Water based degreasing chemicals

Manufacturer & Supplier of Water based degreasing chemicals. Our product range also comprises of Pretreatment Chemicals, Suppliers of acidic Degreasing chemicals and Suppliers of ultrasonic degreasing chemicals.

Water Based De greasing Chemicals


  • liquid
  • alkaline in nature
  • slightly foaming
  • removes oil, grease, molycoat, dust  etc.,
  • suitable for brass , copper  steel, stainless steel components
  • It can be used for all type metal components except aluminium.
  • It will not affect the ferrous and non-ferrous metal components except aluminium components
  • The chemical can be used in dip, spray and ultrasonic vibration mode.
  • It is biodegradable chemical.
Bath parameters;


Concentration                   :  5 litres for every 100Ltrs of working volume.

 Free alkalinity  points 

(strength)                                :    20 to 25

Operating temperature          :   ambient

Duration of dip                       :    Generally about 20 minutes (Naturally, the duration

                                                     of dip for removing loosely adhering superficial

     impurities and / or light films of oil / grease will be

     less than taken to remove heavier or drying types of

     coating etc.)

 Terminology ;

1, Take 10ml of bath solution in to a conical flask, add 5 drops of phenolphthalein

     Indicator and titrate against 0.1 N H2SO4 solution. Number of ml of

     Sulphuric acid consumed for color change from pink to colourless is as points


Fill up the tank with water to approximately three-fourth of the intended working volume, to this water, add s-l-o-w-l-y ULTRACLEAN – ULS13in the proportion of 5 litres for every 100ltrs working volume, while adding, stir the water to endure dissolution of the chemical; add further quantities of ULTRACLEAN –ULS13only after the first lot has dissolved.  When the required chemical has dissolved, add more water to makeup the working volume.  The bath solution so make up should show a point age of 20 to 25

Other Information :

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Production Capacity: 500 tons per day