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Xenon Arc Instruments


Xenon arc, when properly filtered, simulates UV and visible solar radiation more closely than any other artificial light source. It is the most widely preferred light source when the material to be tested will be exposed to natural sunlight.

Fluorescent Devices


Fluorescent UV lamps are incorporated into devices such as the UVTestTM, perfect for screening the effects of UV energy on your material easily and affordably.

Metal Halide Systems


Widely used throughout the automotive industry and their suppliers, these systems are gaining importance through two main applications: aging tests for components made from several materials and solar heat load tests used research and development of air conditioning systems.

Laboratory Test Services


Our network of laboratories provides a comprehensive array of Atlas accelerated laboratory weathering and evaluation equipment.

Suntest Xxl/Xxl


The SUNTEST® XXL+ is an air cooled, flatbed xenon instrument that offers daylight according to CIE 85, ASTM, ISO and other full spectrum xenon technology standards. Perfect for crystalline and thin-film mini modules, OPV, as well as a variety of materials and smaller components such as junction boxes.

Xenon Arc Instruments


In addition to the above mentioned instruments designed for module testing, Atlas offers a wide range of xenon test equipment suitable for suppliers of materials and components for the PV industry.

Medium Pressure Mercury Arc Lamps


Medium pressure mercury lamps emit discrete radiation at 290, 313, 365, 405, 436, 547 and 579 nm. Radiation below 290 nm are filtered out by the borosilicate envelop. Although this source is not intended to simulate daylight, it is used to induce the same photochemical processes as daylight. Mercury arc lamps provide a constant radiation level for a period of approx. 4000 hours.

Solar Simulation


Whether in a hot, dry desert or a warm, humid subtropical climate or in an extreme alpine region, a car has to function and function properly. Solar simulation testing systems help guarantee functionality in any climate or condition. Atlas has the instruments and know-how you need for performing solar simulation.

Textile Testing


Atlas' history started in 1918 with Light fastness testing instruments for the textile industry. Today, we still help guide the critical decisions in design, manufacturing and purchasing of textiles and garments by helping detect the materials and processes that cause fading by light.

Sdl Atlas


SDL Atlas offers the largest range of textile testing, laboratory products and services available from a single source. For information on textile testing instruments other than lightfastness, consumables and services for all parts of your production, quality control laboratory, and research laboratory visit

HMV Horizontal Flame Chamber - Motor Vehicles

The Atlas HMV is the preferred flame chamber for conducting burn rate and burn resistance tests on automotive interior materials. Its durable stainless steel construction, large glass viewing window, door- mounted burner and lift-off top cover for easy specimen access greatly enhance user convenience. The loading of specimens is simplified with a unique snap-together specimen holder. The optional Automatic Gas Control (AGC) features a digital timer and push-button gas controls that provide automatic or manual flame impingement modes. The Atlas HMV was designed with the user in mind.