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Side Discharge Conveyors

Side Discharge Conveyors

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We offers side discharge conveyors.

  Prime mover

Electric motor 30 HP/40 HP, 3 Phase, 415 V, 50Hz, 1440RPM.

Traction speed

Operating speed variable upto 14 mtr/min forward or backward.

Traction drive

Hydraulically driven 219 mm double flanged steel trolley wheels.

Service capacities

Hydraulic Oil:215 Ltrs.


Lattice type structured angle iron frame with pin connected section interchangeable in 3.6m, 1.8 m & 0.9 m sections.


Adjustable from 3 m to 30 m & more

Boom depth

61 cm (24 inch) for span upto 21 m. (For AK-SDC610)

81.3 cm (32 inch) for span upto 30 m. (For AK-SDC610)

Belt width

600 mm

Available option & accessories
  • Side discharge conveyor assures uniform concrete placement on horizontal & inclined slopes varying from 3 m to 30 m & above
  • All sections are pin connected & interchangeable in 0.9 m, 1.8 m & 3.6 m for fast setup & disassembly
  • High production capacity will spread upto 60 m3 of concrete per hour with consistent concrete supply
  • Special receiving hopper to receive concrete directly from transit mixer
  • Hydraulically powered plow to discharge the concrete on either side power red by positive chain drive which assures even and accurate between the slabs
  • Double flanged end car bogies to run on rails, channel which can be skewed to any angle upto 55 degree with independent control to negotiate curves
  • Can also be used as transfer conveyor to discharge concrete from one end to other end or at desire place like small canals etc.
  • Model AK-SDC61O & AK-SDC81O.

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