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Coir Bed Mattress

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We offer coir mattresses, which are designed using high density foam. Its center layer and perfect firmness with cushioning balance provide complete relief from back pain and lower back pain. These coir mattresses change the 'smart cover' quickly and can be easily reversed. In this hectic and stressful life, our range of coir mattresses ensures total comfort and protects the health from adverse effects. We offer three different types of coir mattresses that are enlisted below:

  • Royal Health Mattresses: Orthopedic Reversible Mattresses
  • Platinum Quality: With Jacquard Satin Cotton Quilt, 100 Density Bonded Foam, 5' onwards Thickness 8 Yrs. Warranty, Special Protector, 2 Full Size Jacquard Satin Recron Pillows
  • Gold Quality: With Cotton Quilt, HD Foam, 3' to 6' Thickness 5 Yrs. / 3 Yrs. Without Warranty, Regular Protector, 2 Regular Size Recron Pillows

  • Comfortable
  • Color fastness
  • Washable
  • Shrinkage resistant
  • Long lasting


We prefer inquiry within Maharashtra, we only entertained bulk inquiry out of Maharashtra.

    Coir Bond Ultra Mattresses

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    Backed by the profound experience of the market, we have been able to offer a range of Coir Bond Ultra Mattresses. Made using specially treated anti-microbial cloth and other material in thickness of 5”, all our products have excellent density coir for firm back support. Due to providing optimum comfort, right support & posture and durability, these reversible products are widely demanded by the patrons. Moreover, the construction of our mattresses make the person sleeping on these breathe freely and keep himself/herself cool as well as comfortable.


    Key Features :

    • Thickness availability: 5”
    • Specially treated anti-microbial cloth
    • High density coir for firm back support
    • Coir Bond Ultra- Reversible 5” sandwich mattress offers the optimum blend of support and comfort
    • Reversible coir mattress makes it durable
    • Guarantee Period: 36 Months

    Coir Hostel Mattress

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    Hostel Mattress are Standard Deluxe mattress of medium density construction. Mostly sold in the sizes of 30" and 36".Also available in 3" and 4" thickness. Variety of colours are available.

    Coir Mattress (Super-Luxe)

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    Super-Luxe Coir Mattresses, are designed using high density rubberized coir block and 32 density PU foam on top side for extra comfort. Light shaded jacquard fabric with quilting on all sides provided for the super luxury feeling. Its available in 48",60" and 72"width and unique thickness of 6"only.

    Coir Orthopedic Mattress

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    Let go of all tensions and demands of daily life with this excellent high density coir mattress. A natural support for spinal curve, perfect firmness with cushioning balance, it ensures optimum relaxation for the body. Take a significant step now to improve the quality of your sleep and the quality of your days, with coir mattresses. Sleep better and wake up refreshed.

    Our hi-speed life is full of stress & has an adverse effect on our health. As a result, most of us are developing orthopedic or mainly back problems. Our mattresses support spinal curve naturally with optimum relaxation to our body. With durable high density foam, centre layer & perfect firmness with cushioning balance for complete comfort, the back pain / lower back pain is reduced. Also it is easy to reverse & change the ‘smart cover’ quickly.

    Orthopedic Reversible Mattresses

    • Platinum Quality : With Jacquard Satin Cotton Quilt, 100 Density Bonded Foam, 5” onwards thickness, 8 Yrs. Warranty, special Protector, 2 full size jacquard Satin Recron Pillows.
    • Gold Quality: With Cotton Quilt, HD Foam, 3” to 6” Thickness, 5 Yrs. /3 Yrs. Without warranty, Regular Protector , 2 Regular size Recron Pillows.

    Comfort Deluxe Coir Mattress

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    Comfort deluxe coir mattress are made out of firm density coir mattresses with high grade durable butter Satin fabric with PU foam layer on one side, available in 4 & 5 inch thickness. Also packed in attractive PVC lamination.

    Luxury Quilt Coir Mattress

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    Luxury Quilt Coir Mattress are made from high density rubberised coir block. Bottom side pasted with one layer of PU foam with plain finish. Top side finished with double layer PU foam quilted Maroon coloured Satin fabric for the classic finish.Available in all dimensions with thickness of 4",5" and 6".Also packed attractively in PVC laminated sheet.

    We prefer inquiry within Maharashtra, we only entertained bulk inquiry out of Maharashtra.

    Rubberized Coir Mattress

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    We are offering to our client beautiful and elegant Rubberized Coir Mattress. The preferred range of economical quilted mattress. These are offering as per client specification. Enhance sleep quality available in different quilt patterns.

    Standard Deluxe Coir Mattress

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    Standard Deluxe Coir Mattresses are constructed with medium density rubberized coir block.One layer of PU foam stuck on top side for smoothness. Available in various sizes and colours. Thickness available in 3" and 4".

    Standard Quilt Coir Mattress

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    Standard Quilt Coir Mattress, are designed using medium density rubberised coir block with quilted fabric for the extra comfort. Available in various shades and sizes. Thickness provided in 3" and 4".

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