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Fuel Transfer Pumps


Paragon’s diesel engine fuel transfer solutions are marketed to a wide range of large diesel engine manufacturers and end users in a diverse array of industries. The pumps are modeled after our exceptionally reliable locomotive pumps, which have been field-proven under the most grueling conditions for more than 25 years.

The most reliable, best value diesel fuel pumps on the market

They typically outlast other pumps 3:1, saving cost of downtime, labor, and parts

Brushless 74 or 24 volt DC or 230/460 VAC inverter controlled induction motor

Integral, fluid cooled DC/AC inverter for ultimate electronics reliability

Continuously lubricated, self-cleaning bearings for optimal life

Positive displacement gear pump with excellent self-priming capabilities

Hardened pump body and gears to resist fuel contaminants

Capacities from 2 LPM to 60 LPM (0.5 GPM - 16 GPM)

Outlet pressures of up to 8.3 Bar (120psi) continuous duty

Paragon Products DC diesel pumps are standard equipment on most locomotives in North America

Patented technology

Pre-Lube Pumps


A pre-lube system provides vital protection to your costly equipment by delivering oil under pressure to the most critical components when they are the most vulnerable to wear — during equipment startup.


Engines, compressors, turbo machinery, motors, generators, transmissions, and all other heavy mechanical equipment have means of lubrication during operation. But with mechanically driven lube pumps, the hot lube oil drains back into the oil sump after shutdown, leaving vital moving parts with only a thin film of residual oil to handle enormous loads during startup. The result is premature wear.


Also, recent emissions and fuel conservation regulations requiring frequent start/stop protocol exacerbate mechanical wear conditions.


Paragon Products' diesel engine fuel priming pumps are designed for exceptional reliability and a long, maintenance-free life. They accommodate flow rates of 2 to 100 LPM (0.5 GPM - 30 GPM) with brushless DC or AC motors.

Turbo Soak-Back Pumps



Turbo soak-back pumps are used for turbocharger lubrication and cooling immediately upon engine shutdown, avoiding expensive and unnecessary turbocharger failures. It functions as a turbo pre-lube pump as well providing vital protection during startup.

Features and Benefits

Designed for frequent start/stop cycles (AESS)

Brushless induction motors eliminate the cost and downtime of regular brush replacement

DC power input

Liquid-cooled electronics to prevent heat-related failures

Continuously lubricated, self-cleaning bearings for better and more consistent performance over the life of the product

Hardened pump body and gears maximize longevity

Capacity 13 LPM (3.5 GPM), differential pressure of 2.8 bar (40 PSI)

Other sizes and voltages on request

Can double as an engine pre-lube pump or turbo pre-lube pump

Paragon Products soak-back pumps are designed for a maintenance -free life of 10 years on heavy-duty equipment.

Fuel Priming Pumps


Paragon Products' diesel engine fuel priming pumps are designed for exceptional reliability and a long, maintenance-free life. They accommodate flow rates of 2 to 100 LPM (0.5 GPM - 30 GPM) with brushless DC or AC motors

Diesel Engine Coolant Pumps



Many diesel coolant pumps use 30 to 50 year old designs and do not accommodate modern failure prevention techniques. Paragon has developed a series of coolant pumps designed to prevent all common failure modes using proven techniques.

Features and Benefits

10-year service life

No routine maintenance, except periodic oil level checks

Perfectly configured shaft seal

Balanced seal reduces seal face load, which extends life

Seal flush system removes debris from the seal chamber

Seal cooling system prevents damaging high- temperature conditions

Corrosion-resistant seal materials

Balanced hydraulic system minimizes load on bearings

Very high capacity bearings designed to outlive the pump

Serviceable non-contact oil seal for reliability and lowering total cost of ownership

Efficiency > 80%

Pressure Relief Valves


Managing fuel pressure to accommodate the needs of today’s diesel engines is crucial to the integrity of the system and to the life of fuel system components. Paragon Products’ pressure relief valves provide this peace of mind and help protect filter housings, hoses, fittings, seals, and pumps by eliminating pressure spikes and irregularities.

Paragon's valves satisfy manufacturers' recommendations by offering a number of precision pressure relief units, all based on one versatile and robust package. Valves can be set to relieve pressure ranging from 0.1 to 10.4 Bar (2 to 150 PSI), while flow rates can be adjusted from 0 LPM to 53.2 LPM (0 - 14 GPM). Valve cracking pressure and piston dampening can be customized to meet unique performance requirements. Units with field adjustability are also available.

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