Rust Converter Chemicals

Manufacturer & Supplier of Rust Converter Chemicals. Our product range also comprises of Pretreatment Chemicals, Suppliers of acidic Degreasing chemicals and Suppliers of ultrasonic degreasing chemicals.

Rust Converter chemicals

Our company manufactures rust converters and provides as ruseater. It converts adamantly adhering rust into an organo–complex compound. The coating gives good mechanical stability, abrasion resistance, bond strength and excellent anti-corrosive properties. This coating is an ideal base for the subsequent protecting coat of paint, Brush or dip.
We offer rust converters in following variants as:
  • Organic based chemicals
  • Phosphoric based chemicals

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Rust converter

                                                         RUSEATER-RC 500

                                                     (Rust converter)

 RUSEATER-RC 500 converts adamantly adhearing rust in to an organo – complex

compound, resulting in the formation of a non-porous and moiture – repelling coating of

good mechanical stability, brasion resistance, bond strength and excellent anti-corrosive

properties.  This coating is an ideal base for the subsequent protecting coat of paint.

Brush or dip, as needed.


 *   The surface to be treated should be free from heavy oil, greace etc.

 *   Remove loosly adherent rust from the surface, using a wire brush.

 Dip the component in RUSEATER-RC 500 for 2 to 3 minutes. You can also apply the chemicals by using a brush.


  •  Within few minutes, rust would have been converted in to a ferrosoferric coating.  Incase the atmosphere is not highly corrosive; the treated surface may be stored even in open yard.


  If you wish to paint or give any other coating, rinse the surface with water after a

minimum 24 hours., ensure that the surface is thoroughly free from residual          chemical and absolutely dry and then paint.


 Temperature: Ambient

 Concentration: No need to dilute (100% concentration)

 Coating Nature:-Dark blackish color coating

 Coating              : - Inert organo metallic coating.


 1                    Light Houses

2                    All type of MS component to improve paint adhesion.

 3                    Equipment generaly exposed to serve atmosphere.

 4                    Oil refineries.

 5                    Chemical plant and petro chemical industries.

 6                    Steel bridges steel work.

7         Offshore and onshore equipments cranes.

 8          Marine equipments.

 9         Civic engineering, construction (steel reinforcement rods.)

10       Pipes & Steel structurals.

11        Deck frames and Modules, Splash zones.

 12        Ship building, Ship repairing.

 13       Electricity and gas power stations.





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Production Capacity: 500 tons per day