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Electronic Ballasts & Conventional Chokes

Electromagnetic Ballasts


Advantages over "T-5" System, Electronic Ballasts and the Conventional Chokes

  • Get all the benefits of "T-5 system", Electronic Ballasts and many more advantages than a conventional choke under one roof.

  • Cost less than 50% of the T-5 system and marginally higher than a convetional choke.

  • PAY BACK PERIOD compared to conventional choke not exceeding few months.

  • Handles all sorts of ambient conditions like high humidity, high temparature, corrosive atmosphere etc. comfortably.

  • Handles electrically polluted conditions like higher line voltages, surge voltages, curents of high intensity without sacrifice.

  • No premature or frequent failures.

  • Most important of all, "NO HARMONIC DISTORTION" which is considered to be pain in the neck of maintenance team and slow poisioning for sub-stations, generating stations and distributing net works.

  • Multifold Tube light Rod life compared to other conventional chokes and electronic ballasts due to controlled current.

  • Over a period, much reduced periodic procurement of chokes/ballasts, tube light rod, starters etc.

  • Considerbaly reduced labour requirement otherwise deployed for frequent replacement of Tube Light Rods, Chokes, Starters etc.


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