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Spine Surgery Implants And Instrumet


ucss screw, m8 mas screw, m8 fix angle, m8 hook, legacy mas screw & hook, axis plate & screw, anterior cervical plating system, pyramesh cage, spacers (peek) for cervical/ dorso lumber, cage, atlAS CABLE

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Pre/Post Surgery Dressings


Duoderm cgf, kaltostat, duoderm extra thin, scotchcast 3m, tegaderm 3m, gowns and caps (3m & kimberly clark), face mask (3m & kimberly clark)

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Cobalation Controlled Ablation


Coblation tonsillectomy is a surgical procedure performed to completely or partially remove the tonsils using radiofrequency radiation, provided by a pen-like device known as ablation wand. With the use of coblation tonsillectomy, the tonsils are safely removed without causing much damage to the neighboring tissues.
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Bone Substitutes


Calcium tri hosplate & hydroxyapatite granules, dowels, sticks, blocks and implants, infuse bone graft, de Hydroxylapatite bone proteni, bio kit,

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General Instruments


Bone nibbler, Orthopedic instruments, cardio vascular instruments, general surgery instrument, scissors, micro instruments, wire cutter with tc blade,cardio vascular instrument, assisto arm retractor system, gynae instruments, spinal instruments, general surgery instruments, ophthalmic instrument.

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Implants For Trauma Management


we are provider of pfn nailing system, herbert whiple screw, cortical & cancellous screw, magna fx cancellous cannulated screw 7.0 / 4.0mm, versa fx dhs, periaticular plateing system, dcps, implant set, external fixator etc..

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Joint Replacement


Versys fiber metal taper stem, versys crc revision stem, m.s 30 hip stem, versys heritage stem, ldh metal on metal acetebulams & hip resuriface, zca cemented acetabular cup + multipolar cup, trilogy uncemented shell, nexgen total knee replace system, natural knee (nk-ii) total knee replacement, cement base plate, total/ partial modular shoulder replacement system, total ankle replacement, joint replacement for tumour patients, radial head prosthesis

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Operation Theater Equipments


We are provider of automatic tourniquete system, dermotome, skin graft mesher, o.t. table, power equipments drill/ saw etc.

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Ostomy And Urostomy Bags And Wafers


Drainable pouch sizes 38, 45, 57 & 70mm, urostomy pouch size 38, 45 & 57mm, active life one piece drainable pouch, Stomahesive wafer sizes 38, 45, 57 & 70mm, stomahesive wafer flex collar sizes 38, 45, 57 & 70mm, durahesive wafer sizes 38, 45, 57 & 70mm, stomahesive powder, stomahesive paste, clip, belt

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