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  • 12 points 24VDC digital input (up to 10KHz in 4 points)
  • 8 points relay or transistor digital output (Model “T” has 4 points 10KHz output)
  • 1 built-in RS-232 or USB port (can be expanded up to 3)
  • Sink (NPN) or Source (PNP) type transistor I/O (Model “T” only)
  • 100~240VAC, 24 VDC or 12 VDC power supply


More details, download the attached file.

Touch Panel HMI 3.5

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Product specification

  • 3.5"Color STN LCD
  • 320x240 Pixels
  • CPU RISC ARM 32Bit
  • System Memory 2M Bytes
  • System Working Memory 512K  Bytes
  • EMI Complies with FCC Part 15 Class B
  • Water Prove NEMA4/IP65
  • Certificate CE & FCC

Training Box

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  • It contains the basic items required by PLC digital I/O training, such as the FBs-24MCT highly functional main unit, the FBs-CM25E Ethernet module, digital input socket, simulated switches, and digital output socket. Also included in the same kit are advanced application peripherals like encoder and stepping motor (coupled with belt for transmission), seven segment display, 10 large-diameter (10mm) LED indicators, thumb wheel switches, and keyboard. It greatly reduces the time and manpower used in wiring and resource management of teaching.
  • The built-in RS232, RS485 and the Ethernet three ports (can be expanded to five with communication boards) not only enable the teacher’s computer to connect with the training kits of all students to conduct networking on-line teaching such as loading, monitoring, modifying, and storing, but also can be used in advanced course such as computer connection, intelligent ASCII peripherals as well.
  • A special designed software “WinProladder teaching assistant” can let instructor download or upload ladder program to or from the PLC of the whole class or individual through computer. Instructor also can perform monitoring, instruction and modification, and collect and save student's homework periodically with " WinProladder teaching assistant ", The teaching software is especially suitable for examination and contest and is the best choice for network teaching.
  • PLC output is isolated by the relay with socket and fuse and then output to terminal. These isolations can pre

FBS Series

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