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Whizrad Stand


Whizrad unit are available with 300 mA & 500 mA line frequency generators & a complete range of high frequency generator (15 kw, 30 kw, 40 kw & 50 kw)

  • The Whizrad unit has been designed by Allengers keeping in-view all requirements associated with basic Radiographic Procedures.

  • The system complies with the guidelines as prescribed by World Health Organization (WHO).

  • This equipment can be supplied with Line frequency X-Ray Generators.

  • The Whizrad unit is a perfect system for Primary Health Centers, Distt. Hospitals & Emergency Units of Medical Colleges & Large Hospitals.

High Frequency C-Arm



  • Allengers-HF-46/32 Frames Memory/ 15" Monitors

  • Allengers-HF-49/32 Frames Memory/ 17" Monitors

  • Allengers-HF-46 (URO)

  • Allengers-HF-49 R PLUS

  • Allengers-HF-49 R 100


  • High frequency, Mobile C-Arm Image Intensifier X-Ray T.V. system.

  • 3.5 KW/5 KW, 40 Khz. High frequency X-Ray Generator.

  • Suitable for general Ortho/URO procedures.

  • Monoblock Tube Head with Stationary Anode/ Rotating Anode X-Ray Tube of Dual focus.

  • Aluminium 'C'.
    9"/6" Image Intensifier.

  • 1/2" B/W, CCD Camera & Optics.

  • 32 Frame Image Memory or Digital image acquisition system.

  • 2 Nos. 15"/17" Monitors on a Trolley.

Power Supply 230/110V, 50/60Hz

Lithotripter Machines


Model: UROLITH + Description:

  • Extra Corporeal Shock Wave Lithotripter (ESWL).

  • For treatment of Kidney, Ureter & Bladder Stones.

  • Non invasive treatment.

  • Under Water Spark Gap discharge technology (Shock Waves).

  • Feather Touch Control Panel.

  • KV Range : 14 to 25 KV.

  • Shocks Counter.

  • Used in conjunction with Allengers C-Arm Image Intensifier HF-46 URO, µP6/µP9 or HF-46/HF-49.

  • 3 Axis Table with Radiolucant Top.

  • Motorized movements in all directons with remote control.

Power Supply: 230V, AC, 50 Hz., Single Phase, 15 Amps., Power Socket.

Mammography Machines


MAM -4035 (VENUS SERIES): Description:

  • Mammography Machine for Breast X-Rays.

  • Compatibility of Digital Stereotactic Biopsy Device.

  • 3.5 KW High frequency X-Ray Generator.

  • Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) Rhodium Filter.

  • Rotating Anode Dual Focus X-Ray Tube of Focal 0.1/0.3 mm2.

  • Motorized Breast Compression with Digital Display of comp. force.

  • KV : 22 to 35 KV.

  • MAS : 1 to 700 MAS.

  • 18 x 24 cm. Bucky with Grid.

  • Lead Glass.

Power Supply: 230V, AC, 50 Hz., Single Phase, 15 Amps., Power Socket.

  • 24 x 30 cmm. Bucky with Grid.


  • Digital Stereotactic Biopsy Device: Its PC based operation makes it user friendly, safe & sophisticated.

    • System operational type: Xray film, CR casstte.

    • Biopsy Range: x = 60mm, y = 50mm.

    • Positional Control: Motorised (PC operated)

    • Soft compression device

    • LCD compression display

    • Provision for secondary targets prescription

Fixed Cath Lab


Allengers- Pride   uses state of the art digital technology for unparalleled reliability for super performance user friendly & meeting the expectation of the cardiologist to give a packaged solution for cardiac & interventional imaging.

  • X-Ray generator high frequency (100 khz) & 100 kw high powered generator.

  • The system offer excellent image quality with 1k x 1k x 14 bit imaging chain.

  • All the moments are motorised that makes the system more user friendly.

  • Full heat management through external oil circulation with heat exchanger for cooling of excel tubes during continuous uses to ensure uninterrupted imaging

  • Automatic collimation through using parallel shutters/iris collimetor to minimise X-Ray dose to patient & surgeon.

  • Programmable C-Arm positions

  • A specialised digital image processor with all the latest features.

  • Angio-view work station is DICOM 3.0 compatible.

  • Urgent recovery system is a unique feature.

  • Data backup is made automatic to avoid data loss in case of any software hardware failure.

  • Floating table top with carbon fibre top.

  • Minimum attenuation with rectomagnetic locks & motorised up/down movement.

  • High contrast medical grade flicker free monitors for superb imaging with ceiling suspension.

  • AFD screen to display position of C-Arm (LAO, RAO, CAU, CRA).

Mobile Cath Lab



  • "Allengers Life" (Mobile cath lab 20 kw)

  • "Allengers Life +" (Mobile cath lab 40 kw)

A Digital Mobile Cardiovascular Angio System for applications in Cardiac Angiographies, PTCA, DSA, Valvuloplasties, Stenting & EP procedures.
X-Ray generator:

  • High frequency generator.

  • Designed for continuous, pulse & digital cine application

  • Complete inbuilt cooling system

  • Special heat management module is integrated in the system for efficient cooling for prolonged usage.

Imaging Chain (1k x 1k):

  • 1k x 1k 14 bit CCD camera.

  • Image processor with a complete cardiac & vascular package with all the latest features.

  • Real time DSA capabilities with edge enhancement, zoom, contrast & brightness .

  • The system is DICOM compatible.

Two no.s 20" medical grade, flicker free monitors for superb diagnostic image quality.

  • Floating carbon fibre table top longitudnal transfer movement electomagnetic locks to lock the movement of top.

  • Motorised updown movement

Optional Motorised isocentric "C": A fully motorised "C" movement ensure operator comfort.

  • 1 rpm for orbital movement

  • 2 rpm for rotational movement.

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