Instant Food


Our clients can avail from us a wide assortment of Instant Food Mix. These time saving food mixes are in great demand among our clients. Our products provide a convenient and quick way to prepare requisite delicacy. Further, these products are offered in appropriate and hygienic packaging to the customers. Our range comprises:



Approx. Rs 50 / Packet(s)

Our customers can avail a distinguished range of best quality Gram Flour (Besan). Prepared using properly cleaned and high quality gram pulses, these products are widely used in preparation of several delicacies such as dhokla, gathia papri and dahi kadhi. Our products are highly nutritive, tasty and healthy option to add a mouth watering touch to daily meal. We offer these products in several customized packing to suit the specific needs of customers.



Backed by a wide experience, we bring forth a highly tasty and nutritional variety of Handwa for our clients. The basic ingredients of these products are rice, juwar, mungdal, mathdal, chanadal, cholidal, salt, citric acid, soda-bi-carb, sugar, red chilly, asafetida, and turmeric (all in powder form). These products are offered in proper packaging to retain their taste and aroma.


Rice, Juwar, Mungdal, Mathdal, Chanadal, Cholidal, Salt, Citric acid, Soda-bi-Carb, Sugar, Red Chilly, Asafetida, Turmeric etc (All ingredients in Powder form)

Handwa Mix Recipe:

Add and mix 50gm of edible oil into 500 gm of Handwa mix flour per packet. Take 600gm of water and mix the flour with it in a bowl. Then wait for an hour. After an hour, boil a little edible oil with mustard seeds and leaves. Spread this liquid over the flour and spread some white sesame over it. Now put an iron baking plate on a stove or gas-barnes. Make a thin layer of sand on this plate and heat it at full flame for 10 minutes. Then cover that bowl containing the flour and put it on sand. Keep it there for 10 minutes at full flame. Then let it be there for 45 minutes at low heat. When the upper layer of the flour becomes golden brown your Handwa is Ready to be served.



Approx. Rs 80 / Packet(s)

Avail from us a wide range of Chorafali at attractive rates. These products are a perfect tea time snack. To further enhance its taste, this product comes with a packet of special spices. The ingredients of these products are besan, udad flour, rice flour, salt, chilly and black salt. We are also able to meet bulk orders of our clients within the stipulated time frame.


Besan, Udad flour, Rice flour, Salt, Chilly, Black Salt.


Chorafli Recipe:

Add proportionate (Require) water in to flour and bind the flour hard, like papad flour. After binding the flour, twist and hammer the flour, and make it soft and smooth. make equal 12 pieces of it and roll the chapati (Roti) very thin, at times of rolling chapati (Roti) use dry rice flour for easy rolling. Put all chapti (Roti) on paper, about 10 minutes for drying purpose. And than make rectangle small pieces of chapati (Roti) and fry it. After that spread the given packet of spices on chorafali. And than testy and delicious chorafali is ready for serve

Available in Following Packages:

  • 500 Gram



Approx. Rs 100 / Packet(s)

Mathia is made up of math dal & udad dal flour, sugar, salt, ajma and chilly. We offer these products in quality packaging as desired by the customers. The Mathia offered by us are tasty and delicious, and can be consumed any time. Being east to cook and time saving, these are in high demand among our clients.


Math Dal Flour, Udad Dal Flour, Sugar, Salt, Ajma, Chilly.


Mathia Recipe:

Add 10gms (two tea spoon) of edible oil to flour. Bind the flour slightly hard by using water. and than roll Mathia. While rolling, use dry rice flour as for a free rolling.


After rolling Mathia, put all Mathia on mat, after it start frying.



Approx. Rs 50 / Packet(s)

Chakri is a favorite evening time snack of Maharashtra and prepared using urad & rice flour, salt and flavoring like chili, asafoetida, ajawain & cumin. The preparation process is extremely hard and requires a lot of patience but with our instant mix, it has become easier to cook Chakri any time. On the reverse side of the packet, the preparation method is also printed.  

Goba Puri


Approx. Rs 40 / Packet(s)

Our clients can avail from us a mouthwatering collection of good quality Goba Puri. It is a special dish prepared using lots of kali mirch & jeera along with a very strong taste of hing. The ingredient used in this product is prepared in-house by our experts to ensure its authenticity.



Approx. Rs 80 / Packet(s)

We bring forth for our clients an exquisite range of Gotta. We make use of high grade gram flour, suji sugar, salt dry, chilly, cumin seed, pepper-black, coriander, sodium bi-carbonate, red chilly, citric acid and so on in the preparation of these products. See overleaf for cooking instructions. We offer these products along with chutney recipe (also readymade).



Gram flour, Suji Sugar, Salt Dry,Chilly, Cumin seed, Pepper-Black, Coriander, Sodium Bi-Carbonate, Red Chilly, Citric Acid etc.

Gotta Recipe:

Mix Gently 50gms. eatable oil to Gotta mix. Add milk or water to the mixture and make a soft dough like shrikhand. To fry, fiest give full heat to oil and then low the heat, Now put gotta in to oil and fry them over low heat. For better taste addleap leaves, dry garlic and coriander leaves.

Wheat Flour Sharbati


Approx. Rs 225 / Packet(s)

Wheat Flour Sharbati chakki atta is prepared from renowned wheat quality called sharbati from the agri-fields of madhya pradesh and processed at prestige agro-tech flour mill which hosts the latest milling technology to provide top quality wheat flour.Available in 5kg packets