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Water Closets

Anglo Indian Water Closet


Dual purpose closet. Suitable for use as squatting
pan or european water closet
Cistern available with side inlet and side over flow

Product Code: Cat. No. 2008

European Water Closet


Inexpensive available in "P" trap only. Can match low
level Cistern which can be fitted on wall. E.W.C. to be
screwed on the floor. Efficient washdown flushing
10.5Litre. Cistern 2006
Cistern available with side inlet and side overflow

Product Code: Cat.No.2005

Indian Water Closet


We offer high quality Indian Water Closet

Size : 45, 51 & 58 cms (18", 20" & 23")

Available with Back inlet.
Available with compact Box Rim Flushing
for suface cleaning.

Product Code: Cat. No. 2001

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