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Prince PVC Pipes & Fittings

SWR Systems

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PRINCE SWR Drainage Systems include a wide range of pipes and fittings which have an equally wide range of applications. Tougher and economical, PRINCE uPVC SWR pipes and Drainage Systems as well as for Vent Lines when compared to Cast iron and Asbestos Cement Drainage Systems. What's more, PRINCE SWR Drainage Systems are approved by CPWD, MES, BMC, CIDCO, MHADA.

This product is certified with "Certificate of Conformity" from Kenya Bureau of Standard.

    For SWR Drainage Systems at homes, offices, hotels, industries, hospitals as well as public places such as airports, railway stations, bus-stands, etc.
    For overflow lines and chemical waste lines at industries, dairy plants, food processing plants, etc.
    For vent lines in drainage systems and in mining pits.
Right from the inherent properties of uPVC to a virtual lifetime of trouble-free performance, PRINCE SWR Drainage Systems are far more superior to Cast Iron and Asbestos Cement drainage systems.
Corrosion Resistant : uPVC material is unaffected by most of the chemical and is rustproof.
Fire Resistant : uPVC is self-extinguishing and so special precautions are necessary during installations.
Longer Lasting: Longer lasting due to its internees to most chemical and superior mechanical properties. Also, it remains unharmed by insects or rodents.
Smooth : Smooth inside surface insures effective discharge and high flow rate.
    Light Weight : Easy to transport and handle.
Easy to install : Easy to install and less time consuming than CI or AC systems. Rubber ring sealing ensures leakproof joint.
    Strong : Strong with high Impact strength, can withstand rough handling.
Easy to maintain : Smooth inside bore and threaded door caps provide ease of inspection and cleaning.
    Durable : No scale formations.
Economical : Economical in every way. All these advantages add up to a significant cost reduction.
    Technicality : Backed up by technical services, offered by the company's trained personal.

Sizes : Available in 50mm, 75mm, 90mm, 110mm Fittings

Type :

SOC = SOCKET (FEMALE) fittings
SPI = SPIGOT (MALE) fittings.

Available In color: Light Gray, Dark Gray, Golden Brown, Ivory and White.

PRIME Rigid PVC Drainage Systems

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    Low weight : Easy to transport and handle.
    Easy to install : Push-fit into each other.
    Better flow properties : Due to smooth inside surface.
    Fire resistance : Self extinguishing, does not support fire.
    Long life : Due to superior mechanicalproperties and inertness to
      most chemicals. Also insect and rodent proof.
    Easy to maintain : Threaded door caps give easy access for cleaning.
    Low cost : All the advantages reduce costs in the long term, by huge margins.
    UV Stabilizer : Protect PRIME drainage systems from the sun and make them more durable.
Size: 40mm, 50mm, 63mm, 75mm, 90mm, 110mm, 160mm


SPI=SPIGOT (MALE) fittings.

1. 40mm, 50mm, 160mm fittings available in soc x soc Type.
2. 50mm w/o ring, 75mm, 90mm, 110mm available in soc x spi type

Available In color: Light Gray, Dark Gray, Golden Brown Ivory, and White.

Prince Global Agri Pipes, Fittings And Ball Valve Systems

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PRINCE  Global Agri Piping System is the most suitable system for distribution of water for irrigation, agriculture, tube wells chemicals, aqua culture and distribution of compressed air and liquids. It is easy and economical solution. It is technically superior cost effective and offers many advantages over the conventional G.I.Piping systems.


    * Irrigation for agriculture
    * Water distribution system
      Waterlines in chemical industries.
    * Aqua culture
    * Compressed air & l iquids

Features and Benefits

Odourless and hygienic: PRINCE Global Agri System are most ideal for carrying drinking water as they do not subject to contamination.

High corrosion resistance: PRINCE Global Agri pipes and fittings systems is  resistant to chemical, electrolytic and galvanic action, these pipes are free from corrosion.

High chemical resistance: Pipes offer excellent resistance to acids, oxidizing agents, alkalis, oils and domestic effluents.

Smooth bore: Pipes have mirror smooth inside surface and hence better flow characteristics in comparison to AC, CI and GI pipes.

Self extinguishing quality: PRINCE Global pipes and fittings are abolishing need for fire resistant coatings.

Maintenance free: As PVC Having Corrosion resistance property therefore pipes and fittings not required painting or coating.

Longer lasting: PRINCE Global pipes and fittings are free from weakness caused by scale formation, rusting, weathering and chemical action, they last for a life time.

Economical: Apart from superiority over conventional pipes, PRINCE GLOBAL AGRI  PVC pipes are light in weight and hence they offer total economy in handling, transportation and installation.

D.i Pipes And Fittings

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