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Professional Grade Digital Clampmeters

Clamp On Meter

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Clamp On DMM 1000A DC 800A AC 4000 Counts

Crest Factor: <1.6:1 at full scale & <3.2:1 at half scale for ACV & ACA


Display  : 3¾ digits 4000 counts LCD display(s)

Update Rate : 3 per second nominal

Jaw opening  : 50mm

Conductor size : 50mm

Polarity : Automatic

Low Battery : Below approx. 2.4V

Reading Zero (Relative) mode

Auto Power Off

Backlight Display (Available in 2754A-T only)

1,000A, DC / 800A AC, 600V CAT III

Hi Speed Record mode, Data MAX HOLD

Operating Temperature : 0oC to 40oC

Relative Humidity : Max. relative humidity 80% for temperature up to 31oC decreasing linearly to 50% relative humidity at 40oC

Altitude : Operating below 2000m

Storage Temperature : -20oC to 60oC, <80% R.H. (with battery removed)

Temperature Coefficient : Nominal 0.15 x (specified accuracy) / oC @(0oC-18oC or 28oC - 40oC), or otherwise specified

Sensing : Average sensing for model 2754A, True RMS for Model 2754A-T

Safety : Meets IEC61010-2-032(2002), EN61010-2-032(2002), UL61010B-2-032(2003)
Category III 600 Volts AC & DC.

Transient protection : 6.5kV (1.2/50mS surge)

Pollution degree : 2

E.M.C. : Meets EN61326 (1997, 1998/A1), EN61000-4-2(1995), and EN61000-4-3(1996)
In an RF field of 3V/m : Capacitance function is not specified

Other function ranges : Total Accuracy = Specified Accuracy + 45 digits performance above 3V/m is not  specified.

Overload  Protection :  Clamp-on jaws : DC 1000A or AC 800A rms continuous + COM terminals (all functions): 600VDC/VAC rms.

Power Supply : Standard 1.5V AAA size battery x 2;  or 1.5V AAA size alkaline battery x 2

Power Consumption : Typical 11mA for ACA/DCA and 2.9 mA for other functions

APO Timing : Idle for 30 minutes

APO Consumption : Typical 10mA for Model 2754A & 190mA for Model 2754A-T

Dimension : 227(L) x 78(W) x 40(H) mm

Weight : 290gm Approx.

Accessories : Test lead pair, batteries installed, manual & soft carrying case.

Product Code: 2754A

100a Leakage AC Clamp On Meter

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3¾ digits LCD with maximum reading 4000, plus decimal point, unit symbol indication.Overload indication: LCD will show “OL” in the left position.Low battery indication: Replace battery immediately when LCD display “  ”

IEC1010-1 and IEC1010-1-32 CAT III 600V.

Function keys : Peak Hold.

Test ranges: ACV, ACA, W,Continuity.

Continuity test below 100W will have buzzer sound

Frequency selector switch to eliminate the effect of Harmonics by LPF (Low Pass Filter) function


The maximum conductor size is 35mm

Product Code: 2007KM

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