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Alfalfa Super Syrups


Composition :

Alfalfa 1X, Hydrastis. C 6X, Avena Sat 3X, Ashwagandha 3X, China 12X Five Phos. 12X, Arjuna 6X, Zingiber 12X, Arjuna 6X, Zingiber 12X.

Indication :

Comprehensive tonic for all ages increases appetite, digestion assures normal sleep. Revives physical capacity and promotes healthful vigour. Authentic physical and mental restorative.

Dosage :

Adults    :  2 Teaspoon
Dhildren :  1 Teaspoon 3 to 4 times a day
or as directed by the physician.

Brai Vita Syrups


COMPOSITION: Anacardium 3X, Alfalfa 1X, Avena Sat. 2X, Brahmi 1X, Kali Phos. 12X,

INDICATION: It is useful in cases of forgetfulness. It helps to improve memory. Helps to reduce tension c onfusion and anxiety of examinations.

DOSAGE: Adults : 2 teaspoon Children : 1 teaspoon 2 to 3 times a day or as directed by the physician.

Digestin Syrups


COMPOSITION: Ashwagandha 3X, Alfalfa 1X, Avena Sat 1X, Crataegus Oxy 3X,Damiana 12X, Hydrastis. C-12X, Cal. Phos 12X, Kali Phos 12X, Mag. Phos-12X, Ferrum Phos 12X, Natrum Phos 12X

INDICATION: A digestive tonic for acidity, flatulence, dyspepsia, gastritis, loss of appetite, hyperacidity, amoebiasis, heart burn and Symptoms resulting from erratic food/ alcohol intake.

Adults : 2 teaspoon
Children : 1 teaspoon
after meals or as directed by the physician.

Feverite Syrups


COMPOSITION: Aconite Nap. 3X, Agrostis. 12, Baptisia 3X, Belladonna 3X , Ammonium Pic. 12X, Lobelia P. 30, Eupatorium P 6X

INDICATION: An excellent remedy for any type of fever. e. g. Malaria, Influenza, remittent, typhoid etc.

DOSAGE: Children : 1 Teaspoon Adults : 2 Teaspoon 3 to 4 times a day or as directed by the physician.

Impromin Tonic


COMPOSITION: Carica P 1X, Chamomilla lx, Chelidonium 3X, Kalmegh 1 X, Avena Sat 2X, Aethusa Cy 30, China 1X, Lecithin 12X, Calc. Phos 12X, Ferrum-Phos 12X, Kali Phos 12X, Natrum Phos 12X

INDICATION: Loss of weight, worms, rickets, sluggish-liver, teething troubles, vomitting, lack of appetite, digestive disturbances, colic and gripes.

DOSAGE: Infant : 1/2 teaspoon Children : 1 teaspoon 2 to 3 times a day or as directed by the physician.

Livotex Syrups


COMPOSITION: Carduus-M lx, Chelidonium 3X, Kalmegh1X, Ceanothus 12X, Carica P. 1X, Gina 30, Clerodendron 12X, Lycopodium 30, Luffa Bind 1X

INDICATION: General remedy for liver, effective against Jaundice, Loss of appetite, Sluggish liver, enlargement of spleen biliousness, constipation.

DOSAGE: Adults : 2 teaspoon Children : 1 teaspoon before meals or as directed by the physician.

Indrajal Syrups


COMPOSITION : Each 30 ml. Contains : Alfalfa 1X., Damiana 1X., Ashwagandha 1X., Avena Sat 1X., Crataegus 1X., China 1X., Passiflora 1X., Sabal Ser 1X., Hydrastic C. 1X., Nux Vom 1X., Acid Phos 1X., Five Phos 12X., All in equal proportions.Caramel, Aromatic & Aqua Q.S. Alcohol Content 40% V/V

Indication :
Indrajal has special affinity for the sexual system and impotence, no erections, Pre-Mature Ejaculation, Nervous Depression, Functional Lac of Retention.

Dosage :
20-30 drops diluted with 1/4 Cup of water and taken twice or thrice daily or as directed by the physician.

Astha Fort Syrup


COMPOSITION: Blatta Oriental Q,Justicia Ad Q,Senega Q,Lobelia inflata Q, lpecacuanha Q, Grindella Robusta 0, Magnesia Phos 2x

INDICATION: Allen's Astha Forte given instant relief from asthma and bronchitis. Like controlling cough, dilating bronchi causing expectoration an ideal soothener for throat irritated by suffocating dry paroxysmal whooping cough the resistance of the body gets improved which becomes clinically evident as decrease in intensity, frequency and duration of the attack.

DOSAGE: Adults : 2 teaspoonful Children : 1 teaspoonful 3 or 4 times a day preferably before meals with luke warm water. In very acute case the prescribed doses may be repeated once in 2 hours untill desired relief is achieved, or as directed by the physician.

Baby Rich Syrup


Composition: Podophyllum q,chamomilla q,ocimum q,mentha pip 6, calc. Flour 3x, calc. Phos 3x, lecithin 12x, pepsin 12x

Indication: Allen's baby rich is a safest children tonic, improvel appetite, loss of weight. Improve digestion & griping problem, provides right quantity of calcium & iron it correct metabslism and assures significant. It salve teething problems, develops resistance against general diseases.

Dosage: 1/2 teaspoonful for infants twice daily in milk and one teaspoonful for children above five years in milk or fruit juice or as directed by the physician.

Calculina Plus Syrup


COMPOSITION: Berberis Vul. 6x, Abrotanum 12x, Colchicum 120 Nux Vom 30x, Colocynth 12x

INDICATION: Painful & burning urination, deposits in urine, cloudy or bloody urine and renal colics.

DOSAGE: Adults : 2 teaspoonful. Children : lteaspoonful 3 times a day May be repeated frequently.or as directed by the physician.
On painful condition

D.A.T. King Syrup


COMPOSITION: Avena Sat 3x,Damiana 3x,Hygrophilla 30,Tribulus Ter lx, Clerodendron 30,Hemidismus 30,Acid Phos 12x, Kali-Phos 12x,Nat Phos 12x

INDICATION: Functional impotence sexual Neurasthenia depressed libido Senile Sexualdebility, Spermatorhoea, Seminaldebility, Premature and Spontaneous, Ejecutation, lack of retention, Diminished sexual vigour D.A.T. king toinc is a herbal rejuvenator & non-harmonal, Nontoxic produsts. When sex life receded in to cold sepration, raises there shold of sexual stimuli and maintains coitus reflex and provides deep acting sexual pleasure D.A.T. King tonic restores the patients self confidence.

DOSAGE: Two teaspoonful after meals and at bed time or as directed by the Physician.

Hajma Rich Syrup


COMPOSITION: Nux Vomica lx, China Off 1x,Carbo Veg 3x,Hydrastis-Can 1x,Zingiber 1x,Occimum San 1x,Lycopodium lx, Allium Sat 1x,Mentha Pip 1x,Natrum Carb lx

INDICATION: Allen's Hajma Rich gives everlasting and quick relief in acidity heart burn, flatulence, dyspepsia, gastritis loss of appetite, Cramps colic in abdoman seen other wise it called surgical condition like duodenal ulcers & gastric ulcers.

DOSAGE: Adults : 1 to 2 teaspoonful. Children : 1 teaspoonful taken after meals or when required or as directed by the physician.

Medi Tone Syrup


Composition: avena sativa 0, gentiana lutea 0, guarana 4ch, acidum phos 2x, aurum muriaticum 3ch, helonias dioica 4ch, each 0. 429g. In stabillised base q. S. To 100g.
Indication: a general tonic which help relieve fatigue, mental & physical stress, disturbed sleep, aids convalescence and improves appetite.

Dosage: adults : 1-2 teaspoon 3 times a day or as directed by the physician.

Saaf Twacha Syrup


composition: sarsaparilla 0, baptisia tinctoria q, echinacea angustifolia q, azadirachta indica q,berberis aquifolium 0, galium aparine 2x

indication: saaf twacha is a specialised formutlation purifies of blood which prevent dry scaly and unhealthy skin, foul discharged, lymphatic inflamation, itching rough skin psoriasis lucoderma, dryeczema, pruritus and impurity of blood, it improves skin condition and promotes healthful vigour, saaf twacha perfectly safe even for long term treatment.

dosage: adults : 2 teaspoonful. Children : 1 teaspoonful 3 times a day or as directed by the physician.

Temp Low Syrups


COMPOSITION: Aconite Nap Q, Bryonia Alba Q, China Q, Gelsemium Q, Nux Vomica Q, Rhus Tox Q, Calc Phos lx, Caffeinum lx, Ferrum Phos lx, Nat salit lx, Nat Sulph lx,

INDICATION: Ternplow excellent remedy for any type of fever like malaria influenza, remittent typhoid etc. Control temprature within short time helps in regularization of normal function of the vital organ wonderful palliative in case of acute congestive inflammatory feverish condition.

DOSAGE: Adults : 2 teaspoonful. Children : 1 teaspoonful taken every 3 hours or as directed by the physician.

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