics regarding enquiries, customers, service requests etc.

Sahaj Mfg

Majority of small to medium businesses struggle to keep their business profitable and growing in absence of an affordable and uncomplicated ERP. Many times the manufacturing units are suffering even if there is enough business order and technical competency in the company. But lack of efficient and easy-to-use business management software can make it very difficult to keep track of inventory, receivables, payables, deliveries and realizations.

Sahaj MFG is a complete ERP exclusively designed for small and medium size businesses and manufacturing units. Sahaj MFG supports multi-user, multi-location options and comes with an option to use the ERP on mobile phones as well.

It provides following major modules:

  • Inventory management
  • Production Planning
  • Recipe Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Sales Management
  • Completely integrated and automated financial Accounting
  • Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable
  • Employee Attendance Management
  • Easy to use Payroll
  • Leave Management
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • Customer Relationship Management

Sahaj Retail POS

Sahaj Retail POS is a software product designed and developed for the Retailers to manage their business. In addition to doing standard billing and inventory management, they can keep track of other details, such as accounts payable, receivables and applicable taxes if any. It is extremely user friendly and can be used by a first time computer user.

Our software has additional unique features for large Retailers:

  • Multi-user option for having mutliple counters
  • Barcode reader for easy and speedy billing
  • Option to integrate with our Bizcom software to place automatic orders to stockists in case of shortage

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