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Kunthalamrutham Hair Conditioner

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A special blend of herbs, rich in natural proteins, nourishes, strengthens and conditions the hair.

Kunthalamrutham Hair Tone Prevent Hairfall & Dandruff

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kunthalamrutham accelerates lush growth of hair. It strengthens the hair, prevents hair loss and dandruff. It is a precaution against premature greying of hair. It relieves headache, has a cooling effect on the eyes, and gives sound sleep. It deepens the colour of the hair and maintain the natural colour of the hair.

kunthalamrutham is an excellent ayurvedic hair treatment medicine.   it can also be used as an ordinary hair oil. It contains pure coconut oil and herbs and it is licensed by the government of kerala.


Kunthalamrutham Herbal Shampoo Anti Dandruff

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a special blend of herbs, protects scalp from dandruff, nourishes, strengthens and conditions the hair.

Kunthalamrutham Herbal Shampoo Protein Rich

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a combination of rare herbs, protects scalp, nourishes strengthens and conditions the hair. Ideal for normal hair.

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