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Caustic Wash Services

Caustic Wash

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We also offer Caustic Wash for garments to provide a stone wash look without using stones or by minimizing the use of pumice stone. Cellulase enzymes present in it enhances the surface of the fiber by removing the indigo present and do not effect the interior of the fiber. There are two types of Cellulase enzymes that are used for washing purposes, including the following:


  • Acid Cellulase: It works best in the pH range of 4.5-5.5 and exhibit optimum activity at 50.
  • Neutral cellulase: It works best at pH 6 however its activity is not adversely affected in the range of pH 6-8 and show maximum activity at 55 C.


Enzyme Wash

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We offer Enzyme Wash services. Enzyme Wash Denim is a washing process in which stones soaked in chlorine acid and used to soften and bleach fabric, especially denim garments. Acid wash is chemical processed denim that strips the top layer of color off to a white surface with the undertones of navy blue remains.

Silicon Softner Wash

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We offer specialized Silicon Softner Wash to fit the needs of the apparel industry. Clients can avail from us all types of silicon softner wash services for garments. Our sophisticated facilities enable us in completing the tasks within the predetermined time period. Clients' demands are taken care of in order to offer reliable and effective services.

Denim Washes

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We have in-depth expertise in the domain of offering Denim Wash Services. We meet all the special needs of apparel industry with our garment dyeing facility with on-site testing, a full color lab and allied facilities. With all these facilities, we have been also able to provide excellent garment washing services. We provide dry process washes.

Softner Wash

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We have in-depth expertise in Softner Wash Services. For the last decade and more, we have been engaged in excellent laundry services and have set standards. Our professionals are well aware of washing works and assist us in attaining complete clients' satisfaction.

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