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About Arjuna Natural Extracts Limited

Team / Manpower

Team / Manpower

Our People

Behind Arjuna's products is something just as important – Arjuna’s people, who are experts in their respective field. We have botanists, microbiologists, phytochemists and pharmacists whose contribution is a key factor to the company's rampant growth. Our team consists of undying energy to explore into the unknown, innovate and give out their best. They know that they are responsible to their customers worldwide. To this end, the mantra for the people at Arjuna is speed, focus and accountability.

The company also does not lag behind in helping the team in their continuous development. To empower its people, Arjuna regularly sends them overseas to attend orientation seminar and international trade fairs, on specific purpose of fine-tuning their marketing, management and technical skills. The team at Arjuna's is always updated with the developments in the world and domestic market.

Memberships / Affiliations

We are an ISO 9001:2000 company and our process has received Star–K Kosher certification and Halal certification.

Testing Facilities

Testing Facilities

As our industry moves ahead by virtue of in depth and on going Research and Development, at Arjuna, our R&D wing never sits idle. Here R&D is inspired by reason, controlled by caution, sound in theory, practical in application, reflects confidence, raises morale, inspires all involved and thus sets international standards when it comes to customer specific herbal, spice or essential oil extracts. This helps us maintain consistent quality in all our products.

The most modern state of the art laboratory approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, with the latest facilities like HPTLC (Nassaga), HPLC, UV, RI, densitometer, spectrometer, gas chromatograph, etc. form part of the R&D for efficient and effective quality control, product improvisation and innovations

Full fledged pilot plant, re-engineered with ATFD's, homoeogeniser, spray drier, etc, operated by competent staff under the direct control and supervision of the R&D wing is yet another powerful tool for Arjuna.

Quality Policy / Processes

Quality Policy / Processes

Arjuna's efficient sourcing mechanism, from approved vendors, makes sure that raw materials conform to certified standard analysis. Random samples are taken from each lot and inspected for physical properties and sent to its two testing laboratories to ensure quality assurance and sampling is conducted before production cycles are undertaken.

High-end specialized instruments like the High Performance Thin Layer Chromatograph (HPTLC), HPLC and UV Spectrophotometer are used to measure specific substances that are responsible for the herb's activity and effectiveness. These are then analyzed to ensure that active constituents of each herb are maintained at desired levels of consistency and potency.

Gas Chromatograph with capillary column is employed to ascertain the pesticide residue and purity of volatile oils.

Written standard operating procedures (SOPs) for each aspect of production are meticulously adhered to. Records are maintained for every batch of product.



Our Plant

Arjuna's 11 000 sq mtrs ( 118 000 sq feet ) state-of-the-art manufacturing facility makes use of the most technologically advanced equipment to assure consistent product quality and efficient streamlined service. It guarantees standardized extract quality, purity and potency. The facility can handle product volumes ranging from a few 100 kilograms to several 100 metric tones.

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