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Cake Mixes & Products

With vast industry experience, we have been able to offer high quality Cake Mixes & Products. These cake mixes are widely used to make muffins and different types of cakes. We offer high quality bakery ingredients that are demanded by various companies for the processing of bakery products. This range includes Egg Free Cake Concentrate, Chocolate Muffin Mix, Eggless Cake Mix, Sugar Free Muffin Mix and various others.

Egg Free Cake Concentrates

Item Code: Chocolate-Muffin

The Eggless Treat Plus is an Egg Free Cake Concentrate that is a carefully formulated mixture of milk, proteins, stabilizers, emulsifiers, salt and leaving agents. These are combined in the perfect proportions of 25Kg PD to give superior volume cakes and muffins that have a fine texture and soft crumb.


  • Mix water and sugar (Group 1), whipping at slow speed till sugar dissolves
  • Add the cake gel, flour and egg free concentrate (Group 2) in the mixing bowl
  • Whip it at slow speed for 1 minute, then scrape the sides of the bowl and whip again at full speed for 3-5 minutes, till batter reaches its maximum height
  • Then add oil (Group 3) and whip at slow speed for 1 minute till oil is mixed completely in the batter. The batter is now ready for baking
  • Transfer the batter to baking moulds and bake at 150°C - 180°C for 30 - 40 minutes
  • Remove cake from the oven and let it cool. Enjoy the pleasures of the delicious 100% pure vegetarian cake.

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Chocolate Muffin Mix

Item Code: Bakels-Cake-Gel

Bakels Chocolate Muffin Mix is a complete powdered mix for top quality moist chocolate cake muffins. It has an excellent & rich chocolate flavour and colour from natural cocoa powder rather than the imitation ingredients. Muffins made from the Bakels Chocolate Muffin Mix have a moist crumb with excellent eating and keeping qualities. They can be used to make excellent iced cupcakes and high quality bar and loaf cakes. The batter is easy way to prepare requiring only the addition of eggs, water and vegetable oil.

Packing: 15 kgs. bag

Extras: For double chocolate muffins, chocolate chips can be added to the muffins and for Jaffa flavoured muffins, add apito orange paste.

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Eggless Cake Mix

This is a complete mix, simply add water and oil to the mix and bake delicious egg less cakes.

Packing: 3 kg. pouch and 15kgs.

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Sugar Free Muffin Mix

This Sugar Free Muffin Mix provides the flavour, texture and mouth feel of standard cakes. It utilizes a sugar replacement, which is only partially metabolized by the body and as a result it contributes only 25% of the calories of sugar. It elicits a low glycaemic response and is safe for diabetics.

Packing: 5 kgs. bags.

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Creme Cake Mix

This is a complete powdered mix for top quality moist cakes, loaves and American type cake muffins. It is excellent for iced cupcakes, bar and loaf type cakes. The ingredients contained in Bakels Crème Cake Mix ensure production of fine even texture muffins with excellent eating and keeping qualities. The batter is easy to prepare, simply requiring the addition of eggs, water and vegetable oil.

Packing: 15 kg. bags.

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Multifibre Muffin Mix

Item Code: Eggfree

The muffin contains wheat, oat and barley bran, together with molasses, spice and intriguing flavor blend, achieves an overall flavour second to none. Split and buttered, the healthy multi-fiber muffins are welcome at any time of the day.

Packing: 15 kgs. bag

Health Benefits: Often wholesome cakes or health muffins are somewhat dry eating, lacking character and flavour doing little to promote the benefits of fibre so necessary in our modern day diet.

Extras: The style of bran and the formulation of the product give a muffin that has a somewhat loose, tender, spongy and moist crumb that can be further enhanced by the addition of firm canned fruits, dried fruits, nuts and Frupak Apple Pie Mix.

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Speciality Breads(Cakes) & Waffle Mixes

The range includes:

S. No. Products Pack sizes
1 native american rye mix 15 kg 15 kg
2 bakels ciabatta concentrate 500gm x40
3 multifiber muffin mix 15 kg 15 kg
4 bakels croissant and dannish 15 kg 15 kg
5 bakels 8 grain bread mix 15 kg
6 low gi multiseed mix 15 kg 15 kg
7 bakels crusty bread mix 15 kg 15 kg
8 gluten free health bread mix 1 kg 1 kg x 6
9 bakels waffles/american pan cake mix 10 kg
10 sugar free cake mix 5 kg 5 kg

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