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Shankar Bhagvan(Lord Shiva)

Shankar Bhagvan


Lord Shanakar wasSidha level person. Though he was very angrey person he was having the Golden color Halo. This is the healing Touch Power to heal Body, Mind and Soul of other person. Such a perosn cano do the psychic surgery. He was doing the penence in caves of Kailsh Moutain of Himalya.
The climatic condition was cool and he use to cover the Body with ash. He was seating onthe skin of Tiger.
He is worship as a Maha Dave. Shankar Parwati is written in this manner. Devi Devta female name is written first. Sita Rama, Radha Krishan. This is a se3cret science of invisible energy Body known a Atman and Parma Atamn power.
Lord Mahavir has done the secret Sadhan to unlock the secret of this science 2600 years back. 

To,Akhand Chikitsa

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