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The Incubator C16 is designed to provide the environmental conditions to cultivate mammalian cells and tissues and other cell types.
The Incubator C16 creates, in its inner chamber, a tightly controlled atmosphere with regard to the key parameters temperature, CO2 and relative humidity. Its highly stable temperature levels and gas concenteration make it ideally suited for cultivating biological samples in research and medical applications.

Product Code: I01



The Incubator C-200 produces a defined atmosphere in its interior with regard to the parameters of temperature, relative humidity, CO2 and optional O2 content. Due to the stability of temperature and gas concentrations, as well as, active humidification, it is suitable for the cultivation of biological samples in research and medicine.

Its salient features are briefly highlighted below:

  1. Active sterile humidity supply
  2. Short recovery time
  3. Intelligent temperature equalization system
  4. Short recovery times of CO2, Temperature, RH, O2
  5. Equipped with special safety features like alarm signals
  6. Internal volume 200 L
  7. Internal parts easily removable for cleaning and disinfectio.

Product Code: I02



The aspirator is a precise suction pump developed for operating-theater use in the fields of gynaecology. The electronic control enables the quick build-up or reducing of vacum within seconds. If reducing of the vacum is desired doing aspiration, this can be done immediately with the electonic footpedal without needing to manipulate other functions manually. Entering of liquids into the unit is prevented by a blocking filter at the overflow connection of the overflow container. Optional, the upper side of the Aspirator 3 is heated and thus can be used as a heating plate. Some of its salient features are briefly highlighted below:

  • High quality / high reliability
  • Long Life
  • Pulsation free aspiration
  • Preselection of negative pressure
  • Constant control of negative pressure
  • Negative pressure is performed during seconds and can not be exceeded.
  • Safe by overflow protection
  • Very silent.

Incontrol Handheld Device


The Incontrol 1050 is a handheld device for measuring CO2 and temperature in Incubators. Its basic functions are to control, collect and document the process parameters. The unit consists of the measuring device itself, including tubings and connections, condensed trap, temperature sensor and case. Some of its salient features are briefly highlighted below:

  • Accurate measurement of CO2 concentration and temperature
  • Temperature and CO2 independently measured
  • Single menu assisted operation
  • Condensed trap safeguards device against condensing humidity
  • Charging station recharges internal rechargeable batteries
  • Measurements in variable programmable intervals
  • Data logger function for detecting and recording process parameters.

Insemination Catheter


Insemination is one of the first steps in the treatment of infertility. Using the Labotect Insemination Catheter, every Gynaecologist can perform insemination in his consultancy room. The Labotect disposable insemination catheter is easy to handle and its special design makes sure that the orifice of uterus is closed tightly and there is no leakage of sperms. This insemination catheter is designed for transvaginal transfer of sperms into the uterus in assisted reproduction procedures. It is important to store this insemination catheter properly by keeping it away from dust, sunlight, humidity and extreme temperature.


  1. Use in an aseptic environment and ensure that its packing is not damaged or showing signs of humidity. Do not use after expiry date.
  2. Prepare vagina and cervix for intrauterine procedure.
  3. Expose the uterine cervix with an open vaginal speculum in place.
  4. Remove the catheter from its protective package and fix a sterile syringe.
  5. Draw up sperm (native or prepared) into the catheter with fixed syringe.
  6. Introduce the catheter into the external os and advance gently through the cervical canal to about 4 cm.
  7. Expel the sperm slowly in about 1-2 minutes.
  8. Remove the catheter slowly under rotation.

Embryo Transfer Catheter


The Labotect Embryo Transfer Catheter set is a sterile packed disposable instrument consisting of a guiding cannula and a transfer catheter. The tip of the guiding cannula is formed like a ball to avoid any traumatisation of the uterus. The Embryo Transfer Catheter Set is used for transvaginal transfer of embryos into the uterus during IVF procedures. It has also to be stored properly by keeping it away from dust, sunlight, humidity and extreme temperature.


  1. Use in an aseptic environment and ensure that a packing is not damaged or showing signs of humidity. Do not use after expiry date.
  2. Prepare vagina and cervix for intrauterine transfer.
  3. Use the direction marker to set penetration depth and direction prior to catheterization. Introduce only the guiding catheter into the cervix and advance gently through the cervical canal. Stop if cervix if impassable. If necessary, first use the guiding catheter for mock transfer.
  4. Connect a sterile syringe and fill the transfer catheter as per directions.
  5. Insert the transfer catheter into the guiding catheter and slowly advance it for the emplacement of the embryos. Do not touch the fundus.
  6. Expel the embryos with very small quantity of transfer medium and slowly remove both catheters in one part.
  7. Since the equipment may cause infections after usage due its contact with body fluids, it should be disposed off properly.

Aspiration Needles


Description – Labotect Aspiration Needles, also known as Puncture Needles, have been specially developed for medical use in the field of assisted reproduction. They are used for transvaginal ultrasound guided aspiration and flushing of Oocytes from ovarian follicles. The set of needles is sterile packed and meant for single use only.

Storage – This product has to be kept away from dust, sunlight, humidity and extreme temperature. Its sterility is only guaranteed if it has been stored properly.


  1. Do not use if the packing is damaged or shows signs of humidity or has crossed the expiry date. Remove outer packaging.
  2. The inner pouch and the protection should be removed shortly before use.
  3. Have patient prepared and ready for ultrasound controlled transvaginal puncture.
  4. Connect collection tube and pump. Have a syringe with flushing media ready for use. Flush the whole set with medium before use.
  5. Carry out the transvaginal puncture under ultra sound control.
  6. For the flushing action, remove collection tube from the plug and connect the prepared syringe to the plug at the Leur connection.
  7. The target organ can now be filled with flushing media under ultrasound control.
  8. Before aspirating again, remove syringe from plug and connect a new collection tube.

Hot Plate

The Hot Plate 062 is designed to maintain the temperature of biological materials. The temperature of the Hot Plate can be preset within the range of 27ºC to 45ºC. The lowest temperature at which the hotplate should be used is 2ºC above the ambient temperature.
Some of its salient features are briefly highlighted below:

  • A Temperature range from 27°C to 45°C
  • Uniform temperature distribution
  • Short start-up time
  • Extra slim
  • Universal power supply.

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