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Mono Chloro Triazine Class Dyes

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Mono chloro triazine class dyes for dyeing at room temperature (anafix 'C' dyes)

anafix yellow  m8g yellow 86
anafix yellow  m4g yellow 22
anafix yellow  mgr yellow 7
anafix yellow  mr yellow 44
anafix yellow  m4r orange 14
anafix golden yellow m3r orange 86
anafix orange  m2r orange 4
anafix red m5b red 2
anafix red m8b red 11
anafix pink mb red 74
anafix magenta mb violet 13
anafix violet c4r violet 12
anafix turq. Blue mgn blue 140
anafix brill. Blue m4gd blue 168
anafix blue mr blue 4
anafix blue m2r blue 81
anafix blue m3r blue 9
anafix brill. Blue m7r blue 161

Dichloro Triazine Class Dyes Suitable

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Dichloro triazine class dyes suitable for printing  (anafix 'H' dyes)

anafix brill. Yellow h8g yellow 185
anafix yellow h4g yellow 18
anafix golden yellow hr orange 12
anafix orange h2r orange 13
anafix red 6bx red 76
anafix red h8b red 31
anafix magenta hb violet 26
anafix purple h3r violet 1
anafix turq. Blue h5g blue 25
anafix turq. Blue ha blue 71
anafix blue h5r blue 13
anafix navy blue rx blue 59
anafix red brown h4r brown 9
anafix black hn black 8
anafix crimson hsd 
anafix red h

High Exhaust Class Dyes

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High exhaust class dyes for good fastness properties (anafix 'HE' dyes)

anafix yellow he6g yellow 135
anafix yellow he4g yellow 105
anafix yellow he4r yellow 84
anafix golden yellow her yellow 84
anafix orange he2r orange 84
anafix orange her
anafix red he7b red 141
anafix red he8b red 152
anafix red he5b
anafix navy blue her blue 171
anafix navy blue he2r blue 172
anafix blue herd blue 160
anafix green he4bd green 19
anafix black hebl
anafix blue heg
anafix red he4bl
anafix red he3b

Vinyl Sulphone Ester Class Dyes Suitable

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Vinyl sulphone ester class dyes suitable for dyeing as well as printing (anazol dyes).

anazol yellow gr yellow 15
anazol yellow rnl orange 107
anazol golden yellow r yellow 77
anazol yellow fg yellow 42
anazol brill. Yellow 7gl yellow 100
anazol yellow gl yellow 37
anazol orange 2r orange 7
anazol orange 3r orange 16
anazol red c2g red 106
anazol red bsid red 111
anazol red rb red 198
anazol violet 5r violet 5
anazol red 5b red 35
anazol blue 3r blue 28
anazol t blue g blue 21
anazol blue h2gp blue 21
anazol brown gr brown 18
anazol black b black 5
anazol black b (200%) black 5
anazol black hfgr black mix
anazol black rl blue 31
anazol deep black wnn
anafix blue r blue 19
anafix supra blue h3rp blue 49
anafix deep black a - 150
anafix black gdn

New BI Functional Class Dyes Suitable

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New bi functional class dyes suitable for dyeing as well as printing (anafix 'ME' dyes)

anafix yellow merl yellow 145
anafix yellow me4gl yellow 160
anafix red me4bl red 195
anafix red me6bl red 196
anafix red 3bs
anafix orange me2rl orange 122
anafix blue me2rl blue 248
anafix navy blue me2gl blue 194
anafix red me3bl red 194
anafix magenta mebl

New Generation Printing Dyes

New generation printing dyes with highest exhaustion & brilliance (anafix 'P' dyes)

anafix red p2b
anafix red p6b
anafix yellow p6gs yellow 95
anafix yellow pbfg
anafix yellow p2rn
anafix blue p6b
anafix yellow p4g yellow 18
anafix golden yellow pr yellow 12
anafix brill. Orange p2r orange 13
anafix red 6bx red 78
anafix red p8b red 31
anafix brill. Red p3b red 45
anafix brill. Red p4b red 245
anafix magenta pb violet 21
anafix blue 5rh blue 13
anafix n blue rx blue 59
anafix brill. Blue p3r blue 49
anafix red brown p4r brown 9
anafix black pn black 8
anafix brill. Red bpb red 24
anafix brill. Red p4bn red 31
anafix brill. Red p2g red 43
anafix blue p6d
anafix red pb
anafix blue p2r
anafix blue p5r
anafix t. Blue pgr
anafix black pgr
anafix violet p3r
anafix blue p3r

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