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Mineral Water Plants

Mineral Water Plants


We are the company with purpose and our purpose is to provide the finest quality of Mineral Water Plants to clients. Our manufacturing unit is equipped with the world class mineral water plants that bring the finest of product in our clients' possession.


  • Low maintenance
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy operation
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy installation

  • Drinking water
  • Food processing
  • Bottled water
  • Hotels
  • Beverage
  • Hospitals


Our Mineral Water Plant is specialized in clearing the TDS from the water. To remove the proper removal of TDS and retaining mineral the special procedure is followed. This is done through the process known as Mineral Adding System. This system needs the Laboratory Chemical content in to the R.O. Product water. Blending is another way to treat water, it is a system of adding filtered water from pretreatment. After Re-mineralization or blending the water, the water will be stored in product water tank and then it is polished with Absolute Micron cartridge Filter. After that process, the water is send through the process of U.V. System and Ozonation before packing.

Product Range 500 Liters./Hr to 20,000 Liters./Hr.
Sources of Water AQUATREAT Treatment Scheme
Deep Well Water Pretreatment With R.O.System
Bore Hole Water Pretreatment With R.O.System
Open Well Water Chlorination, Pretreatment With R.O.System
River Water Chlorination, R.O.System and Ozonation
Lake Water Chlorination and Filtration with U.V. & Ozonation
Sea Water or Sea Chlorination, Pretreatment With De-Salination, R.O.System
Source Ozonation

Pretreatment (Filtration System)
Raw water will be treated by Pretreatment with:

Pressure Sand Filter Removal of Suspended Impurities, Turbidity
Activated Carbon Filter Removal of Color, Odour, Residual Chlorine, Organic and Inorganic
Softening Unit Removal for Hardness of water (Ca ands Mg)
Material Of Construction S.S. 316/ FRP
Mode Of Operation Auto & Manual
Filtering Media Pebbles, Sand, Activated Carbon, Cation Resin, DIRM Media
Piping & Valves S.S. -316/ FRP
Accessories Flow Meter and Pump
Instruments Pressure Switches & Gauges

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