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About ASB Developers & Promoters

ASB Developers and Promoters is part of the ASB group that offers different kinds of services like real estate, chit funds, land development, sale, service, financing and exchange of different brands of two wheelers. We are a sole proprietorship based in Bengaluru, Karnataka, with a turnover of up to Rs.1 crore (0.25 million USD). Our company was established in 1996 with a two wheeler showroom. In 2003, we started the chit fund business and in 2004, we ventured into land development. We have a vast base of clients from all over the Indian subcontinent.

We offer many different types of services under one umbrella. Starting with sales of two wheelers, we then expanded into vehicle financing. Over the years, we have entered the land development space and built several residential layouts. Ours is a customer-centric company with reliable ad timely deliveries of land development projects. We also offer hassle-free documentation which is very important in this field. Backed up by an excellent team and good support infrastructure, we strive to fulfill our customers’ needs in a unique and cost-effective manner.

Our chairman Lion Mr. Bhagiratha has been a strong and competent anchor for us. Due to his hard work and dedication, the company has grown by leaps and bounds over the last decade and become very successful after he acquired the chit funds business in 2003. Since then, we have built a strong edifice based on ethical business dealings and long-term customer relationships. Our vast experience in this industry has helped us to exceed customer expectations each and every time. We have a great team and a solid infrastructural set-up that helps us to deliver solutions in a timely manner. Our proprietor Mr. Ravi is now the main person who guides us on a day-to-day basis.

Client Satisfaction

We believe that our most important job is to satisfy each and every customer. To this end, we offer the best and most reliable services in each line of business that we are engaged in. We employ the best people we can find and train them accordingly to ensure that we offer the right solution for every customer.
Our services are cost-effective and provide good value for money. We also stick to the given time schedule and offer proper documentation, especially with respect to land development projects. Our ethical business dealings make us trustworthy to do business with, and we are offer easy monetary transactions and payment methods, making us the number one choice of all our customers.

Service Portfolio

We offer a wide variety of services in many different industries. Our services include land development under the names of ASB Housing Co-operative Society Limited, and A.S.B. Developers. Our two-wheelers business operates under the name of ASB Motors, and we also offer chit fund services under the names of ASB Credit Co-op. Society Ltd. and A.S.B. Chits. We excel at offering great services to our customers by studying their needs and coming up with appropriate solutions designed to helping them fulfill their desires of either two-wheeler ownership or land ownership by also proving an easy way to finance them.

Our main services are Land Development, Chit Services and Credit Co-operative Services. We are known for our hassle-free way of providing our customers with relevant documentation in a reliable and timely manner. Our company is experienced at providing cost-effective services to all our clients.

Industries, We Serve

We operate under the umbrella of the ASB group that offers different kinds of services like real estate, chit funds, land development, sale, service, financing and exchange of different brands of two wheelers. This fact has enabled us to serve various kinds of industries, chiefly the real estate and land development industry where we are know for our hassle-free documentation and the timely manner in which we finish our projects.

We also deal with the vehicle industry which actually helped us start our business in the sales, service and exchange of two-wheelers. Other than these industries, we also serve the financial industry by offering credit co-operative services and chit fund services in order to enable customers to buy vehicles or homes, thus fulfilling their dreams.  

Domain Expertise

Our domain expertise is phenomenal. We have modern tools and a proper planning methodology that we use wherever we have to execute projects of any size. We keep in mind the different needs for the design of flats, luxury apartments and residential houses. We are specialists in development of properties and in construction which is evident from the excellent manpower that we have working for us.

We have reached an excellent level of domain expertise through proper planning of our many projects. The other reason that we have built up a satisfactory level of domain expertise from our clients’ viewpoint is that we take into account their needs, budgetary constraints and other points of importance to the customers.  

Our Projects

We are into real estate projects and land development. Our speciality is land development projects which we have accomplished with he design and development of several residential layouts. These layouts include all modern amenities like swimming pools, parks, box type drainage surrounding the compound and sewage treatment plants. During the process of buying a layout, we do provide all kinds of assistance like proper and relevant documentation, a rarity in this industry. We also keep to delivery timelines and schedules to keep our clients satisfied and happy. All of our project work is of high quality and we work towards solutions with hard work and dedication.

Specifically, the projects we designed in Bangalore are:

  • ASB Lotus City, Tavarekere, Bangalore 1st Phase
  • ASB Lotus City, Tavarekere, Bangalore 2nd Phase
  • ASB Lotus City, Tavarekere, Bangalore 3rd Phase
  • ASB Lotus City, Tavarekere, Bangalore 4th Phase
  • ASB Township, Ramnagar, 290per Sq.ft offer
  • ASB Township, Ramnagar, 390per Sq.ft offer
  • ASB Sai Residency, Tavarekere, Bangalore
  • ASB Layout, Bharath Nagar, Bangalore
  • ASB Farms, Kadabagere, Bangalore

Service Range

We offer a wide range of services including chit funds, real estate and land development projects. Our reliable services backed by an experience of over three decades have enabled us to adapt to the specific needs of customers.
We deal with the development and promotion of various types of flats and buildings like luxury apartments and residential layouts with all amenities. Our customers favour us over other competitors because of our timely deliveries and hassle-free ways of doing business. We offer easy payment modes and offer relevant and accurate documentation for all real estate projects.

Team and Manpower

We have a set of smart professionals working for us who are well qualified and trained in their field of work. They are aware of all the latest technologies and trends in the industry so that they can draw on this knowledge whenever necessary to come up with the right solution for every client.
We employ people good in various fields that we deal with. For example, there are plumbers, electricians, architects, marketing agents and real estate agents who are all experts in their areas of work. This kind of domain expertise when combined as a team makes it a really effective unit. We owe our success in a large measure to the members of our team. They are our biggest asset. This has helped us to acquire and keep various clients all across the country.

Money when you need, the most...

  • Better safety & Security
  • Absolute trust & customers' confidence
  • Progressive and mutual growth.
  • Fair trade practices - Transparent interactions at all the levels.
  • All chits will be registered and Commencement certificates and other documents will be provided to the subscribers
  • Excellent liquidity
  • Best tax planning method
  • Dividend for prized & non-subscribers
  • Simple easy documentation & paper procedures
  • Rate of interest cheaper than any other financial institution.
  • Speedy disbursement of prize money - Disbursement in 15 days, On providing suitable & satisfactory surety for future payments and documentation.

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