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Conveyor Belts & Transmission Belts

PVC Conveyor Belts / PU Conveyor Belts


The performance of material handling systems depends on conveyor belts which are used for the efficient flow of products. For various requirements of diverse sectors, we provide a wide range of conveyor belts that are designed for maximum service life and economical operations. Our conveyor belts are made from polyester carcass, laminated with PVC/PU coatings - depending on application - with various surface finishes.

Salient features of Conveyor Belts:

  • Stretchless
  • With low noise level
  • Laterally stiff, Anti-Static
  • With high or low grip
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Oil, grease, fat and chemical resistant
  • Confirm to food grade standards of BGA, FDA, USDA

We also provide various types of profiles/cleats for inclined transportation of material, longitudinal profiles on top and bottom side of belts and lateral profiles on topside with sidewalls. Also available is endlessing procedure with single finger joint, double finger joint, overlap joint and with mechanical fasteners.

Plastic Modular Belts


Our extensive and innovative range of modular plastic link belts and chains is used for various applications in different conveying and processing industries like food, pharmaceuticals, automobile, engineering, to mention just a few.

Salient features of Modular Link Belts:

  • Product’s individual interlocking belt/chain links joined together flexibly by connecting rods, ensuring smooth operations
  • Belts/chains powered by sprockets
  • FDA compliant, Anti-Static, chemical resistant and possess flame retardant characteristics
  • Belt material available in PP/PE/Acetal with flat surface and with different openings.

These belts are available in straight running and side flexing versions in different designs and various pitches from 1/2" to 2" with product support and side guards. Our wide selection allows us to offer the right kind of modular link belt for almost any application. These belts are designed to reduce the down time for maintenance, making the belt repair process quicker and easier.

Flat Power Transmission Belts


Our Power Transmission Belts are designed to conserve energy. Nowadays V-Belts have been replaced by these energy saving, efficient flat belts, ensuring longer life for machines and power savings. These belts are available in high abrasive resistant leather and synthetic rubber coatings.

Salient features of Power Transmission Belts:

  • Belts operate with 98% efficiency and reach speed up to 100 m/sec.
  • Posses Anti-Static properties
  • Possess high tensile strength, good modulus of elasticity and high co-efficient of friction
  • Light in weight.

To design the right kind of customised belt for your drive, please provide the following details: Power (P Kw), RPM (Smaller Pulley - D1), Diameters of Driver Pulley (D1) and Driven pulley (D2), Pulley width, Centre distance (E).

Timing Belt And Pulley


These belts ensure positive power transmission for a wide range of industrial applications and offer many advantages over conventional drives like chain and gears. Timing Belts and Pulleys are available in different pitches, such as:

  • Classical Pitch: MXL, XL, L, H, XH
  • HTD Pitch: 3M, 5M, 8M, 14M
  • Metric Pitch: T -2.5, T-5, T-10, T-20, AT -2.5, AT-10, AT-20.

Of these, the metric pitch belts have steel cords/Kevlar reinforcement and are used for power transmission, synchronised conveying, linear positioning and indexing applications. These belts can be welded endless to any length and are also available in open-ended rolls of any length. Additionally, they can be laminated with various surface materials for special applications.

We also provide timing pulleys for your drives in materials like EN-8 AL for the belt’s specified pitch with fianges, pilot bore, taper lock or as per customer’s design.

To design the right kind of customised timing belt and pulley for your requirement, please provide the following details:

Power (P-Kw), RPM of driver pulley (N1), RPM of driven pulley (N2), Diameter of Driver Pulley (D1), Centre Distance (E), Ratio required.

PU Round Belts


Our Polyurethane Round Belts are widely used for light duty power transmission and conveying applications. We provide Round Belts in different diameters, ranging from 2 mm. to 15 mm.

Salient features of PU Round Belts:

  • Very strong, flexible with high co-efficient of friction
  • Mostly resistant to oils, greases and chemicals.

We offer V-Belts in Z, A, B, C sections with plain, supergrip rigid tops.

PTFE Coated Belts And Tapes


We offer the most extensive range of PTFE coated or laminated glass and Kevlar conveyor belts that meet the challenges of rapidly changing industries where quality and productivity are vital.
Salient features of PTFE coated belts:

  • Possess high strength, are flexible and dimensionally stable
  • Non-toxic and suitable for FDA applications
  • Flat and mesh-type with non-stick properties and excellent release and low friction
  • Extreme temperature resistant (-150 to +260 C), chemical resistant and Anti-Static.

Our pressure sensitive PTFE tapes, used in many industrial applications, are designed for temperatures up to + 260' C.

Draw Down Belts


Draw Down Belts are widely used for Draw-down (form-fill) machines to improve the filling of packets mainly in the food industry. The packets are gripped and drawn down by two specially constructed belts, usually located vertically for easier filling control of the product. Our top Natural Rubber coated or coated belts ensure high co-efficient of friction, designed to meet particular needs, with good release or grip qualities - depending on the requirements. Various sizes with different coating thickness areFeeder Belts We supply high performance feeders belts that are mainly used in Paper folding and Glueing industries.

Salient features of Feeder Belts:

  • Possess good grip
  • High co-efficient of friction
  • Resistant to abrasion

Elevator Belt


This system consists of belt and elevator-buckets. The belt core is of high tensile fabric or with steel cords, which can be used for vertical elevated conveying. The requirement of belt needs that the belt with high strength and low elongation.

Belt+Bucket elevator system requires for vertical material conveying in bulk storage and transfer facilities. Materials suitable for conveying include grain, animal feeds, pellets, oilseeds, derivatives, and meals & flours to name a few

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