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Ferric Alum


We offer a comprehensive range of Ferric Alum, which is supplying using premium quality ingredients like Alumina Hydrate [Al (OH)3], sulphuric acid 98% and water. Our range is used in various industries because it is an effective coagulant, flocculant, precipitant and emulsion breaker.

Non Ferric Alum


We are the prominent suppliers of Non Ferric Alum, which is formulated in compliance with industry standards. The chemical is highly reactive bad hence it is advisable to store it in a dry place avoiding skin & eye contact.

Following are the features and specifications of our range:


  • Soluble in water
  • Sweet in taste
  • Non combustible and non toxic
  • Available in lumps, kibbles and powder
  • Molecular weight of 594
  • pH level of min. 2.8

Antifoaming Agents


We supply a wide array of Anti Foaming Agents, which is used in Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP) and Sewerage Treatment Plants. This range of chemical is used to prevent foam formation and is insoluble in oils methyl polysiloxanes and other silicons, certain alcohols, stearates and glycols. Known for reducing the surface tension of a solution or emulsion, this range is available in following types:


  • Silicone Based
  • Non Silicone Based
  • Kerosene Based

Ferrous Sulphate


We are one of the reliable suppliers and dealers of Ferrous Sulphate, Ammonium Ferrous Sulphate and Ferrous Sulphate Monohydrate. The entire range is manufactured under hygienic and sterile environment to ensure the purity of chemical. The specifications of our range are:


  • Chemical Formulae: FeSO4
  • Color: Blue/green or white crystals

Bleaching Powder


We offer a range of accurately formulated Bleaching Powder, which is an effective oxidizing and disinfecting agent. Our experts formulate this range by reacting calcium hydroxide solids with chlorine gas, which is a mixture of calcium hypochlorite Ca(ClO)2 and the basic chloride CaCl2, Ca(OH)2, H2O with some slaked lime, Ca(OH)2.

This range is acclaimed for below mentioned characteristics:


  • Non-flammable
  • Effective in low concentrations
  • Environment friendly
  • Stable under varied temperature range

Sodium Hypochlorite


We expertise in supplying and dealing of Sodium Hypochlorite solution, which is commonly known as bleach. Owing to its disinfecting and bleaching properties, sodium hypochlorite solution finds application in various households and industrial purpose.

This sodium hypochlorite is renowned for following features:


  • Strong sterilizer and decolorizing properties
  • Safe to use
  • Effective germicide and fungicide

Lime Minerals


We cater to the needs of various industries by formulating a highly effective Lime Minerals. Also known as, Calcined Lime, this chemical finds diverse application in sugar, steel, rubber, paper and paint industries. This quality-tested lime is used for softening and coagulation o f water and wastewater treatment. Industrial lime finds diverse application in industries due to its following characteristics:


  • Purity
  • Accurate composition
  • High reactivity
  • Longer shelf life

Specialty Chemicals


We are one of the renowned suppliers of Specialty Chemicals that are formulated for specific process applications in various industries. These formulations are constituted carefully in sterile environment under the specified industry standards. Our chemicals make ideal solution for water related problems because of their following characteristics:


  • Control scale formation
  • Environment friendly and safe to use
  • Longer shelf life

DAP Salts


We formulate a water-soluble ammonium phosphate salts known as Diammonium Phosphate. This range of DAP salts is formulated by reacting ammonia with phosphoric acid in sterile environment. Known for its quality, DAP is used as fertilizer in plant food crops and increases pH of the soil.


Following are the features and specification of this range:


  • Chemical Formulae: (NH4)2HPO4
  • Precise pH value
  • Accurate composition
  • Highly hygroscopic

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