Fly Control Products


We are one of the prominent manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, traders and exporters of a comprehensive range of Pest Control Pesticides. All our products are designed and manufactured using premium grade raw material. We procure this material from the reliable and certified vendors of the market to ensure quality. These products are widely used in hospitals, homes, factories, industries, offices, commercial complexes and universities.

Salient features of our range are as follows:

  • Longer shelf life
  • Purity
  • Accurate composition
  • Reliability
  • Easy usage
  • Non-toxic Safe



Approx. Rs 1,400 / Piece(s)

Flyquit Is A High Performance, Quick Knockdown Household Insecticide That Provides Control Of All Common Flying And Crawling Pest Of Domestic, Institutional Premises & Public Buildings. Flyquit Is 20% Emulsifiable Concentrated (Ec) With Propoxur As An Active Ingredient.

Outstanding Features Of Flyquit

  • Flyquit Is One Of The Best Sanitary Insecticides Approved And Recommended By    Who.
  • Flyquit Is Widely Used For The Control Of All Common Crawling And Flying Insects Like   Bedbugs, Cockroach, Mosquitoes, Flies, Fleas, Ticks, Crickets, Woodlice, Mites,   Silver Fish, Spider, Ants Etc. On Domestic, Public And Industrial Premises.
  • Flyquit Is Recommended As Household Insecticide By Directorate Of Plant Protection   Quarantine & Storage, Ministry Of Agriculture , Governmant Of India.
  • Flyquit Kills, The Insects By Contact, Stomach And Fumigation Action.
  • Flyquit Has Broad Spectrum Long Residual Activity And Quick Knockdown Effect.
  • Flyquit Is Safe To Non Target Animals And Human Beings.
  • Flyquit Is Odourless, Non-Staining, Non Greasy And Non Conventional Insecticide.
  • Flyquit Is A Product Of Iso 9001:2008 Certified Company.

Application Of Flyquit




Cockroaches,Bedbugs, Flies,
Mosquitoes, Ants,Spider,Fleas, Ticks, Crickets Woodlice, Mites, Silver Fish etc.
5 gm a.i.Formulation
25 ml of FLYQUIT is to be diluted in 1 Litre of water and Spray with common sprayer like Arbuda Delux sprayer.

General Precaution

  • Avoid contact with skin and inhalation of toxic material.
  • Use protective clothing like gloves, apron, boots etc while handling the product.
  • Change out of working clothes and take a bath or shower after handling the product.
  • Do not contaminate water, food by storage or disposal.
  • In Case of leaks or spillage absorb the material in earth or sand and remove to safe place.


Atropinize the patient immediately and maintain full atropinization by repeated doses of 2-4 mg of atropine sulphate intravenously at 5 to 10 minutes interval. As much as 25 to 50 mg of atropine may be required in a day. The need for further atropine administration is guided by the continuance of symptoms. Extent of salivation is a useful criteria for dosage adjustment. Do not use any oxyme such as 2 PAM. Artifical respiration may be given, if needed.


Warranty: Since storage and use of product is beyond our control, we cannot assume any responsibility other than uniform quality of the product

Arbuda Fly Ribbons


Arbuda Fly Ribbons is a 2.5 feet long paper ribbon pasted with sticky glue on both the side of paper ribbon, and this paper ribbon is rolled in small paper pipes. To activate ARBUDA FLY RIBBONS ,you have to pull out entire paper ribbon with the help of metal knob provided on the top of paper pipe and hang it in the area of infestation. Arbuda Fly Ribbons are Insecticide-free, odor-free and for indoor/outdoor fly control.

Arbuda Fly Ribbons Can:

  • Catches flies without toxic chemicals.
  • Use indoors or out, around children or pets, even in food handling areas and sick rooms .
  • Perfect for Homes-Garages-Offices-Stables-Barns Traps flies and other flying insects on contact .
  • Can be hung out of reach of curious children or pets.
  • be used in USDA & FDA-inspected facilities.

Brief Introduction Of Our So Called Enemy:

  • Name Of An Enemy : House Fly
  • Area Of Attack : Human Surrounding

Arbuda Fly Glue Board


This new product is convenient to use, and is designed for capturing flies. We invented it based on our research on the behavior of flies. It has a strong adhesive power, a long-lasting effect, and is fit for any place with the clean and neat design.

How to use

  • Place it where flies swarm Hang on the ceiling or wall with a hole.
  • Don't remove it until it is crowded with flies.
  • This is environment-friendly product.
  • Hold each sheets with hands firmly then slowly and carefully pull apart.
  • Place it in areas where flies are widespread like kitchen and garbage area.
  • In case any body parts or surfaces stick to the glue. wipe or wash it with Vegetable   Oil.
  • Dispose off after each use.

Where to use:

  • Safe to use in Homes, Restaurants, Hospitals, Pet Shops, Day Care Centers, Nursing   Homes, Food Serving and Preparation Areas.
  • Safe to use in both food and non-food areas.
  • Use as a stationary glue trap in food handling and food processing areas to control   fruit flies and other flying insects.
  • Place Arbuda Fly Glue Board in localized areas where fruit flies have been   observed.
  • More than one trap may be needed for heavy infestations.
  • Can be used flat or folded in tunnel shape.


Not advisable to put where dusts and sands particles are blowing which can affect the adhesiveness of Arbuda Fly Glue Board.

Arbuda Insect Catcher


Approx. Rs 1,000 / Piece(s)

The product has a long-lasting liming effect, is unharmful to the human body and animals, is added with floral pattern on the ground for the visual effect, and is convenient to use. It can be set at large restaurants, kitchens, households, areas near garbage dumping grounds, cow and pig sheds, packaging lines in food factories, plastic greenhouses, fish processing factories, military barracks, etc.

How to use

  • Please fix the edge of one side on the ceiling where flies gather after taking away   release paper of both sides.
  • Unfold the red ribbon to avoid for closing against head of person.
  • Don't remove it until flies are densely attached since the product has a long-lasting   liming effect and contains an attraction substance.

Cautions for use

Ensure that there is no foreign subatance such as water or water or dust on the adhesive side. lf the sticky liquid gets on clothing, tableware, etc, clean it with edible oil wash with detergent