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Transmission Tower Design


ARCON Engineers has contineous meet the challenging targets set by clients to optimally design the Transmission Line networks & associated structures & Foundations. Consultancy in extra high voltage. Transmission towers is core business of ARCON. The promoters of the ARCON ENGINEERS themselves are the experienced designers of transmission towers. Being developer of TowerCAD™ (Tower Designing Software) ARCON has an added advantage. ARCON has designed towers ranging from 33KV to 400KV with Single circuit, Double circuit & Four circuit configuration. ARCON has a team of experienced detailers for preparation of Structural Drawings & Bill of quantities. ARCON has developed its expertised in development of narrow based tower. Narrow based towers is a future need due to low access to Agricultural & Urban Land.

Steel Structure Design


ARCON ENGINEERS offers the consultancy in designing of steel structure like industrial sheds, pipe racks, smelter plants, Coal handling equippments, square & circular platforms to industrial equipments etc. The raised insulated platform design was the unique design in our books. We understands the requirement of the customer & offer finite element modulation, connection, design & detailing services in the field of steel structure designs.

Engineering Software Development


ARCON ENGINEERS has a core business of engineering software development , mathematical & Dynamic Optimization are the main core areas for software development. ARCON Engineers owns the trademark "Tower Cad". Tower CAD is a versatile designing tool for designing wide range of self supported towers & gantry structures. Designer can use ready available libraries base on International codes & specification to frame the tower geometry. The tower configuration can be optimally using wide range of steel quality ,bolt & nuts type & other accessories. Three dimensional electrical clearance calculations ,Sag Tension Calculation & Wire stringing calculation are the accessories to main core module Tower CAD.

Foundation Design


Optimum utilization of available natural resources in the country & providing
safe optimum foundations to the transmission towers is key concern for
transmission line utilities. 15 to 20 % of the total project cost consumes
by foundations & support. Hence optimal selection of foundation parameters
as per soil requirement is the challenge to geotechnical engineer.
ARCON has developed following types of foundations .
> Pad & Chimney type RCC foundation.
> Pyramid & Chimney type PCC foundation.
> Combined Footing.
> Raft type foundation.
> Ayuer Pile type foundation.
> Pile / Pile group foundation.
> Well type foundation.

Towercadtm Software

  • Three Dimensional finite element structural analysis & design software.
  • Transmission Line Towers,Microwave Towers,Substation Gantries, Substation Structure can be design by using TowerCAD.
  • The Mathematical simulation using concept of semi rigid flexible joints is considerd.
  • The pre-formatted input data from a already built up panels.
  • Complex Shapes of tower & its loading patterns are possible
  • Sag Tension of the conductor/OPGW/ground wire by parabolic & caternary equation.
  • Precise calculation for electrical clearances considering gauges, backmark & extended legs of angle profiles.
  • Sag Template curves for maximum & minimum range of tempreture.
  • Stringing charts for conductor earth wire/OPGW considering creep & shrinkage of conductor
  • Tower loadings as per international codes like American, British code, Chinese, IEC, Indian, German Standards etc.
  • Data Compitability with other structural analysis software.
  • Interface with Standard software like AutoCAD, Microsoft Excel.
  • Automatic generation of 3D Tower view & unfolded faces.
  • Database for types of conductors/OPGW/ ground wires, steel quality, Bolts & nuts.
  • Wind load calculation as per American,British,Chinese,IEC,Indian & German Standards.
  • No limits on Nodes/joints, members for analysis of towers.

Solar Thermal Concentrators


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