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We have the best collection of books on Astrology, Vastu, Numerology and other occult sciences in our store, these books are authored by the top experts of the country.

Jyotish Vaibhav authored by Dr. Shanta Gupta is a very helpful book for the students of astrology. Every aspect of Parashar astrology is presented in a very simple manner and language. The scientific aspect of astrology, description of house, zodiacs, planets etc., retrograde and direct motion of planets etc. is explained elaborately. Similarly description of nakshatras, divisional charts, yogas are also explained in elaborate manner.


Price : rs. 370/- (included postal charges)

  • Author: Mohan Lal Sharma
  • Price: 275/- (including postal charges)
  • Page No.: 327 

The compiler, Ln. V. Narayanan (Author) has rightly named the title “SHELL FROM ASTROLOGICAL OCEAN”, which means Astrology is a big ocean and none could claim to have mastered it. This book contains as much as 28 different topics. The most attractive are Karma Theory, Marriage and married life, Rahu & Ketu, Puthra Bhava and planets influencing Mars to Mars the Matrimonial bliss (reminding and refuting the feelings that Mars alone could confer the matrimonial bliss). The compiler did not step down an inch from fundamentals of Astrology, as lot of illustratio in different dimensions. The compiler clearly admits that thns with horoscopes and classical text versions are provided with proofs. this book is very informative for researchers and also for students interested in learning Astrologye contents of the book are not his own or thumb rules, but they are from classical texts, Modern texts and observatory results in counseling and outcome of interactions with eminent scholars and students as well. It is a worthy book with lot of technical points without decorations in words. Choice is yours to  enrich and enjoy.

Price: Rs. 180/- (included postal charges) 

Jyotish Vignan (Astrology) is one of the ancient Vedic knowledge. LAWS OF NATURE is transmitted through generations by word of mouth. It is based on the principle the heavenly bodies of the Cosmos exert influence on the life and mundane events on Earth. In modern day context, it is an applied astronomy to terrestrial events. Jyotisha (Astrology) is a vedanga consisting of Ganita (Mathematical) and Phalita (Predictive) branches.

As per modern scientific theory, the Universe came into existence following a huge explosion about 15 billion years ago. From this explosion, Galaxies, Stars, Planets etc., of the universe formed. Life came into existence on Earth about 4.5 billion years ago. In the solar system. Sun is at the centre and all planets including Asteroids, Meteorites, Meteoroids etc. revolve around it. Sun is a self luminous, body of the solar system and Earth is its third planet. As of now this planet only has life. The influence of Sun and Moon on Earth is a well established fact by Scientists, Doctors and Psychologists.

The present compliation gives fundamental principles of astrology arranged in a systematic way. The entire material has been arranged in eight parts in an ascending order of complexity. The first part deals with the science of astronomy related to astrology. This gives basics of astronomy and its relation with astrology. The various gravitational forces emanating from Cosmic bodies and their influence on living and non living things on Earth is the genesis of Astrology.

The 1st  part deals with the science of astronomy related to astrology. This gives basics of astronomy and its relation with astrology. The various gravitational forces emanating from Cosmic bodies and their influence on living and non living things on Earth.

The 2nd  part deals with General Astrology. It covers Vedic knowledge and meaning of Jyotish Sastra. The concept of Karma theory has been explained.

The 3rd  part is the key to horoscopy and it explains how to create a heavenly map for a particular time, i.e. construction of a horoscopes.

The 4th part covers basics of predictive astrology viz karakas, karakatwas of grahas, bhavas and signs.

The 5th  part deals with dasha system (directional astrology). This will be useful for forecasting the events on a time scale.

Part 6th covers the rationale of transits (Gocharas) of planets and their influence on the radical positions of planets in a horoscope.

The 7th part deals with fundamentals of annual horoscopy (Tajka system). IT delineates the events which are going to happen in a year.

The 8th part covers Muhurtha (Electional) astrology. This gives how to select or elect. an auspicious time for a particular event.


  • M.Sc., JRF, MA (Astrology), Diploma in Education
  • Jyotish Visharada (Gold Medalist)
  • Jyotish Kovid, Jyotish Vachaspasti
  • Jyotish Bushana
  • Hon. Faculty Member, Secunderabad Chapter
  • Former Faculty Member of Bangalore and Delhi Chapters

Founder of Visakhapatnam Chapter:

  • Hon. Additional Controller of Examination ICAS
  • Price - Rs. 950/- (included postal charges)

We may find the scattered references of Vastu in all the ancient treatise of India. The first prayer for Vastu Purush is available in Rig Veda. Apart from this, Atharva Veda, Vastu Sutra Upnishada, at least 8 Purans, Vrihat Samhita a sixth century text, Mayamatam, Maansaar, Samrangan Sutradhar written by king Bhoj in 11th century, Vasturaj Vallabh, Vastu Ratnakar and a few more have ample research work on the subject.


In this book you will find a rare blending of all these text with simplest representation. The author has an experience of not less than forty years of implementing the Vedic rules on erecting new structures as well as correcting old defective structures. At his credit there are thousands of cases who improved their life and became prosperous.


In this book stress has been laid down on muhurta, the wonderful aspect of Indian Astrology which envisages about the auspicious starting time of an event.


The best of this book is that a house, temple, industry or a town could be made auspicious on the basis of text rules and experience of the author given this book. The author is associated with ICAS for the past years and is now serving as National Vice President.

Rs. 375/- (including postal charges)

Shri M. Anjaneyulu, Honorary Faculty Member of the Delhi Chapter and earlier of Bangalore Chapter of the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences, has presented an excellent piece of research work by writing ``Predicting Marriage Time Through Annual Horoscope’’. This composite study is unique in several respects for better and precise timing of the event.He has done this research by considering 108 horoscopes of popular leaders, his friends, his relations, officers and of astrology students. He has presented the conclusions in form of tables, diagrams and graphs. The studies and conclusions drawn are very interesting to attract the attention of the great savants of astrology as well as new astrologers.


In this study, he has also considered mutual planetary relationship between 7thhouse and 7th lords of Birth charts, their Navamsa charts, Solar Return Charts alongwith their Navamsa Charts on one hand and Tajik yogas and Vivah Saham, Punya Saham with 7th house and 7th lord of Annual chart, on the other hand.Shri Anjaneyulu has also laid emphasis on the Lagna, the Sun and the Moon Charts by using Sudarshan Chakra along with broad hints of timing of marriage, as advised in Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra. It may prove very helpful in precisely predicting time of marriage.


  • Total Page: 410 (with cover)
  • Price: Rs. 115 /- (Included Postal charges)

Jyotish Bodh is authored by Pt. Jagdish Tiwari, Course Director, Jaipur Chapter. This book explains in detail Hora, Samhita and Mathematics. Casting horoscope and divisional charts is explained in this book. Vimshontari, Ashtotari and Yogini Dashas are explained in elaborate manner. Moreover it covers other aspects of Parashara astrology. This makes this book very helpful for the students of Astrolgoy.

  • Book : Jyotish Bodh
  • Author : Pt. Jagdish Tiwari (Course Director, Jaipur Chapter)
  • Price : Rs. 275/- (Including postal charges in India only)

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