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NC Lacquer And T.T. Clear

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The Murga NC Clear Lacquer that we offer is a premium Nitro Cellulose based fast drying transparent lacquer. It is suitable for interior wooden furniture. MURGA NC Clear Wood Finish is used achieveboth glossy finish or matt finish This clear sealer is to be applied prior to ap plication of the Finish.


Technical Data

  • Spray Viscosity 18-20 secs on Ford Cup B4 at 30°C at a pressure of 30-40 p.s.i. (2.2 to 2.8 kg / cm2)

  • Method of Application Spray

  • Number of Coats 1 to 2 coats of MURGA NC Sanding Sealer followed by 3 to 4 coats of MURGA NC Clear Glossy/Matt Finish.

  • Recommended Thinner MURGA NC Thinner

  • Weight per Litre = 0.985 ± .05

  • Covering Capacity 8-10 sq. mt / Litre per coat (85-100 sq. ft) depending on application and film thickness.


Drying Time

  • Sanding dry 3 to 4 hours

  • Hard dry - overnightDrying time at 30°C Touch dry 10 minutes

  • Re coating time 1.5 to 2 hours at 30°C for sanding sealer

  • 2 to 4 hours at 30°C for Clear Glossy / Matt

  • Finishes Matt or Glossy on what is used

N.C. Retarder Paints

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Our Nitocellulose Retarder Paints is an ideal combination of rich solvents helps in thinning the paints to desired viscosity. It also accelerates the flow and smoothens the film . It protects the paints from getting decaye. It has excellent compatibility with N.C. Paints, N.C. Lacquer and all other N.C. base items.


Technical Data


  • Density of Thinner 0.85+ .01 at 30 C




  • 1:2 in case of N.C. Sealer and Lacquer.

  • 1:1 in case of N.C. Paints. Applied by spray.




  • Very good drying properties after wet on wet application.

  • Keep the allied products smooth and silky finish

  • Very good flow and leveling properties.

French Polish

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We offer a fine quality of French Polish that brings out the classic gloss for wood. Our polishis ideal for surfaces that need re coating. It works as new on stained, previously polished wood and new surface. It highlights the natural attributes of wooden surfaces. To provide that hint of color it can be It combined with transparent or white polish.


The French Polish offered by us has several advantages. Any surface, be it soft wood or hard wood our French Polish with its high gloss factor works wonders.


The French Polish can be used for interiors and exteriors. It comes in wooden pack in one liter to twenty liter. It has light brown color and it imparts a fine glossy finish..


Physical Constants Substrates & Packing


  • Specific gravity: 0.85

  • Dry to touch: 5 – 10 minutes (20°C)

  • Overcoating time: 15 – 20 minutes

  • Color : Light Brown

  • Finish: Gloss

  • Volume solids: 25%

  • Theoretical spreading rate: 18 sq. metres per litre

  • Flash point: 38°C


The guide book spreading rate has been calculated for the stated volume solids and dry film thickness. But rule of the thumb spreading rate depends on the nature of the substrate, actual dry film thickness, and the relevant consumption factor. The physical condition are dependent on normal manufacturing tolerances.


  • Application method : Pad Thinner or Cloth 
  • Methylated spirit Cleaning of tools : Methylated Spirit
  • Surface condition for applying the polish :The surface should be dry stable, firm, free of sand, grease and oil, loose old paint, dirt and dust. A sanding sealer imparts a smooth surface before applying brown French polish.

Polish Retarder

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We offer Polish Retarder which is an ideal combination of rich solvents, that thins the polish to desired viscosity. It further assists to enhance the flow by smoothening the film and safeguards the polish from getting destroyed. It has very good compatibility with Turkey Umber, Burnt Finena, Lakh Dana, & all other brands of furniture polish.


Technical Data


  • Dosage Use 1:2 or 1:1

  • Density of Thinner 0.8°+ .01 at 30 C



  • Keeps the allied products smooth and silky finish

  • Very good drying properties after wet on wet application.

  • Very good flow and leveling properties.

Melamine Coating

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Our Murga Melamine Coating, is an acid curing premium melaminized coating that is specifically formulated as a decorative and clear finishing for wood. The coating offers very good resistance to food, beverage stains, oils, insects like borers & termites.


The Melamine Coating safeguards wood for many years & has non coloring properties.


Technical Data


  • Hardener for MURGA Melamine 0.84 ± 0.02 kg

  • Mixing ratio

  • MURGA Melamine Base 90 parts by volume

  • MURGA Melamine Hardener 10 parts by volume

  • MURGA Thinner 20-30 parts by volume

  • Maturation Time 30 minutes

  • Pot life Approximately 8 hours at 30°C

  • Weight per liter at 30°C Base

  • MURGA Melamine Clear Glossy 1.02 ± 0.02 kg

  • MURGA Melamine Clear Matt 1.03 ± 0.02 kg


Application Methods


  • Covering Capacity 8-10 m2/litre per coat (depending on method of application and film thickness

  • Spray Pressure 30-40 p.s.i. (2.2-2.8 kg/cm2)

  • Number of Coats 1 coat of MURGA Melamyne Clear Sealer followed by 2-3 coats MURGA Melamine Glossy / Melamine Matt


Drying Time


  • Hard-dry overnight

  • Drying Time at 30°C Touch-dry 5minutes

  • Tack-free 2 hours

  • Sanding-dry 5-6 hours

Paint Remover

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We offer Paint remover that is ideal solution for removing any kind of paint without spoiling the surface. It removes the paint easily and fast.


Sizes Available: 500 ml to 20 Ltr.




  • Industrial strength

  • Super heavy duty

  • Non-flammable

  • Removes paints and primers to the metal from Airplanes, Cars, Manufacturing machinery, Boats

  • Removes powder coating

  • Stays wet longer and works longer

  • Can be moved in any direction

  • Washes off with water

  • No neutralizer needed

  • Contains no acetones or ketones


Technical Data


  • Color : Faint Yellow Cast

  • Face shield or splash goggles.

  • Chemical Resistant Neoprene glovels

  • Always work in well ventilates areas.

  • Boiling Point: 104°F

  • Flash Point: None to Boiling

  • Vapor Pressure: (mmHg) @ 20°C=350

  • Solubility: (weight % in water) 2.0g

  • VOC Vapor Pressure: (mmHg) @ 20°C



  • Flush thoroughly with water for 15 minutes.
  • If irritation persists, seek medical attention.

  • Move to fresh air immediately.

  • Avoid contact with flames or hot surfaces which may lead to toxic gases.

Wood Stainer

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We offer Murga's Wood Stainer that is a self drying stainer in multiple shades such as wood, Dark Red Rose, Mahagony, Teak, Touching, P.P, Dark Brown Oak, Dark Indian Oak Expo Wall nut. With the help of stainer one can avail the desired shades.. As all shades are clear the grains & the characteristics of the wood remain unchanged. It may even get more ourstanding. It is a fast drying solvent base, clear dies and free of lead product. Has great export potential forits international acceptance.




  • Long life

  • Shades remain unchanged, never fades.

  • Resistance to water

  • Retains natural gloss of the shade.




  • Drying time:- 10 to 15 minutes at 30degree Celsius.

  • The top coat application is recommended after 1 hour such as MURGA Sanding Sealer, MURGA Table Top Clear, and MURGA Melamine.

  • It is self drying and ready to use. It can be applied by spray, brush or cloth pad.

RTU Paint

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The RTU Paint that we offer is a nitrocellulose base single pack air dying product. It offers very good finish and gloss to the surface. No need to add any thinner and it is ready to use




On all type of Wooden Furniture such as

  • Cupboards

  • Dinning Table

  • Kitchen Cabinet

  • Chairs,

  • Almirah

  • Beds

  • Fancy Wooden Furniture

  • Interior Wooden Furniture.




  • Excellent resistance to Cold Water, Hot Water and Hot Coffee.

  • Good flow and leveling properties.

  • Compatible to Water Base Steiner/ Solvent Base Steiner.

  • Excellent Toughness & Mar Resistance.

  • Can be applied on any climatic condition as it has good moisture resistance.

  • No need to use Sanding Sealer on the wooden piece as the product itself take care for the same

PU Interior And Exterior Paint

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We offer Murga Polyurethane (Interior & Exterior) which is a international quality product, specially formulated to safeguard wood for years and give a royal finish to furnitures. MURGA polyurethane varnish is transparent polyurethane based varnish for all furnitures and wood. It offers a glossy long lasting film, resistant to wear, water, alcohol and the regular household chemicals. It provides decorative finish to the surface, even while protecting it.

Field of Application :

Polyurethane varnish can be used both indoors and outdoors for various applications on wood, e.g. Furniture, doors, windows, wooden floors, boats, etc., it can be used both on new untreated as well as previously.It has application for both on new untreated as well as virgin surface.

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