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Abutilon Indicum


Abutilon Indicum is a kind of herb that is found in sub-Himalayan tract hills at heights of 1,200 m in the relatively hotter parts of the country. This herb is useful in the treatment of ulcer, tuberculosis, gout, bleeding disorders and many more.  Such herbs are sweet & cool in taste and are widely used in the preparation of medicines and other cosmetic products as well. The roots of this herb are popularly prescribed to cure fever and chest infection problems in humans. Similarly, its leaves are also effective for curing ulcer related problems in patients. 

Syzygium Cumini


Another effective herb, Syzygium Cumini is found throughout the country, along the banks of rivers and  in forests at heights upto 1,800m. .  This herb also has several nomenclatures like plum, Jamun, black plum etc. The leaves of this herb are antibacterial and widely used in preparing toothpastes for strengthening the teeth and gums of human. The fruits and seeds of this herb are sweet, tonic, cool and sour which make this herb more effective for several purposes. Such herbs are useful in curing the diseases like diarrhea, diabetes, ringworm etc. In addition, the fruit of this herb is effective in curing the enlargement of spleen in human body. 

Phyllanthus Niruri


The Phyllanthus Niruri is a well known plant commonly found in the central and Southern parts of the country and in few areas of Sri Lanka as well. This plant is also known as gulf leaf flower, stone breaker, black catnip, shatter stone, child pick-a-back, Creole sienna and lots more. It is widely useful in the treatment of various diseases like diabetes, dyspepsia, sores, ulcers, swellings, jaundice and other chronic diseases as well. The medicines made with this plant are useful in controlling the effects of HEPATITIS B virus found in the human blood. The leaves of this plant can be mixed with salt and its paste is effective against several skin diseases , and ailments  related with liver, cough, jaundice, asthma and other spleen disorders as well. . 

Ocimum Sanctum


The Ocimum Sanctum is an effective herb found throughout the country and useful in  curing several diseases like bronchitis, catarrh and other gastric disorders. It is commonly known by different names like holy basil, tulsi, sacred basil, basil etc. This herb is widely used in cosmetics, medicines and other products like shampoos, soaps, creams, perfumes etc. It is also useful in curing skin disease and acne problems. However, it is widely used in preparing beauty soaps, creams and other acne controlling creams as well. This herb is also meant for worship in India because of its auspicious nature.

Moringa Oleifera


The Moringa Oleifera, a herb found all over India , is useful to cure several diseases. This herb’s seeds and leaves are highly effective against diseases like anorexia, colic, paralysis, fever, strangury, renal calculi, verminosis and many more. Similarly, it is also effective against asthma, pectoral disease, epilepsy, cardiopathy and bronchitis. Its leaves are rich with vitamin A and C and also acts as anti-inflammatory and ophthalmic. In addition, such herbs are useful in cases of wounds, inflammations, tumors and helminthasis. The seeds of this herb are acrid and bitter in taste and very useful in neuralgia, intermittent fevers and lots more. Sometimes this herb has been found useful in treating  diarrhea as well. 

Mentha Arvensis


Another well known herb is Mentha Arveniss that is readily available across the country. This plant is commonly known as corn mint, podina, field mint, Japanese mint etc. This plant, known for itsantibacterial & antifibrile properties are used in several medicines and cosmetic product applications. It is generally found effective against problems of cough, sore throat, rhinitis, colic and vomiting. Moreover, it is well known as a flavoring agent and gives a pleasing smell to the content in which it is mixed. It is a good anti-bacterial & antiseptic product that is highly effective in case of swollen gums and mouth ulcers problems.

Lawsonia Inermis


The Lawsonia Inermis is a useful herb which is found in the  country’s dry deciduous forests. It is known as heena and mehandi as well.  This herb is used to cure premature graying of hair. The leaves are bitter, acrid, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, and astringent and are useful for preparing liver tonics. In addition, the medicines made with this herb are effective in cases of ulcers, leprosy, boils, fever, ophthalmia, wounds, burnings sensations and lots more. The leaves of this plant are more effective for wounds, bronchitis, strangury cough, dysentery and many more diseases. This herb performs well in lowering the body temperature for instant relief from fever and headache of our patients.

Juniperus Indica


The herb like Juniperus Indica is found in the heights of Himalayas and is also known by names of dhupi & black juniper. This plant is biter, acrid, pungent, carminative etc., and used in making medicines & cosmetic products. The leaves act as a stimulant and are perfect for treatment against epilepsy. The oil drawn from the fruit of the herb is useful for toothaches, asthma and earache problems in patients.

Gymnema Sylvestre


The Gymnema Sylvestre is an effective herb that is popularly known as Gudmar and Periploca of the woods as well. This herb is easily found throughout the country, in dry forests upto 600m. This plant is anti-inflammatory, acrid, anodyne and widely used in preparing liver tonics. This plant is effective in reducing the sugar levels in blood and is the most useful drug for diabetes patients. It is also useful for stimulating the heart beat and to increase the urine secretion as well.

Ficus Benghalensis


Ficus Benghalensis is also an effective herb that is found all over the country, 1200m above the sea level. This herb is popularly known by the names of Vada tree, East Indian Figtree, Indian banyan etc. It is a useful herb for the treatment of ulcer, fever, vomiting, leprosy, vaginal complaints and many more. This plant is prominently planted for shades and its leaves are useful for fodder. The aerial root of this plant is beneficial in cases of biliousness, syphilis, dysentery and inflammation of liver as well. 

Evolvulus Alsinoides


Another addition to the collection of our herbs is Evolvulus Alsinoides which is readily found in most of the regions of the country. This herb is better known as shankhpushpi, dwarf morning-glory, shankhahuli etc. The leaves are effective in treating the chronic diseases like bronchitis and asthma. This herb has found effective to lower down symptoms in humans like nervousness, anxiety, panic attacks etc. In addition, it is effective in case of hypertension and urinary disorders as well. The medicines made with this herb are also beneficial for human brain and increase the memory power & concentration.  Its roots are also effective and the oil obtained from the roots is beneficial for hair growth. 

Eclipta Prostata


The Eclipta Prostata is a beneficial herb, found in the moist regions of India, Korea and Japan. This herb is also known by different names like han lian cao, yerba de tago, congo lanna, eclipta, false daisy etc. It is widely used in preventing vomiting, fever and other digestive problems. However, it is termed as very useful plant to cure any digestion related problem in human. This herb is also effective in cases of snuff and flu symptoms. Moreover, this plant works well in cases of flatulence, rheumatism, nausea, catarrh and lots more. In brief, this herb is widely prescribed for curing fever and other stomach related disorders. 

Datura Stramonium


The Datura Stramonium is also counted as a profitable herb that is found in the north western regions of Himalayas at heights upto 1800m. This herb is also known by names like Thorn Apple Stramonium, Tatula and many more. Its leaves are useful after roasting and applying to get rid of body pain. This herb is effective in treatment of diseases like hemorrhoids and Parkinsons. Its fruit is useful for providing sedation and intoxication. 

Carica Papaya


Carica Papaya is another effective herb available all over India. This profitable herb has several names as papaw, papaya, paw paw, kates etc. Such herbs have two important compounds like chymopapain and papin which are highly effective against digestive problems. But the level of these compounds varies with the ratis of fruit, leaves and roots as its ingredients. The dried milky juice of this herb can be utilized in the form of chewing gums, medicines, meat and toothpastes. Such herbs are effective for curing digestive problems and other intestinal diseases. It is also used in making cosmetics and digestive drugs on a large scale. 

Callicarpa Macrophylla


The Callicarpa Macrophylla is a quality herb found in the regions of the Himalayas, Kashmir, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Uttaranchal etc. Another nomenclature of this herb is beauty berry.  The flowers and fruits of this herb are beneficial for curing diseases like asthma, foul ulcers, catarrh, anorexia, arthritis, dysentery etc. In addition, this herb is also useful in cases of diabetes, fever, skin diseases, excessive sweating, burning sensation and lots more. Its root and leaves are also used for making drugs to cure gout and arthralgia diseases. 

Calendula Officinalis


The Calendula Officinalis is one of the most effective herbs, cultivated in the gardens of the country. This herb is also known by names of pot marigold and marigold. It is most effective for the cure of skin related diseases and stomach disorders like ulcers and inflammation. Calendula is beneficial in treating the diseases like juvenile acne and dry phthirasis. It has also been found effective for heal wounds and ulcer problems inside or outside stomach. This herb also acts as an antifungal agent and perfect to prepare antifungal or antiseptic creams. In addition, this herb is beneficial in cases of snake bites, coughs and other body cramps. Skin related diseases can also be easily cured through this herb.

Bombax Ceiba


The Bombex Ceiba is also an effective herb and commonly named as red silk cotton tree, Indian bombex, kapok etc. This herb is found in eastern-Himalayan regions, West Bengal and abundantly in Assam. This herb is known for its effectiveness in the treatment of diseases like dysentery, diarrhea, styptic and wounds. Moreover, it is also useful in cases like burning sensation, pulmonary tuberculosis, influenza, menorrhagia, hemoptysis and many more. Further, it is effective for curing wounds and stopping bleeding at faster rate.  The flowers act as astringent and beneficial for skin problems & hemorrhoids. Seeds and roots are commendable for treatment of gonorrhea and other chronic cystitis diseases. 

Bambusa Vulgaris


The Bambusa Vulgarisis a vital herb found in throughout of India mainly in areas upto 2100 m. This herb is also called as Bamboo and perfect against several diseases. Bambusa leaves are rich from protein, but its stems have less concentration. This herb is acrid, astringent, cooling, expectorant, constipating,  and haemostatic and lots more. It is bitter in taste but useful in inflammations, wounds and ulcer like problems. Its extract is also profitable and useful in the treatment of inflammatory diseases as well. It is widely used in medicines and other cosmetic products. 

Bambusa Arundinacea


The Bambusa Arundinacea is an effective herb for curing several diseases and also known as Bamboo. This valuable herb found in throughout India in areas upto 2100m. Its seeds and leaves are rich with proteins and useful for making drugs. This herb is bitter, laxative and acrid which make it perfect product to cure wounds, ulcers and other inflammation diseases. It is available in fragments of masses and posses transparent or white bluish color appearance. It is perfect herb for curing inflammation conditions through its extracts. Sometimes it is also useful for making cosmetic items. 

Bacopa Monniera


The Bacopa Monniera is also termed as Herpestis Monnieria, Thyme Leaved Gratiola and Brahmi and grows in marshy places of south India. It is an effective herb perfect for treatment of disease like asthma, epilepsy, hoarseness, insanity etc. This herb acts as anti anxiety agent and is useful for making nervous tonics. Sometimes, it is also meant suitable for heart disease. It is perfect drug for stomach, ulcer and other digestive disorders. Similarly, this herb is meant outstanding drug for blood purification and also effective in high fever. Overall, this herb is good resource to cure several stomach or digestive disorders. 

Adhatoda Vasica


One more effective herb is Adhatoda Vasica, also known as Malabar Nut and found in lower Himalayan regions ranges upto 1000m at above sea levels. The leaves of this herb are a vital resource of vitamin C and carotene, good resources for preparing essential oils. The shrub of this herb is a good drug for curing bronchitis diseases. Further, its root, leaves and flowers are very effective in cases like asthma, cough, chronic bronchitis, rheumatism and many more. Fresh juice of leaves is very effective for the treatment of tuberculosis. It is generally useful in giving relief to bleeding gums and pyorrhea. It is also useful in the problems like whooping cough, cold, bleeding and other stomach disorders. 

Achyranthes Aspera


The Achyranthes Aspera is a plant found throughout India and in the whole tropical Asia region. It is a pungent smelling herb, very effective against digestive disorders. This herb is a reliable drug for inflammation of internal organs, abdominal enlargements, piles and other stomach issues. Its stem is used as a toothbrush and is effective for gums. In addition, its roots are effective for the treatment of cancer diseases as well. Overall this herb is a promising drug for several stomach disorders.

Achillea Millefolium


This Achillea Millefolium is another drug and has several names like Bloodwort, Common Yarrow, and Solider Friend etc. This drug is found in the Himalayas in an area of 1000 – 3600 m from Kashmir to Kumaun. This item acts as a perfect anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, aromatic, carminative, digestive, stimulant and lots more. It is effective in the treatment of piles, stomach sickness, liver disorder, ulcers, urinary diseases, swelling and other infections. Similarly, this item is also perfect for curing external bleeding, blood clots and also acts a good blood purifier. Its leaves and flowers act as a tonic and vapor bath for the treatment of high fever. 

Ficus Racemosa


Another useful plant is Fiscus Racemosa that is cultivated all over the country and grows well in the hill forests. This plant is well known by varied names like Indian Fig, Redwood Fig, Crattock, Cluster Fig etc. It is acrid, cool and useful against gynecological disorders. The fruits and leaves are perfect cure for high blood pressures, urinary discharges, leprosy and other intestinal problems. Similarly, this plant is useful in the treatment of asthma and other skin disorders. Its fruit is effective in the treatment of dry cough, kidney problem, loss of voice and other stomach problems.

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