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Live Ornamental Fishes

Tiger Oscar Fish

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The Tiger Oscar Fish is a color variation of Astronotus Ocellatus Oscar. It is also known as the Marble Cichlid or the Velvet Cichlid and is a colorful addition to a large aquarium. The Tiger Oscar has a blue-black background with an orange-red pattern. The dorsal fin has an eyespot that is very brightly colored.

Flowerhorn Fish

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We are breeder and wholesaler of Flowerhorn Fishes. The Flowerhorn is a very hardy fish, and it is relative easy to rear. This fish is also known as Flower Horn, Lump Head Cichlid, Malaysia Rajah Cichlasoma. Flowerhorns were originally bred in the Central America and due to their size, they require large tanks, at least 300 Litres per 1 adult fish.

Gold Fish

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By keeping track with the market development, we are engaged in offering attractive breed of Gold Fish that is also known as soft fish. The offered gold fish breed is highly acknowledged for its beauty, calm nature, eye-catching color and attractive wings. Most of the clients use this fish to add grace to their aquariums that also reduces the negativity of the house, shops, etc. We offer this fish to our clients in various colors like white, red, black, yellow & brown and varied sizes. Sourced from some of the reliable vendors of the industry, our fish can be easily kept in normal water.

Oscar Fish

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With the assistance of our team of professionals, we are engaged in offering highly beautiful Oscar Fishes. Known for their attractive long wings, beautiful colors, intelligence and high speed, these are highly demanded by the clients. Our offered Oscar fishes are available in varied shapes and are able to attract the viewer. These are mostly dependent on live food. Moreover, our clients spread across the globe can avail these from us at reasonable prices. 

Guppy Fish

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Guppies are known for their beautiful appearance. They have long trailing fins, which resemble skirts. Like the Koi and Goldfish, the Guppy is a show fish. They come in a variety of colors, from red to blue to black. Wild guppies will have a brownish gray appearance. At maturity, Guppies will reach a size of one to two and a half inches. Males will tend to be much brighter than females.

Silver Shark

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