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Hyderabad, Telangana
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the aricon soldering desoldering stations will handle virtually miniature to heavy soldering desoldering jobs of pth & smd applications.

multi functional table top mini electronic laboratory (aricon-lab) is a revolutionary equipment and first of its kind in the industry which is useful for virtually everything for pcb testing and repairing jobs with 13 simultaneous operations at a time.

aricon's dual element technology and highly integrated control technology guarantee extremely accurate control of tip temperature. The aricon temperature control system with a thermocouple in front of the tip provides extremely accurate temperature control and rapid response. the advantage of dual element technology is both elements will function un-uninterruptedly and can be used any one element with a selectable switch, hence no load and no heat loss on idle element, hence the dual element life span will increase. The efficiency of both elements are dependable and fail proof. Both elements are not interrelated and independently designed though it appears as a single item.

ultra slim very light weight and thinner grip dual element soldering iron will perform micro soldering to heavy soldering jobs. The vertical design of desoldering gun is very efficient in desoldering the components from single sided pcb's to multilayer pth boards by a feather touch finger / foot operating switch. the gun specially designed so that the molten solder can be observed completely into the filter based glass tube without clogging the nozzle or the heating element thus increasing the work efficiency. noiseless built in powerful vacuum pump easily absorbs even through the holes of the printed circuit boards. The burn proof silicon cable guarantees comfortable handling of the tools. An extensive range of soldering bits and soldering nozzles compliment these tools. Vacuumed rubber grips are provided for vibration free of the control units.

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