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Planted Aquarium

There''s a lot to like about  Planted aquarium Their simplicity is calming and beautiful and there''s something special about watching a school of fish hover over a "field" of grass. A freshwater planted (garden) aquarium is a unique and natural aquatic ecosystem we can create for your home. Planted or natural garden aquariums contain specially selected aquatic plants, planted aquarium, freshwater planted aquariums, aquatic plants planted aquarium and fish to closely replicate beautiful underwater environments found in nature. Gardeners, teachers, doctors and experienced aquarists alike are discovering the many benefits of these beautiful aquariums. Planted aquariums have become the very popular in the last decade.

They are the freshwater hobbyist''s equivalent to the marine hobbyist''s reef tank. As with the marine hobbyist''s reef tanks there is a low tech approach to the planted aquariums because of the complementary relationship between fish and plants, an established natural aquarium is usually easier to maintain than other aquarium setups Fish provide carbon dioxide and nutrients for healthy plant growth. In turn, aquatic plants provide supplementary biological filtration and oxygen to create a clean, healthy environment for fish. There are few things that come to mind that can compare with the beauty of a well planted aquarium. Our range of highly attractive and natural  Planted Garden Aquariums is used in home, hotel and restaurant for making living places beautiful Whether you''re new to planted aquariums or an experienced hobbyist, you''re sure to enjoy the graceful beauty of this unique aquarium.

Discus Aquarium

Discus Aquarium

The King of Aquarium fishes this graceful Discus hails from the Amazon river system, one of the largest and most stable bio topes on our planet. Having Discus fish in your aquarium can be a great and rewarding hobby

If you are looking for great fish to take care of and become your pets, the Discus fish can be a great choice. The Discus is one of the beautiful and colorful freshwater aquarium fish making it a popular choice for those who are fish lovers and those who love to keep an aquarium. They have attracted hobbyist because of their flat shape and colorful patterns that they use to blend with their surroundings. The first time the Discus fish was introduced as one of the freshwater aquarium fish, they used to be hard to manage and keep but has now become mastered by several hobbyist that even breeding has also been mastered, giving rise to more colorful Discus fish. Our organization offers a quality range of Discuss Aquariums, as per the specific demands of our clients. Only few fishes can create an impression like discus, and the variety of species in the large tank is simply awesome. The colorful plants also provide natural hiding places for discus, which tend to be shy fish and are sometimes also bothered by activity outside the tank. Our range of aquariums can provide a stress-free environment to promote good health in discus.

Taking care of the Discus fish and any other freshwater aquarium fish can be simple if you are just equipped with Aquarium india Discus Tank, so make sure you know what to do before you decide on having your pet fish at home.

Tetras Aquarium

Tetras Aquarium

Tetras are found primarily in the streams and rivers of South America and Africa. Most tetras are active schooling fish that work well in the peaceful community aquarium. It is ideal to keep six or more fish of the same species in the aquarium. Many different schools of tetras can be maintained in the aquarium providing a unique display of color. Tetras do best in a well-planted aquarium with moderate lighting. Species such as the neon tetra and cardinal tetra are among the most popular of all freshwater fish, adding a touch of brilliance and social interaction to the community aquarium.

The Tetra adds beauty to a planted aquarium; the plants, in turn, will provide plenty of hiding spaces and security for the fish. Rocks and driftwood also help to mirror its natural habitat. The Neon Tetra thrives in slightly acidic water and will do best when water parameters are kept constant. We specialize in offering an exclusive range of Tetras Aquarium, which is appreciated by our reputed clients based in various parts of the country. To provide healthy environment to the inhabitants Aquarium india tank is provided with all requisite facilities, which help in to avoid water quality problems. Partial water changes are done frequently to keep nitrates very low, which make this aquarium popular and demanded .

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