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Iron Removal Plant

We are offering a wide range of Iron Removal Plant, which is designed to remove iron and manganese turbidity in the raw water. In these systems, ferrous iron is oxidized into ferric form and predicated ferric hydroxide is entrapped inside the filter media /bed. During the period of back-washing suspended matters and predicated iron come out of the filter. We welcome queries from Tamil Nadu including Chennai, Madras, Coimbatore, Kanyakumari, Nilgiris, Tirupur, Vellore, etc.

Agaram Activated Carbon

Agaram Activated Carbon
Agaram Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon is non-graphite form of carbon obtained from the process of steam activation of carbonaceous materials like wood, coco peat, coconut shell, paddy husk, coal etc. As the active carbon is known for its high adsorption properties it has many industrial applications. The Activated Carbon we offer is in strict compliance of international standards and has the following applications.
* Effective treatment of odors
* Industrial air filtration
* Effluent treatment
* Water purification
* Gold recovery from ores in gold mines
* Pharmaceutical industry

Packaging in 25 kg & 50 kg . pp bags and also in 500 kg jumbo bags

Dual Media Filter Iron Removal Plant

Dual Media Filter Iron Removal Plant
Dual Media Filter Iron Removal Plant

Dual Media Filter primarily used to Filter out Turbidity in the raw up to level of 50 NTU. It consists of of sand and Anthracite as Filtering Medium, Anthracite having higher dirt holding capacity is used for removing turbidity.

Iron Removal Systems

Iron removal system Manufactured In Chennai can be based on different filtration media, depending on the iron and manganese concentration, the oxygen level, CO2 content and hardness of the water. Plant principle:
First, air is injected in order to oxidize the iron. The oxidized iron will then precipitate on a sand filter. An MnO2 layer in the sand bed will catalyze the oxidation of residual iron. Backwash will be done by water and by air. More on iron removal principles.

Activated carbon Filter Iron Removal Plant

Activated carbon Filter Iron Removal Plant
Activated carbon Filter Iron Removal Plant

Activated carbon Filters Iron Removal (ACF) In Chennai India. Activated carbon Filters consists of charcoal which is used as a media for removal of Free Residual Chlorine, Colour, Odour and Oil in small quantity. Iron is an objectionable constituent of a drinking water. Appreciable amounts of Iron in water impart a bitter characteristic, metallic taste and cause oxidized precipitate. Coloration of water which may be yellowish brown to reddish brown and renders the water objectionable or unsuitable for domestic purpose, Iron-bearing water stain wash basins, toilets, urinals, bath tubs, showers, tiled floors and walls. Iron tolerances for municipal or house hold use should not exceed 0.3 ppm. Concentration.

Water Treatment Filters

Water Treatment Filters
Water Treatment Filters

We manufacture a wide range of Water Treatment filters that fulfills all the properties required for purifying water, suppliers, Exporters In Chennai. It comes in different shapes, types and features. We design our products based on our client’s specifications.

The range of filters that we manufacture is:

  • Multi Grade Filter
  • Dual Media Filters
  • Pressure sand Filters
  • Iron Removal Filters
  • Micron Filters Bag Filters
  • Catalytic Media Filters

Iron Removal Plants

Iron Removal Plants Chennai are highly in demand for their easy operation and for giving clean water. We manufacture removal plant and water softening plant that are accurately designed to meet our clients specific requirements. These products are available at competitive price with us.


* Effective performance
* Easy to maintain
* Cost-effective
* Easy installation
* Hotels
* Housing
* Flats

Iron Removal, Softener

Iron Removal, Softener
Iron Removal, Softener

Soft Water Benefits You Can’t Ignore

How many products pay for themselves in savings plus provide numerous benefits to improve your life?

Soft water offers real benefits:
– Silky smooth hair
– Soft supple skin
– Spot-free glassware, cutlery and dishes
– Keep laundry crisp white and vibrant
– Protect fabrics from curd build-up
– No scale or scum or build-up on tubs, sinks and fixtures

 How a Water Softener Works

Water Softeners Have Four Main Components:

1) Control Valve- directs the flow of the water within the unit and determines when the unit needs to regenerate

2) Ion Exchange Resin- small polymer beads that attract the hardness minerals in exchange for sodium ions

3) Pressure Tank - contains the ion exchange resin

4) Salt Cabinet or Brine Tank- contains the salt to make the brine solution that is used to regenerate the ion resin bed

The Softening Process

A water softener exchanges calcium and magnesium ions (hardness minerals) for sodium ions. The raw water runs through a bed of small resin beads contained in the pressure tank. Sites on the beads are covered with sodium ions. As the water runs through the bed, the calcium and magnesium ions are exchanged with sodium ions. Eventually the resin beads will contain only hardness minerals.

The control valve monitors the water usage and is programmed to regenerate the night before the bed becomes completely exhausted ensuring you always have soft water. When the control valve initiates regeneration it is first back washed by reversing the water flow through the unit to expand the bed and rinse debris and impurities from the system. Then a brine or salt solution that has been made in the cabinet is drawn through the resin bed and the ion beads release the hardness minerals in exchange for the sodium. A final rinse washes away the hardness minerals sending them to the drain. Now the softener bed is fully recharged and ready to soften again.


Water Treatment Plant Iron Removal

Water Treatment Plant Iron Removal
Water Treatment Plant Iron Removal

Agaram aqua technologies we are a 21st century water purification company with a vision of providing pure, healthy, safe & sweet drinking water for making the world a healthy and a happy family. Our company is highly regarded for the development and research in innovative water purification products to provide our customers with a large range of ro models.

Founded in year 1999, aqua+ technologies is today's india's leading oem manufacturer for water purification products. A team of qualified professionals and engineers having sufficient product knowledge, experience of over a decade in water purification industry, manages our day-to-day activities. India. Despite a humble beginning, today aqua+ is a strong organization with distributor/dealer network spread across major cities of india and a manufacturing facility in tamilnadu chennai. Most importantly, today aqua+ has thousands of satisfied customers to its credit. Our objectives are quality, service and innovation for the customers in a longer term.

Iron Removal Water Plant

Iron Removal Water Plant
Iron Removal Water Plant

We offer Iron Removal Water Plant that is highly efficient in removing iron content from water. The whole range of Iron Removal Water Plant, offered by us, is available in different configurations and capacities. In the making of Iron Removal Water Plants, we use superior grade components. Besides, we have acquired wide appreciation for making compact and cost-effective Iron Removal Water Plant. Owing to this, we have established ourselves as the most reliable Iron Removal Water Plant Manufacturer and Supplier in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Types Of Iron Removal Water Plant
  • PSF
  • ACF
  • Softener plant

  • 1000 LPH
  • 2000 LPH
  • 3000 LPH
  • 5000 LPH
  • 10000 LPH
  • 20000 LPH up to 2 lac LPH

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