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Inflatable Emergency Lighting System

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We present the inflatable light tower- one of the most innovative rescue equipment ever created. Being a lightweight, portable and glare-free illumination system, it is ideally suited for emergency situations  for illuminating the dark areas in times of disasters.


Unique features:


  • Being battery run, it is easy to move to remote areas and doesn’t depend upon external power supply

  • A self sufficient, and easy to operate system

  • Can illuminate a huge area of 10,000 sq m within 3 minutes of time

  • Can be folded as well as packed back in less than five minutes and moved to the next station


Inflatable light tower is Aska’s patented product which is registered vide Indian patent no. 191538. Aska Equipments Limited is official licensee to manufacture and market the ‘internationally patented’ product, ‘portable inflatable emergency lighting system’.


Some of our product esteemed clients/ users:


  • State police departments

  • Defense forces

  • Fire services

  • Municipal corporations

  • Airport authority of India

  • Disaster management authorities

  • Para military forces

Remote Area Lighting System

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Available with us are Remote Area Lighting Systems that are used to provide illumination in areas with scarce lighting. Our lighting systems are manufactured according to national and international standards and offer high illumination with varying luminous intensities. The conventional systems are equipped with batteries to allow uninterrupted power supply for the required operation.

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