Instrumentation Equipments

We are the dealer of " H-GURA, MASS, MICRO, WARES, HONEY WELL , INDFOSS"

Temperature Control Instruments

We provide our customers with superior quality Temperature/ Timer instruments. Used for measuring varying temperature these instruments are specially designed as per customers requirements. These Temperature/ Timer instruments have the following features: * It has led pilot lamp to indicate measurement * Gives automatic seasonal time correction * Made up of lightweight material * Easy to operate

Air Pressure Valves

The valve is used to maintain constant pressure in the process line. The series is designed to maintain either constant inlet or constant outlet pressure by virtue of regulating air pressure. APM is pneumatically actuated diaphragm valve. This is designed basically in 3 sizes based on the flow requirement.

Pressure Switch

We offer the most advanced and versatile series switches to solve your differential pressure application.

Float Swiches

We are offering a comprehensive range of Float Switch that can be added as an optional extra to the pump to control the water level in a tank and dam by switching the pump on and off electronically on low and high water level positions. It can be connected to the control box from where switching of the pump is controlled. Moreover, it can be customized as per the specific requirement provided by our clients. Some of the salient features are as follows:  
* Reliable molded float switch
* Suitable in any fluid
* Facility to adjust float length & height at site
* Available with 10 Amp switch
* Alkaline medium up to pH 11
* Acidic medium up to pH 4.
* Available with cherry – make