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Fiberglass Pultruded Profiles

We are one of the leading manufacturers of fiber reinforced polyester/ vinyl ester/ epoxy pultruded products & profiles for consumer/ recreational products/ & electrical industry. We are well equipped with our tool room testing facilities. We supply polyester/ vinyl ester profiles to reputed OEMs. Agni Sections are produced by a continuous process using a wide variety of high performance thermosetting resin & reinforcements.

RESIN Polyester Vinyl Ester Epoxy
Brief Minimal moisture absorption & Good UV resistance Polyester resins exhibit good corrosion resistance to aliphatic hydrocarbons, water, dilute acidic & alkaline environments Good impact toughness Vinyl ester exhibit better corrosion resistance and mechanical properties at elevated temperature Good insulating material Epoxy exhibit excellent electrical properties & corrosion resistance

We are one of the leading manufacturers of fiber reinforced polyester/ vinyl ester/ epoxy pultruded products & profiles for consumer/ recreational products/ & electrical industry. We are well equipped with our tool room testing facilities. We supply polyester/ vinyl ester profiles to reputed OEMs. Agni Sections are produced by a continuous process using a wide variety of high performance thermosetting resin & reinforcements.


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FRP Fins For Building

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FRP Fins For Building

Product Description:
We are supplying FRP Fins for building It is non corrosive high strength UV material.Life of the material is 50 years .Also FRP Door frames are available with us.
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FRP Dog Bones & Corner Angles

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FRP Dog Bones & Corner Angles

Product Description:
FRP dog bones & corner angles are widely used in transformers. These products are being used as a dovetail spacer in coil winding assembly in various types of dry type transformers.


  • Dog Bone
  • Threaded Rods 
  • Corner Angles 
  • Studs 
  • Flats 
  • Nuts 
  • Hat Sections 
  • Bolts 
  • Plain Rods 
  • Tubes 
  • Angles

Standard sizes available

  • Dog Bone: A: 08, 10, 12, 13, 13, 16, 19 mm B: 06, 08, 10, 08, 10, 10, 12 mm
  • Corner Angle: A:6, 6.5, 8, 13, 13, 15 mm B:6, 6.5, 8, 08, 13, 15 mm.
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FRP  Fence

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FRP Fence

Product Description:

Agni FIber Boards Pvt.Ltd is well known name for

· FRP fence possesses delicate and colorful appearance which can be designed and assembled according to requirements, which is applicable to projects like landscaping and road isolation.

· FRP fence possesses good overall performances like lightweight, high strength, non-distortion and convenience for construction.

· FRP fence possesses characteristics like anti-ultraviolet radiation, aging resistance, anti-acidity & alkalinity and anti-corrosion, which is applicable for environments like strong sunlight or strong acidity & alkalinity in oil field, seashore and others with 50 years service life as long.

· FRP fence possesses good insulation which is applicable for environments with special insulation requirements.

Maintenance Free:
· will not rot
· will not rust
· will not crack due to cold
· cannot cause a short
· eliminate insulators forever
· flex upon impact
· over 2 times the strength of equivalent steel
· pointed tips drive easily
Easy to Install:
· lightweight- 1/4 the weight of steel
Cost Effective:
· SAVE: eliminates replacing damaged insulators
· SAVE: eliminates tracking down shorts at the post
· SAVE: eliminates realigning tilted or replacing rotted or rusted posts
· SAVE: faster, easier installations

Fiberglass Fence Sections can be:

  • Square Tube
  • Rectangular Tube
  • Round Tube
  • Round Bar
  • Angle
  • Flat


We can also provide Customized Fiberglass Fence Sections for any special requirement of our guests.

Providing of FRP fencing around DTRs for safety purpose.Distribution transformers are located in towns .So safety gril is required around transformers , which should be fire resistance.
our FRP material is non theft item.

Many types of FENCE can be supplied for various application .
like as
>To surround electrical stations
>Geothermal power stations

>High tension lattices or powered facilities in general

>To border potentially dangerous equipment.
>Used in sensitive airport areas, both internal and perimeter


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FRP Composites Cooling Tower Solutions-Standards: CTI 137

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FRP Composites Cooling Tower Solutions-Standards: CTI 137

Product Description:
A prominent member of CTI, Agni follows CTI 137 for composite products and components being used for both Dry
and Wet Cooling Towers. Kemrock range of products / components being used in various cooling tower applications

Pultruded Structural Framing Material Partition wall
Pultruded Deckings Walk way Gratings
Pultruded Stairways & Handrails Flumes
Safety Cage Ladders Louver Systems
Fan Stacks Industrial Cable Management System
Cladding Fan Blades
Headers & Supports

Agni has established a fully equipped test centre to cater to the needs of our customers and associates. Mechanical
testing and product performance testing capabilities are supplemented with the most sophisticated material analysis
equipment. The testing conducted by Agni adds to the development of new products as also verifying the quality of
existing products.
The State of the Art Testing Laboratory has more than 30 varieties of testing machines and equipments.

Pultruded Structural Framing Material
Being the largest manufacturer of Pultruded Products, Agni offers engineered and pre-fabricated cooling tower
structural framing materials. Entering into a project from conceptual stage, Agni offers mock-ups for cooling tower
framing materials and other structural accessories with ease of assembly and exceptional strength ensuring high
performance and longer life.
For more information kindly go through brochure no. 101 Standards: ASTM E-84, CTI-137,EN-13706
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FRP Pultruded Profiles
  • FRP Pultruded Profiles
  • FRP Pultruded Profiles

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FRP Pultruded Profiles

Product Description:
We are the manufacturer of the FRP Pultruded Profiles. FRP Pultruded Profiles are made from three different resin systems as per guest's requirement. Resin systems are: Epoxy, Vinyl ester, & Polyester.Major applications of the epoxy profiles are in Electrical & Chemical Industries. Major application of Polyester/ Vinyl ester profiles are in Consumer/ Recreational, Marine industries.

FRP Pultruded Profiles are:

  • Angle
  • Channel
  • Flat
  • Square tube
  • Rectangular Tube
  • Round Tube
  • Round Bar
  • ellipse Bar
  • I Beam
  • Corner Angle
  • Hat Section
  • Customized

Applications are:

  • Ladder/ Handrail
  • Ladder Cage
  • Hand rail
  • Dock Ladder
  • Fence
  • Outdoor Benches
  • Garden Tool Handles
  • Door Frame
  • Battery Stand
  • Antenna Radom
  • Transformer
  • Fasteners
  • Sign Post
  • Cooling Tower
  • Cable Tray
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FRP Pultruded Door & Window Frame

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FRP Pultruded Door & Window Frame

Product Description:

At present, it is a trend to use the fiberglass doors in construction, it is a new type of Section and will replace the marine Wood, cement, iron and aluminum step by step. Wood frame  is apt to corrode, termite, iron frame is adp to rust and aluminum frame is apt to oxidate, marble frame is apt to crack while fiberglass frame is the combination of resin and fiberglass,it is corrosion resistant and anti-aging,anti termite PU filled frame provides more strength.

Features & Benefits:

  •  Lightweight
  •  High Strength
  •  Durable and Tough
  •  Dent Resistant
  •  Non-Conductive
  •  Hygienic
  •  Inherent color
  •  E-modulus
  •  Crack and Splinter-Proof

STANDARD PROFILES: 100 X55 mm  , 100 X75mm.  125X65 mm


  • Chemical and corrosion resistant
  • Water and weather resistant
  • UV and fire retardant
  • Very low coefficient of expansion
  • Easily cut, chamfered and drill
  • Exceptional strength to weight properties
  • Low electrical and thermal conductivity
  • Consistent color throughout the part
  • Excellent structural properties and dimensional stability
  • Independent of temperature extremes and humidity

Colour Options

The bright, attractive colors of the sections  are produced by pigmenting the resin in the process. With the color throughout the part, no painting is needed, so chipping or peeling is eliminated.
A wood grain or marble appearance and customized colors can also be developed for customer approval. FRP frames are manufactured of fiber reinforced polymers and offer excellent performance in all types of applications and conditions. The sections  are lightweight and strong, incorporating a non-woven fabric layer that withstands impact, abrasion, and tough use. The surface offers a pleasant and firm grip. As shown, sections  offer significantly improved properties compared to steel, aluminum, PVC and wood.


For Your Choice, Other Colors And Special Sizes Also Can Be Custom

  • Available in Colour profile
  • Wood Finish Heavy Duty Section
  • Wood Finish Light duty sections
  • Marble Finish Heavy Duty Sections
  • Marble Finish Light duty sections
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FRP C Channel

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FRP C Channel

Product Description:

We can provide this bench section for any length as per our guests’ requirement. In addition to this, we can provide with the pre drilled holes as per the specifications mention by the guest. We also supply end Caps for the section. These end caps are of molded plastics.

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FRP Structural Material

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FRP Structural Material

Product Description:

composite materials represent the advancement in material science. With recent advances in Fibre Reinforced Plastic particularly Pultruded Fibre Reinforced Plastic, it has begun to be used widely for making cooling towers. These materials have special properties which can be engineered to suit a particular requirement. Keeping these advancements in composite materials in mind, value for money to the customers, Agni Pultruded  FRP division caters from small cooling requirements by offering packaged FRP cooling towers to large cooling requirements by offering Pultruded Fiber Reinforced Plastic based cooling tower structural parts.

the company caters standard as well as customized solutions that are ideal replacements for  conventional materials prone to corrosion. The Company's State-of the-Art facility located at  Vadodara, India renders engineered advanced solutions and reliable services, matching customer specifications and

complying international standards a  like CTI 137 .

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FRP Cooling Tower

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FRP Cooling Tower

Product Description:

AGNI FRP/GRP  pultruded structural parts  are  manufactured at our own state of the art in house pultrution manufacturing facility,
All our pultruded profiles are tested and certified by the prestigious government NABL Accrediable Labs.
These cooling towers would offer our customers great advantages, especially for highly corrosive applications where customers today have to opt for either RCC Cooling Towers or Cooling Towers with stainless steel structure. In comparison to these, pultruded FRP cooling towers would offer greater execution speed than the RCC Cooling Towers and would also be economical than stainless steel structures.
Design Advantage
FRP structural products are corrosion resistant to a broad range of chemicals.
Pultruded Structures are not only light in weight but also have long life and high strength.
Construction and Installation time is very less compared to RCC Cooling Tower.
Salient features
Pultruded Profiles have a wide range of application usage i.e. Cooling Towers, Work Platform / Pultruded grating, Bridge Decking, Ladders, Staircase, Cable Trays, Hand Rails, Structural Beams, Scaffolding, Tank Support, Fencing, Racking, etc.
Structural Supports are of Pultruded FRP.
Major Features and Mechanical Properties are shown below;
·  High Strength to Weight ratio.
·  Light in weight (approx. 25% of the weight of steel & 70% of the weight of Aluminum)
·  Easy to carry & transport.
·  Easy & fast installation
·  High Corrosion resistant.
·  Low electrical & Thermal conductivity.
·  Ease of fabrication & User friendly


Additional Information:
  • Pay Mode Terms: L/C (Letter of Credit),T/T (Bank Transfer),Western Union,Other
  • Production Capacity: 400 ton per month
  • Packaging Details: Steel crate, wooden crate
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